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What i resisted today. I am proud of myself..

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After a few threads on here that have been posted recently, i think its good for us all (including myself) to take a step back occasionally and take a look at our days in a different light. Often, i think we are all guilty of labelling our day 'good' or 'bad'. Its not always black and white like this and often, despite being on plan the entire day, for all our snacks and meals.. we may have a 'treat' that we have not neccisarly planned.. often we think this 'ruins' our day (and if your like me.. i continue it through the week)

We did have a 'what i resisted today' thread a few months back that did very well.. and i think everyone enjoyed. However we'v had a few newbies since then and we could all be doing with a pat on the back now and then hey?

so i'l start, with a bit of a twist.

Today i resisted dropping in at tescos on my way to work to get some chocolate, even though it's all i can think of.

Im proud of myself because i know when im in a 'cant stop thinking about it mode' i wouldnt have just bought one bar, and although im going without i know i am also identifying a danger zone and feel i have sidestepped a certain binge.. and thus continued to make progress in my journey.

now you...
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Good thread Fern :) and well done for resisting Tesco :)

I'm proud of myself today. Since it's Fathers Day, my parents bought my Grandad a big huge chocolate profiterole cake (he's normally not allowed chocolate so it was a big treat for him). So we went to his house, and he was like :eek: wow chocolate lets dig in. And I said no, and stuck to it!!! I never normally have that much will power, but today I did and I'm chuffed with myself :D

Though when I got home I did have a funsize fudge and a pink and white which wasn't planned but at least it's within my syns....if I had of ate a slice of profiterole cake it would have been about 20 syns and I would have been disappointed and upset with myself...so I still got to have a bit of a treat which I'm happy about! Woo!


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Great idea for a thread and well done everyone for resisting those temptations!

Today my nan and grandad did a BBQ. I was using up 6 syns on the bean burger (planned) and managed to stick with all the free food that was available..even though there were these delicious looking olives dripping in a chilli oil. Haha, was quite pleased with myself!


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I resisted the delicious looking strawberries and cream DH had after dinner. I had fresh strawberries and an options hot chocolate instead.


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I resisted an aero ice cream lolly, choc digestives, and chips. I went to my sister in laws with my eldest daughter and thats what my daughter was having while playing with my nephew. I got offered every time, and each time I refused.


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Hubby has just said "let's get pizza for tea" and I said "NOOOOOOO" even though I would looovvvveeee pizza right now!!

Becca Wecca

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Today I resisted cheese. Normally if I start munching I gorge myself on it, but no, today I didn't take even one bite! Dead happy about that!!


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On Friday I resisted having more than 3 whiskies, and stuck to dhansak and boiled rice in the Indian Restaurant when all around me were tucking into popadoms and naans.
On Sunday I resisted alcohol completely!!!


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Oh yes - and my freinds bought a load of cupcakes (home made ones) from the cake stall at a fete, and offered me one LOTS of times, and I said no each time without getting cross with them after the second offer.
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I resisted the lovely hot dogs my husband made the night before last. They were so tempting that when my daughter left one. I made my husband tip fairy liquid over it and then i made myself some quorn sausages with fry lite onions. Was the next best thing and satisfied my craving. Even after packing my house all day yesterday ( we move end of the month) i refused to pick at anything even though my husband was constantly back and forth the fridge and had my sw evening meal and that was it. Its really hard sometimes but its so worth it in the end.

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
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Today I am being very good and resisting Doughnuts! Jam AND chocolate ones. Not even tempted to go grab one out the packet!
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This weekend I went to the Moto GP and there were hundreds of fast food stalls. i resisted burgers, hotdogs, doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, nachos, pick and mix, noodles and baguettes and the only time I caved I had a jacket spud with veggie chilli :)


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Today i was literally desperate and salivating at the thought of cake, wine, chocolate, crisps, bread.... well you get the point. But i went into the shop and resisted it all and bought myself some strawberries and diet coke and a crunchie (within syns). V proud of myself!


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i resisted buying chocolate and crisps when i popped into the shop for sweetners. havent really had the urge to buy chocs or crisps since starting the plan but this time i REALLY wanted them. i left without them tho :)


Is a crunchy mama!
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Today was a very long and tiring day at work as we were moving our shop to a new location and giving it a brand new look. The design team from head office came by to help us out and to butter us up they ordered in pizza, cookies and chocolates! Happy to say I resisted :D though I did sneak in 2 thorntons chocolates from next door but at only 2 syns each, it was a lot better than what could have been!
S: 17st9lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 3st3lb(18.22%)
Have resisted all the lovely cupcakes i got in my fridge. Hubby went mad yestersday and wanted to bake cupcakes for him and the kids. Everytime i opened the fridge they are there staring at me. However i am good and have removed only low fat yogurts from the fridge instead x


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Today I have been selling cakes in work for charity. Firstly I went to the shop and bought all the cakes picking the ones I wanted, then sold them all to raise money while resisting them myself!!
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today i was given a box of chocolates from a client. just about to walk out of the office with them (for my partner and family) and decided to donate them to the rest of the office instead - very happy admin team now!
S: 13st5lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.81%)
Someone at work bought some strawberry spilt lollies at lunch and offered them round. I said no!!

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