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What have you seen recently at cinema?


too hot to handle!!
god i haven't been for ages,,did anyone see 21/27 bridesmaids,,or somethin like that it was called

Deb G

Silver Member
27 Dresses - and YES - its a good chick flick. Going to see 21 tomorrow night.
Iron Man!!!

What can I say - phoarrrrr!!!!!!! Robert Downey Jr.

Really enjoyed this - probably far more than the kids!!!!!!


a bit different everyday
saw son of rambow last night at flicks really really good film....but i love british films anyway


Full Member
Watched Good Luck Chuck last night on DVD which was quite funny, hoping to get to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall which is supposed to be really good - anyone fancy babysitting :D


Must do it this time
Last I Saw In The Flicks Was "in Bruges" With Colin Farrell,it Was Quite Good,more Of A Film Id Rent On Dvd Than Go To See In The Pics Though!!!!


Back On CD.......
Hiya All, ;)

Well I love watching DVDs & Going to the pics so Recently Here is what I have seen -

21 - (Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth)
Good Film

Iron Man - (RDJ, Gwyneth Paltrow)
Thought it was fab. RDJ Looks Lush in it.

Mad Money - (Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah & Katie Holmes)
Very Good & Quite Funny

27 Dresses - (Katherine Heigl)
Fab Chick Flick

The Forbidden Kingdom - (Jackie Chan & Jet Li)
The very 1st film they have both appeared in & it was well worth the wait..

Meet The Spartans - (Sean Maguire)
A few chuckles but otherwise crap, Only think good about this is sean maguire is now Buff!! Yummy.

The Waterhorse - (No-1 famous)
Aww this film was really good, as soon as I saw the little water horse I fell in love, I wanted 1, lol..

Over Her Dead Body - (Eva Longoria)
Good Film, Predictable at times but well worth watching.

Awake - (Jessica Alba)
Not the best film she has been in, but defo worth watching has a very good ending.

National Treasure - (Nicolas Cage)
Didn't really fancy this film but so glad my OH talked me into it, Good film.

10,000 BC - (No1 Famous)
I was so excited about this film but quite dissapointed, The trailer showes all the best bits but still worth a watch for the special effects..

I have watched quite a few more but dont wanna bore you. lol :rolleyes:


I went to see Iron Man last night - oh yes i agree RDJ looks very very nice!! Was really good. I am going to the cinema every tuesday now just before i go for my weigh in, as i my class is at 8.30pm - getting to watch all the current films now.
went to see the world stands still .. was an ok movie .. havnt seen anything for a long time that was great ... looking forward to watchmen coming out this year .......

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