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What helps you stay focused!!


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Thought it would be good to have a thread where we can all post what it is that helps keep us focused on our end goal.

This may be different for some, but it may also help others gain focus, stay focused or even help those browsing the forums get the kick they need to start!! :D
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I want to look really good in my bikini, and for my bf to say so. He likes slim girls, or I could stay chubby forever!
What helps me stay focused is the thought of finally having a semi-decent relationship with my family. I've always been the odd one out. The size 22, in amongst a family of size 6's. I take after my great grandad. It's affected my relationship with my parents bigtime as I feel so self-concious around them, and they're always making a dig about my weight or mentioning it all the time. Got to the stage where I no longer go over to see them because I don't want to be bought down by them.

So i'm really looking forward to finally being able to feel like myself around them, and to finally feel like I fit in with them and am actually part of the family.


I will do this!!!
Mines a night out in september. All my friends are skinny and i heard from someone that 2 of my friends were saying horrible things about me and my weight. Id love to turn up looking amazing and really show them! But my long term focus is my 4yr old, i want to run after him and get involved in mums run at sports day. I want him to be proud of me not embarrassed.
Several things. I want to be happy with my size for once. I want to be an active and 'fun' auntie to my 2 nieces. I want to be able to confidently go on things at the fair next year with my eldest niece

Most importantly my focus is my mum. My dad died in 2009, very suddenly and the bottom fell out of my mums world. Ive seen how much its devastated her and broken her heart. I have a very close relationship with her and know if I kept going the way I was I was probably killing myself. I couldn’t possibly put her through that heartache again and to be honest I don’t think she would get through it.
The thing that helps me stay focused is the fact that my youngest child starts school in September, so with a 10 yr old and a 4 yr old I no longer have an excuse to be fat, its not baby weight anymore just cake! I don't want to be a stereotypical chubby mum who eats the kids leftovers and doesn't take care of herself. I want to be me again and to do that I have to be slim.
my focus is the size 8 monsoon fitted dress that ive worn once after getting to goal on ll. its hanging on my curtain rail in my bedroom so it gives me a renewed sense of dermination to succeed on a daily basis every time i wake. xx
I like having something I can see, right in front of me. I pulled out a pair of jeans that fit me 2 years ago, which are 2 sizes down from what I am now. My first goal is to fit into those jeans. Then I will buy another pair 2 sizes down, and so on, and so on. I think 1 stone takes me down about 2 sizes each time (in general). Now that I am really getting serious about this, i am hoping to fit into those jeans in a couple weeks. :)


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I want to be healthy, and I want to set a good example for my daughter (who's nearly 2). I've dismissed myself as fat and unhealthy for years, and I am changing my image of myself the things I say to myself. I want to see what I can do, being the healthiest version of me I can possibly be - rather than having weight /health related excuses for not doing things.

My Mum and my Grandma were overweight at times too, and I really don't want to pass it on to a fourth generation.

I've created a collage for myself, with pictures and phrases representing these goals, to help keep me motivated :)
I'm just fed up putting my life on hold! Or feeling like "this would be much more fun if I were slimmer, could have worn X, etc". I want to be able to go shopping and buy what I like as opposed to the only thing that fits/does a semi-decent job of covering up the spare tyres. I want to be able to look at pictures of myself without getting embarassed or having to de-tag ones in facebook uploaded by friends.

In the longer term, I'm hoping that my OH and I will get married and start a family. I wouldn't want to be an overweight bride, and the thought of bringing up kids in the future who aren't affected by my weight issues is really motivating for me...

Jeez - the list is huge lol and I could go on! Makes me wonder why I haven't done this sooner but also makes me really appreciate the fact that I've started my journey!!

Oh, and of course, browsing minimins is a HUGE support and source of inspiration to keep going!
The fact that I have chosen to do this, rather than family/others nagging me to do it. I feel in control, rather than food controlling me- this keeps me going.
And the fact I'm getting married next year and the thought of all those photos! Lol
This is a good thread, l think there comes a time when you have had enough of making excuses for being overweight and pretending that it does not bother you, when deep inside it does.At the end of the day only you can do something about it, l was fed up of being fat, especially when l was going on holiday, l hated shopping for clothes and feeling old and frumpy,also felt very unhealthy. So l decided to do something about it, and basically change my life,cos l want a long and healthy one, so l can enjoy life and keep up with my grandchildren.I find these sites so supporting and inspirational, and give so much motivation


I will do this...
The biggest thing that kept me motivated is that I was refused treatment for infertility until I had a bmi of 35. Now that I've gone past that I had to ensure that I had other reasons to be motivated and the main one may sound strange but I keep focusing on the next stone bracket.

As soon as I get to another stone lost, it means I'm 1 pound away from the next stone bracket. Today I got into the 15s and as soon as I seen that number I thought right I want into the 14s now. I'm in competition with myself to get smaller.

I don't know what clicked for me this time to make it different from any other attempt to lose weight, maybe it's the fast weightloss, maybe it's just a diet that I find I can stick to, maybe I'm in the right frame of mind, I really don't know but I just 'get' exante and it seems that it keeps me going coz I just like the whole thing. I'm not sure I'm making sense lol.

