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Jenny's Scoffage. August, 2010

Hey up. Right. No more dithering, no more fannying about. Weightwatchers, 100%.
New food diary as part of the 10lb Challenge.

10lb August Challenge

Sunday 1st August - [Home]
Points = 25
Breakfast [5]
4 x WW Malted Danish Bread
4 x THL Bacon Rashers
1 tbsp ketchup

Lunch [8]
2 x quorn burgers
60g pasta [dry weight]
1 x pepper
1 x small onion
100g chopped tomatoes
30g half fat cheese

Tea [3]
2 slices WW toast with pate

Dinner [5]
Dad made a roast and as I "never spend time with the family", I had a small slice of pork, 3 roast potatoes and a yorkie pud. Counting 5

Snacks [=5]
Banana 1.5
Apple [0.5]
40g Honey Nut Shreddies + 125ml skimmed milk [3]

26 | 25
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I love the expression no more fannying about. I use it quite alot and it is usually to do with me on the WW's lol..:)
It's great innit!! :)

Monday 2nd August [Work & Home]
Points - 22 kick start

Breakfast [4.5]
Poached eggs on toast

Lunch [3]
tuna pasta thing. Eurgh. Not recommended!

Tea [5]
Morrisons Eat Smart fish
200g chips
3 tbsp peas

Pudding [5.5]
Chocolate Sundae

Anytime [=6]
2x pancakes [2.5]
100g Grapes [1]
100g Strawberries [0.5]
1x banana [1.5]
1x apple [0.5]

24 | 22

But!! AHA!!!! Exercise = 4 APs

So not beating myself up for going a teeny bit over.
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Tuesday 3rd August [Work & Home]
Points - 22 kick start

Breakfast [6]
200g beans
2 x WW malted danish bread
30g Honey Nut Shreddies & 125ml Skimmed Milk

Lunch [3]
WW Chicken Soup
2 x WW malted danish bread

Tea [6]
1 x chicken breast
30g Philly Ex Light
2 slices wafer thin ham
40g pasta
generic pasta sauce - tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper

Pudding [5]
kit kat

Anytime [=3]
100g Grapes [1]
100g Strawberries [0.5]
1x apple [0.5]
WW Peach Fromage Frais [1]

23 | 22
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Wednesday 4th August [Work & Home]
Points - 22 kick start

1st Breakfast [4.5]
2 poached eggs
2 x WW malted danish bread

2nd Breakfast [3]
30g Honey Nut Shreddies & 125ml Skimmed Milk

Lunch [4]
40g pasta
small tin tuna
2 tsp parmesan
generic red pasta sauce with tomatoes onions and peppers

Tea [4]
40g pasta
1/3 chicken breast
10g salami
generic red pasta sauce with chilli, garlic, paprika and black pepper

Anytime [=6.5]
medium banana [1.5]
curly wurly [2]
cream cheese snack a jacks [2]
WW Strawberry Fromage Frais [1]

22 | 22
Thursday 5th August [Work & Home]
Points - 22 kick start

Breakfast [4.5]
4 rashers THL bacon
50g mushrooms
2 x WW malted danish bread

Lunch [4]
leftover pasta from tea last night

Tea [6]
4 chicken fingers
2 slices toast

Anytime [=8]
1 x baked sour cream & chive Walkers [1.5]
1 x WW fromage frais yogurt [1]
4 Belvita fruit & fibre biscuits [3.5]
1 x curly wurly [2]

22.5 | 22
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Friday 6th August [Work & Evening Out]
Points - 22 kick start

Breakfast [5]
3 x quorn sausages
2 x normal bread

Lunch [3.5]
Ham roll

Tea [643,000]
Out for tea - It's a 3 course meal and cocktails...

Anytime [=6.5]
1 x baked sour cream & chive Walkers [1.5]
1 x Special K Bliss [1.5]
4 Belvita fruit & fibre biscuits [3.5]

15 plus evening meal.

I don't think that there is any way I can point this evening in advance. Infact, I don't think there is much point trying to point it at all. Looking at the menu, I am having haggis, then lamb and dolphinnose potatoes, followed by cheesecake or banoffee pie.

Next week, during the week, I will be following the Simply Filling plan. Sticking to Filling Foods, restricting processed foods. Having little bread, and having 21 points for anything that isn't on the filling food list.

Bring it..!
Haha, let me explain the 643,000 points...
I decided I wasn't going to worry about this weekend. This was a work function that I went to, well, a Girls Night with a cocktail demonstration and as soon as I saw the menu for the place, I had decided what I wanted to have. None of it was healthy eating friendly, and the sizes of the portions - Maybe 643,000 was a bit of an UNDER exaggeration in the end!!! On top of the wine that was floating about... there was

Haggis Wellington with a creamy whisky sauce
followed by
A huge chicken breast stuffed with skirlie, wrapped in bacon and roasted, served with [can't spell it] dauphinoise potatoes, roast carrots and parsnip in a drambuie sauce
and finished off with
strawberry cheesecake drizzled in chocolate with cream.

Then there were all manner of martinis, cosmopolitans, I lose track after this having had a couple of drinks getting ready too...

Sunday night, we went to an all you can eat chinese buffet. Needless to say, I ate too much. I have decided though that the idea of an all you can eat is always much more pleasant than the actual experience and I will try pretty hard to avoid these situations in future. I always go for one too many, and regret it. Need to remember that last time, I was uncomfortably full. Even after a 20 minute stroll..!

