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What is Easter?


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I personally think its Sunday..... if I remember correctly it is the day of the resurrection of Jesus..... so the day to celebrate I guess????

Or was it that he rose to heaven on Easter Sunday after the resurrection which may have been today (good Friday)? Oh my RE is failing me......:eek:


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I think so Kitteh.... won't let my girls get their eggs until Sunday anyhow.....
Good Friday is when you normally have hot cross buns - symbolising Jesus dying on the cross....

Sunday is Easter Sunday - Saturday is a bit of a nothing day really....

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Yes, I suppose it's Easter Sunday. Certainly not Good Friday...but remember that Christians celebrate the resurrection at Easter time, rather than Easter being the celebration of the resurrection IYKWIM

The 'Easter' bit came before Jesus was born.


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It was a pagan tradition/holiday. Not called Easter, but Eostre (sp). The Jews also had their passover during this time to celebrate God delivering Israel from slavery.

The Christians took it from that.


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well, thank you for the education KD! Will now look into what the pagans were celebrating at the time (although I have the opinion that they probably didn't need much excuse to celebrate)
LOL. The pagans commemorated their goddess Eastre, the goddess of fertility and springtime.


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LOL. I have a brain full of useless informationm, especially when it comes to the bible :D Now...if anyone asks me where my keys are..........:confused:


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The egg symbolises new life, and is also suposed to be the shape of the place where Christs body lay.
Doesnt it also symbolise the end of lent?? or have I lost the plot??
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If you want to know some stuff maybe I can be of use as a Christian:

Good Friday is a day of remembering celebrates Christ's crucifixion
According to the Bible, on the 3rd day he rose again= Easter Sunday (celebration of his resurrection)
Easter Monday is the day he ascended to Heaven.

Hence in Churches there are normally services held on each of these days, altho primarily the friday and the sunday. Friday is a more solemn service and Sunday a happy joyful one.
Yep, it does symbolise the end of lent, as traditionally eggs were not allowed to be eaten during lent. As this time of year was the peak egg-laying season for hens there was always a lot left over. so, people started to hard boil them and decorate them for children.

Got this from www.eastereggtrail.co.uk Some easter fun on there for anyone with children. x x x
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Oh and Easter eggs are given on Easter day nothing to do with Jesus....

- in the olden days, during Lent (the period of 40 days running up to Easter when Jesus fasted in the desert) it was forbidden to eat a number of things including eggs (hence pancake day to use all these things up). However, chickens continued to lay eggs so the uneaten eggs would be drained and painted by children, and given to one another on Easter day as presents, as a symbol of the new life which Jesus' death represents xxx

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