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I don't know what clicked for me this time to make it different from any other attempt to lose weight, maybe it's the fast weightloss, maybe it's just a diet that I find I can stick to, maybe I'm in the right frame of mind, I really don't know but I just 'get' exante and it seems that it keeps me going coz I just like the whole thing. I'm not sure I'm making sense lol.
I think you are making perfect sense, as that is exactly how I feel. :)
I have failed soooo many times on other diets, the very fact that this one is working for me is helping me stay focused somewhat.

When I first started Exante, and joined here, someones diary had mentioned that they had a STS, and they weren't very happy about it.
I felt then, that maybe they were being a tad harsh on them selves, as they hadnt put on.

I dont ever want to put on whilst on Exante... a STS is ok, as long as its only once every so often. That also helps keep me focused :)
Jen Jen what you have achieved so far is nothing short of amazing!


Wannabe Mankini Model
They're all great posts so far, thank you for sharing.

Ok, my turn, I've not been happy with how I look or how I felt health wise for a number of years now. Considering I was really into my fitness about 16 years ago, so much so I trained as a personal trainer and health & fitness instructor, I also held weekly circuit training classes and I even had the 8 pack to go with it :D

Unfortunately, I aggravated of an old football injury (torn cartilage) and had to have surgery to fix it. After that I lost my mojo and could never get back into it. On top of that I also changed jobs, moving into IT and having a desk job. Sadly I doubt I'll even get back to the 8 pack :D

I, like many here, have tried numerous diets in the past (worst one being the cabbage soup diet, anyone remember that? lol), but I've always ended up putting the weight back on (and more in some cases) or not had the will power to stick with it past a few days.

I was an avid sportsman, playing lots of football and rugby. My 11 year old son is the same and for two years now I've been coaching football.

Aching for days after a training session, where I have only run around for 5 minutes, struggling to put my shoes and socks on, getting out of breath going up the stairs and crashing out when I get in from work was not good. I was not happy with my weight or shape and cringed when I saw my reflection in a shop window.

I DON'T WANT TO BE THAT PERSON ANYMORE, not for anyone else, but for ME and ME ALONE, sure my family etc will benefit from me being healthier. But I am doing this, because I don't want to be OVERWEIGHT, OBESE or SEVERLY OBESE anymore.

The sooner that changes the better, oh and how could I not hold up to my promise of wearing a mankini for you all to see, haha!!

Here's to being slim, healthy and happy with ourselves once more!! :D
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I'm starting university in September with at least 60 other girls in my cohort and most of them are slim and gorgeous!

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My motivation is my son - I've read loads of success stories in the past where the trigger for finally losing weight was their child coming home crying because someone said their mummy was fat... I never want him to have to experience that! I've spent the first year of his life overweight and it has got in the way of enjoying baby groups and having my photo taken with him. I want to be a slim, healthy Mummy that he can be proud of (and that I can be proud of too!)


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I've never been slim... Ever... And in all honesty I think I'm always going to look curvy... I'm just rounded! I am trying desperately right now to hold on to my mojo and inspiration for losing weight, as some will know I am recovering from an operation that I had in Sunday to have my gallbladder out, I've got to try and get through recovery without losing the plot completely... My son starts school in September and next year my partner and I are having a civil partnership... Two massive reasons to keep going, and the other one... And this is me being totally honest here... In November 2009 my sister had a gastric bypass and lost over 15 stone she is currently 14.12... The day I weigh less than her again will be a good day... We are hugely competitive and as she lost weight before I just piled it on... As I lost weight she confessed to my mum that she was scared that I was going to weigh less than her even though I didn't go down the surgery route... In all honesty this is my driving force... For me it's actually not about doing it all for me even though I know it probably should!

So, I'm giving myself this week... This week of a very bruised tummy and feeling very sorry for myself and then I am going to ease myself back in gently... Very gently... Healthy eating and calorie counting and then eventually back on to a VLCD when I'm allowed... Just got to keep going in the mean time! X


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I have been thinking about this for a few days. What keeps me motivated? When I started Exante I thought I would try and do it (TS) for two week; I had the usual arguments in my head, its not healthy, you will get ill, its not a long term solution, you will not be able to work and hold down a job on 600 calories etc etc. Then after two weeks I had adjusted, felt really well, had tons of energy, the weight was falling off me and thought maybe I will carry on a bit more.

Then it just clicked, this was for me, big time. Every month another size, every month about a stone (I think its four now - but don't bother weighing that much) and I could do it. There were hard days, challenging days and days when I feeling tired and I felt it was the fault of the diet (easy to blame) and I should give it up. But I always thought - see what tomorrow is like, if its still hard stop. But the next day always seemed to come right and so here I am still going strong.

It works, I am not hungry - I still weaken at the sight and smell of food but I can cope. I am fine and do add a meal about once a week. This helps me cope with the social and work parts of eating. I stick generally to two shakes, one soup, gallons of water, green tea and an occasional Dr Pepper Zero or Coke. And I intend to reach my target weight and stay there.

So what keeps me motivated - well first it works, second its not too hard, third - I am not hungry, four, loads of energy, five, I feel so much fitter and I feel well. Lastly its the joy of new clothes! Phase 8 is a shop I had never even heard of, now I buy a dress in size 14 and it fits.

So my life is transformed by Exante, this site and now I have a much brighter future. I am positive, excited and delighted - that's what keeps me motivated.

I am convinced its all in your mind - I believe and think I can do it - so I will. Sorry for such a long post. But I am an Exante number 1 fan. The magic fat burning packets are doing it for me and it works.
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