So! Simply Filling!
I think this is what they used to call the Core plan, if that makes any sense? No? Core is before my time too, so I'm not sure, but the gist I have understood is this:

In your book, there are foods highlighted in green. These are the filling foods, that fill you up better than the non-highlighted ones. These are highlighted on the Tracker online, by a green diamond too.
As I understand it, you don't have to point everything at all. Instead of getting say, 24 points a day, you can have as much as you need to feel full of the filling foods. You just have to stop eating when you are comfortably full. You also get an allowance of 21 points for the week, to spend on stuff that isn't highlighted green - so bread, cheese, that kinda stuff can come from your 21 points.
I've never actually followed it properly, so I can't say how well it works, or how easy it is to follow but I am giving it a go this week. It seems very similar to the Slimming World philosophy, and I personally did quite well on that. I find at the moment I want to eat lots of things that are 0-points - stir fries and salads, and I don't want to be filling up on these, and then have 15 points left for the evening, or believe me I will hit the biscuit tin.

Righty... I've had my off-plan fix. Right back on it now. I was going to do Simply Filling BUT when I went to tescos, they had NOWT decent in in the way of veg, not even any baking potatoes, that's rubbish.. So I have not been able to stock up as much as I would like. So... 25 points ahoy.

Plan for Tuesday:
Breakfast - [4]
2 poached eggs
1 slice wholemeal toast

Lunch - [4.5]
2 x WW pittas
WW chicken soup

Tea - [4.5]
Stir fry made with one quorn fillet, peppers, beansprouts, green stuff pak choi maybe, 125g rice and 1/2 sachet chilli& garlic sauce

Snacks - [=5]
Special K Bliss Bar [1.5]
Belvita biccies [3.5]

18/25 so far
What actually happened on Tuesday 10th August [Home]
Points - 25

Breakfast [4.5]
2 x poached eggs
2 x low cal bread

Lunch [6]
Leftover stir fry, wrap

Tea [6]
Shepherds Pie - Dad style!

Anytime [=5]
1 x Special K Bliss [1.5]
4 Belvita fruit & fibre biscuits [3.5]

Love your diary :) I'm always too good at using my points on crap! You seem to use yours well xxxx
Haha believe me, this is a very concentrated effort. I have my off days, I'm just mildly spurred on by a weekend away this month!!

Wednesday - 27|25
Thursday - 22.5 | 25
.. Not bothering to go and list my foods, nowt exciting. lol

Friday 13.08.2010

Breakfast [4]

2 slices WW brown bread & flora ex.light
200g beans

Lunch [3]
Leftover mince & tatties - 150g potatoes, 75g quorn mince, 1 serving peas, carrot, stock and onion

Tea [10.5]
50g brown rice
1 chicken breast
6 mushrooms
1/2 jar Sharwoods Rogan Josh
3 mini onion bhajis

Snacks [7.5]
beef & mustard sandwich - 2 slices WW brown bread, teaspoon mustard, slice of roast beef [2.5]
WW yogurt [1]
mug of Options [0.5]Belvita [3.5]

25 | 25
Looking forward to a good weekend!!
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Today I'm finding things really difficult. I'm at home on my own and I just want to eat...

Saturday 14.08.2010

Breakfast [4.5]

2 slices WW brown bread
2 poached eggs
Lunch [10]
Salad with grilled lamb

Tea [7.5]
Should really be a stir fry but I might make bolonese and have the stir fry tomorrow instead... so undecided.EDIT - Made chilli instead...

Snacks [7.5]
banana [1.5]
Bueno [3.5]
WW chocolate & vanilla cone [2.5]

29.5 | 25

I just want to veg on the sofa and scoff.
I've lost count of the number of times I have filled a bowl with cereal and then put it back in the box...!
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Hi Jen - long time no 'speak'! :D

I'm intrigued now as to whether you decided on the stir fry or the bolonese and whether you managed to resist the cereal!!

As ever, your food looks really interesting and inspiring.

Thanks Lesley :)

Haha, well I caved, feeling the need to have stodge rather than healthy grub..
I made chilli instead of bolognese and worked it out to be 3 points for a dollop of that, a big wrap for 3 points and 1 oz lf cheese for 1.5

Then I felt like a fat piggie and went on the wii for a good 45 minutes. This plus my walking - 5.5 APs for the day, so I was still "within" my points.. just!

Will update today's food later on after I have deviated from this plan -

Sunday 15th August 2010
Breakfast [7]
200g Beans
100g mushrooms
2 x Eat Smart Sausages
4 x WW bread

Lunch [5.5]

Medium Jacket Spud
Leftover Chilli

Tea [5.5]

last of the leftover chilli
1 x wrap

Anytime [=6]

2 small bananas
WW Fromage Frais
Meringue nest
WW ice cream cone

+ 3.5 APs

- Decided I actually like yogurt with meringue - hurrah!
- I dont think I ever want chilli again, man my tummy hurts!
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*sigh* another week begins. At least that's the boringest weekend over though!

This week, I'm not too bothered about hitting my 25 points per day. I know this is not the WW Way, but holiday at the weekend, so will be filling up on zero point veggies. I will be eating enough, dinna worry!
Oh, and I cancelled my online membership too. I decided it wasn't worth the money. That can go in my skinny clothes fund instead :)

Monday 16.08.2010
Breakfast [4.5]
2 x normal bread toasted
2 x Eat Smart sausages
squirt of ketchup

Lunch [4]
50g pasta
pasta sauce & mini meatballs

Tea [4.5]
quorn in peppercorn sauce with broccoli, green beans and a jacket potato

Snacks [=6.5]
Apple [0.5]
Banana [1.5]
WW Yogurt [1]

Galaxy ripple [3.5]

Total 19

Sure I'll add some snacks to that later, too :)

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