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what have i done


I am on the first day of my second week and I had a packet of crisps!

I had a mixed first week, the first day I tried I couldnt keep them down so I started again 2 days later, the rest of the week went ok and I got weighted yesterday after 6 days and was 7lbs down.

That time of the month started today and I have been feeling extremely weak. As my boyfriend is on the diet too we threw all the food in the house out and I found them in the press cleaning and cracked.

Is there anything I can do to counter act eating like exercise or something?

I feel so bad, do many people crack a week in. :break_diet:
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Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
Don't be too hard on yourself hun but learn from it. Best thing you can do is down the water!!
Exercising isn't the answer as you will have come out of ketosis and exercise won't put you back in. Drinking lots of water will help you get back into ketosis quicker. It happens to alot of people, we are only human and we can all make mistakes. Remember how rubbish you feel now though if ever you get tempted again, draw a line under it and get right back on the shakes, don't carry on eating because you feel it's gone wrong. It hasn't, you just had a blip and it's over.
Good luck hun!!


Don't Worry Be Happy
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good luck:) don't be to hard on yourself,keep trying and smiling:)
Thanks guys, I cant believe how awful I feel. Do you think it will have much impact on my weight in next Friday?
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I totally know how u feel, I'm on call in the hospital and work is so hard and stressful. When I saw the chocolates on the ward that the patients give as a thanks (the really high quality ones) just sitting there, I broke off an edge and tasted it on my tongue and quickly spat it out! Omg I can't believe Im reduced to this. haha.


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
Nelly it will be fine, it will prob have a small effect only because it will have taken you out of ketosis and so you may not lose as much as you would of BUT you will still lose as long as you DON'T have any more to eat!
thinking - that is gas, I know exactly what you where thinking but its funny when you think of it.

Stinkybreath thanks a mil, I'm back on track, feel a lot better now. Have been cleaning my house the last 2 hours, anything to keep me occupied.

Spring clean will be early this year!!!


Size 14 here i come!
S: 14st7lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(16.75%)
Happy to hear you are back on track, it's so easy to just go mad once you have a slip up but you were stonger and got back on the wagon, well done!!

Get those crisps hidden,lol

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