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What is cooking?

I thought it may motivate and inspire us all if we know what each other are planning to or have eaten that day.

today so far I have had a bowl of sugar free peach jelly for breakfast

and for lunch I had half a can of asda veggie sasuages with baked beans

tonight I am going to boil some chicken in spices, probably chilli as it boosts the metabolism, tumiric, garlic and have it with some spinach and green beans.
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Dinner for me tonight is fat free chicken curry with rice and some roasted spiced tomatoes then a shape yog for desert!!



Not such a fat kat now :)
Beef madras and rice

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Naughty friend who is staying gave me 7malteasers n like a piglet i just ate them

mmmmm malteasers. I have to say i would of eaten them as well. I hope you enjoyed them.

For my dinner i had a fry well thats what i kept saying to myself. Turkey rashers and sausages (grilled), scrambled eggs and baked beans. :eating:
I guess there is worse chocolate which i could o had just feel blah now for giving into it

Mmmm yours sounds good :) x
Lunch I slept tgrough (not having the best of days with my eyes today) and iv just had some grilled fish then a asda banoofffeee vitality bar which are yummy. Off back to try sleep some more x
today for lunch I had a bowl of Miso soup to whcih I added a tea spoon of beef stock powder and half a table spoon of chilli flakes :) x
tonights dinner - sausages (not the best thing really but they needed using up) and some spinach which I just drizled in a tiny bit of soy sauce n wasabi x
Fish and spinach n had a tea spoon of mayo got raseberry sugar free n fat free jelly for later :)

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For dinner I had Spag Bol, homemade it was really yummy
I literally wrapped it in foil a few grinds of salt a few of pepper n a sprinkle of smoked paprika baked for 40mins at 200'

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Tonight I have just finished 1/2 a cereal bowls worth of cooked spinach literally just a few grinds of pepper on it nothing else, with 90g of fresh tuna with nothing on it at all. MFP informs me it came to a total of 164 calories.

Lunch time I had 100g asda good for you or whatever it is called cottage cheese with 50g of fresh vacume packed beetroot, and 2 dutch crisp breads again MFP informs me 158 calories.

Aside from this Iv had nothing else all day :)

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