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what if i tried....

im having abit of a slow start to the healthy eating, so i was wondering if say for afew weeks for breakfast and lunch i ate a low fat low sugar cereal then had a small healthy dinner with just fruit to snack on. then after i would go on the healthy eating. do you think this would work and give me a boost or end up makin me have binges?? im just abit fed up at the mo and need a boost to motivate me.
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Personally, that would leave me feeling very hungry which would not help me to lose weight as I'd be in the fridge all the time.
I'm doing the WW diet and I find that it's easy to stick to and it works. Pretty well instant gratification on the scales each week! See what other opinions you get but good luck with whatever you decide to do.
sounds similar to the special k diet which should work if you think you can manage :) ! im cal counting at the mo and find it great :) x
i did start to try the special k diet but because im diabetic and speacial k has somuch sugar in it didnt work for me. but i think i might give this a try tomoro if i can get thru tomoro and its not to tough ill carry on for the week. before i was really struggling but now i feel like my head is finaly back in it after acouple months :) if this fails for me tho i will have to jump back on slimmin world!


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Could you try a combination with All bran plus? (From Kellogs?)

I think it has a lot less sugar and it's nice with milk / fruit / quark or yoghurt. It also really keeps you full and it has lots of fibre!

Good luck!

yeh i could give it ago, went shoping today and bought about 4 boxes of different things so i hopefully wont get too bored. i think allbran was one of them
you could try it , i dont know if it would speed things up, i would soon get bored of cereals, i just have something on toast for lunch.
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what made you go off SW? why not try cal counting then you know what foods you can have just count them each day :) i find it much easyer i dont know why xxx
i loved slimming world loads its just around november i completely lost interest in following it. i dont know why cause i was losing weight every week. my consultant was lovely she keeps texting me asking when im going back so if i keep struggling i will defo go back. so far doing ok on this tho! only been acouple days so will see by the end of the week. i dont know about calorie counting wouldnt that be harder than slimming world?

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