What have you eaten today?

I don't want to post my menus as they are sooo unhealthy at the moment, but please keep this thread up as I'm getting good points from it!

Melba toast, definitely on my list as is jelly...meringues may be making a visit too!

I'm finding the only way within my points is to have ready meals at the moment, lunches are definitely the hardest so I am going to start looking here for inspiration!

Thanks a lot - Joe
Hi everyone

Been away staying at my boyfriends for a long weekend so was totally off track.
Starting over today and have planned a few says in advance for a change! I must get back to it...the weights just piling on at the min - im the heaviest ive been in 2 years!! :eek:

toast with ww jam, a banana (2.5)

healthy living onion & chickpea soup & a slice of nimble (3)

veg lasagne & extra veg (4.5) new ww choc & strawberry mousse (2)

yoghurt (1.5) tesco healthy living cake slice (1)
Hi Fiona, don't worry about having a bad weekend, it happens to all of us.

What bread do you use? The reason I ask is, if it's Nimble, although it's only 'half a point a slice' it is actually 1.5 points for two!

Also a small/medium banana can way 1.5 points. 100g of banana is 1.5 points.

Sorry if that's bad news.
Havent had enough of my points today to add to this but I MUST come back later :)
Today I have had:

Crunchie nut cornflakes 2

Food doctor bagel with smoked salmon and tesco HL extra light garlic & onion soft cheese 6.5 (High I know but well worth it!)

Not sure what to have tonight - have 9.5 points left ... any suggestions (that don't involve buying more stuff as I am skint ... as in 20p in purse!)

First time in posting on this; my food isn't very healthy but here goes:

2 oranges and sweetener 1
1 citrus yoghurt - 0.5

Food doctor pitta 2.5
Tuna pasta salad - 6
Coleslaw - 0.5
Bakewell slice 1.5

Dinner; (yet to eat)
Chili & Wedges Ready Meal 7
Meringue nest & strawberries (don't know points yet)!

Am slowly moving towards actually sticking to the 22 points!

Hayley if I were in your shoes I'd go for baked beans on toast; hubbie had that last night and I could have murdered him for it!


Well not a very healthy day, done terribly with my fruit and veg but its totm and am feeling really yuck :sigh: Im starving but all i want is chocolate!!!! lol

B: branflakes, small banana and milk (2.5)
L: 2 slices nimble & ww jam (2) yoghurt (1.5)
D: Baxters Italian Broth soup (3) slice home made bread (2)

S: bowl of cereal (2) 2 pink n whites (1.5) and a bag of quavers (1.5)

16/19 - trying to save a few as i went over by about 4 or 5 on saturday!! :eek:
Hi everyone

Hope you all had a good day. Still not feeling great so haven't done too well. Only used 11/19 points - not like me, but im sure i will make up for it tomorrow!!

Breakfast: beans on toast (2)

Lunch: 1/2 sandwich (1 slice nimble. low fat cheese spread & cucumber) (1.5)

Dinner: veggie omelette (made with 1 egg and 1 egg white & low fat cheese) with loads of veg (4)
skinny cow ice cream (1)

Snacks: slice of toast (1)
2 co-op ginger nut biscuits (1.5)
Trying to save 4 points a day until Monday then having a blow out day with all the spare pointsping this will boot my metabolism a bit! Today is as follows:_

Breakfast....Skipping! Weigh in at 10am so like to do it on an empty tum!

Dinner...Sandwhich with WW bread,chese and ham (with salad) - 3.5points
Muller yogurt - 1.5pt

Dinner....Good for you shepheards Pie 5pts
WW mint choc desert 3pts
Pink wafer 1pt

Snacks....cambridge tetra frozen as ice cream 2pts
1pkt wrigleys extra! 1pt

Off to bed in a few minutes so first day was good :)
Heres todays menu :)

first thing Slice of toast, cup of tea (0.5)

porridge, milk (2.5)

1/2 a quorn sausage sandwich (1.5) ryvita minis (1.5) small banana (0.5)

cottage cheese & loads of salad (3) skinny cow ice cream (1.5)

2 coop ginger nuts (1.5)
mini mars (1.5)
Hiya...well here we go..:)

First thing: slice of toast w/ww jam 1 & cup of tea (1)

Breakfast: porridge, small banana milk (3)

Lunch :small prawn salad (1.5) homemade ww muffin (2)

Dinner: healthy living cod in bread crumbs & veg (4) small glass wine (1.5) skinny cow ice cream (1)

Snacks: ginger nut biscuits (1.5) ryvitas (1.5)

then some chocolate (3.5) - oops


Chocs made me 2.5 points over but today was weigh in day (lost 4 and a 1/4 lbs) and i have a week to make it up.
Plus i never usually spend more than 16 per day during the week anyway so should be fine