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What have you learnt?

That other people's opinions, behaviour and jealousy shouldn't affect my choices and I can be successful if I choose to be.
I still have a long way to go, but I am learning to accept a compliment!
That I am stronger than I thought. I can cope without food and I can do this!
That it needs to be something you do for yourself and that the confidence and happiness you gain from achieving something that you've wanted for soooo long is life-changing.

i have learnt that i still fail on a diet . i cant help myself .... i am sort of getting back on track but annoyed that i could be so much further ahead if i hadnt wasted a few weeks. however saying that i havent put on the wt that i have lost. i just wish i had more determination and stick to it . i am weak! i am easily tempted. the only person i cheat is myself and i know that i just seem to be able to resolve it !
Sue, I know that feeling, I had 6 weeks of exactly that, well exact apart from I did regain some :) You aren't failing! You haven't given up!

I nodded lots at some of the answers so far, especially yours MrsV about learning to take a compliment! I have always been so bad at accepting a compliment and I'm getting a bit better at it now. However, even when someone says "Oooh you've lost some weight" I still reply with "I have but I've still got to lose more." Why I can't just leave it at "Yes, I have, thanks!" I don't know. lol. We'll get there in the end with the compliments thing :)
I have learnt that I do not need food to make me feel better.....
So true! In fact at the moment it makes me feel worse. I feel better now than I have done for ages and that's because I'm not pigging out like I used to. I used to think food solved my problems, it actually caused quite a few of them because of the way it made me feel about myself, which then made me react to people in a negative way.


please try again
that people nasty comments arnt hurting me, the only one hurting me was myself
I still have a long way to go, but I am learning to accept a compliment!
Isn't it strange! I have sooo much more confidence since starting this diet but i find it so hard to accept compliments!! when someone says something nice i want to curl up in a ball and hide!!

I have found out so much about myself and other people on this diet....
I don't need to rely on food to get me threw life
I can be happy with my body
I'm not ugly or big boned!!
I know who my real friends are, the ones who are really happy for me but better still i know the bitter and jealous ones and its these "friends" that make me stronger and more determined to succeed!
I have much more willpower than i ever imagined
I actually love clothes shopping
My husband and all my/his family are so supportive
I could go on and on with this lol so i'll leave it there and give someone else a turn!!

Lil K

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That I can actually stick to a diet & that I have reserves of willpower & positivity that I never knew existed!

.....and to think I actually put off doing CD for a good few months because I just didn't think I could do it, yet now I know its not a question of IF i can get to goal, just WHEN!


methenie from london.
i did learn

its possible to do diet with no feeling hungry and loose quikly

and i suprise myself to do it , with some up and down but cc is the only diet i do follow propely.:eek:


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I have learnt that I do not need food to make me feel better.....

Same for me. Fod was my answer to everything before, if i felt sad, upset, angry, happy, you name it i turned to food. Even with all the tough times i've had while on Cambridge and i really have felt like eating i've got through it without doing. Food is not going to make everything better, that's my new mantra :D
That I can cook a meal (for someone else!) without tasting it, that I can make a cheese sandwich without having a slice of cheese, that I catually feel better without the glass of wine and that I do like shopping for clothes after all.


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Things I've learnt:

  • That doing something for myself (eg losing weight) really makes me feel worth something
  • That 'diet' food doesn't have to be boring - and that unhealthy food isn't necessarily yummy
  • Food is not a drug, but self-confidence can work wonders
  • That people (esp my boy) get REALLY tired of hearing about diets :rolleyes:
  • That my ferret is obese - he has a BMI of 36! ;)

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