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what have you had today so far?...


Gin and tonic please!
Big bowl of grapes and blueberries, with an activia fat free yog and a nana.

Currently eyeing up a Milky Way that I'm going to have after lunch.. :D


needs to focus!!!!
i've had 2 pieces of ww wholemeal bread, my cheese allowance, with a tablespoon of low fat flora and tablespoon of light mayo and an apple.

i'm starving now, considering what to have at lunch. x
now ive just had 3 scrambled eggs, tin tomatoes on 2 slices wholemeal bread.
Hmm, I sound a little piggy now compared to you guys! I've had:

2 Tesco light choices sausages, half a tin of tomatoes, mushrooms and 3 scrambled eggs with an ounce of cheese mixed in.

Yum Yum!!!

I won't have anything until dinner post weigh in tonight though, that little lot will keep me going all day long!


Lover of Extra Easy
2 cups of coffee. Not hungry.
I do have a SW quiche in the fridge if I feel hungry by lunch time. If not, the next meal will be dinner tonight.
I've had beans on two slices of wholemeal bread and a cup of tea, I didnt get up till 11.30am my hubby let me lie in today he is a sweetheart
I've had, 2 scrambled eggs on one slice of wholemeal toast (synning the toast), a pear, apple and half a tin of baked beans on their own as a snack.

Will be having, 2 wholemeal bread with ham on for lunch and new potatoes, bacon, egg and peas for dinner.

Loving Extra Easy :)
i didnt enjoy my lunch at all im now munching on a plain crispbread and might have another one now they only 1 syn each sooo
2 scrambled eggs, 3 rashers bacon and half tin of beans, 1 cup tea, 1 cup coffee. That was at 10am, not hungry for lunch, that might just do me till 5ish


Slow but sure....
I've had so far today.....

2 Weetabix
Mullerlite Yoghurt
Sliced banana
3 glasses sparkling water
3 mugs of coffee

Now I am off to make another cuppa and get some lunch....
I have had smoked salmon and scrambled egg on 1 piece of wholemeal bread for brekkie, then a banana, then just had tinned spaghetti on the other piece of bread and some fresh pineapple. Yum!
2 homemade american style pancakes (1 HEX B) topped with fresh blueberries & raspberries and drizzled with vanilla mullerlight.

leftover chicken & chorizo jambalaya; raspberry yogurt

tall skinny mocha (using milk for HEX A and counting choc syrup as 2.5 syns)
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today I have had 2 squares of scan bran with extra light mayo and cucumber on top. 1 mug shot and a pack of smart price golden avoury rice!

Not been paid so we have hardly any food :'(
I got up super late today as have the week off between jobs, so I had a huge extra easy brunch of baked beans, fried egg, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and 3 rashers of bacon, all fried in fry light on my electric flat griddle. Yum!

Saving my HEX B for a mint hi fi bar later :)
ive had
sliced melon
snakajacks 4.5 syns
mug shot
fruit salad ( i won slimmer of the week so have tons of fruit to get through lol)
i started to cook heavens pizza recipie with smash did the base and it smelt so good just had half of it by itself lol

for dinner spag bog just baked some cakes for the kids so am trying not to eat them !!!

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