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What is everyone up to today?


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Morning Everyone
Woke up feeling very positive this morning.:)
We are going to Chester later for some shopping, lunch (know a little place where they do lovely JP's) and then a walk around the walls.:D
Later I must sort out an Internet shop (pay day today). Have got a £10 voucher off Tesco so may try their delivery service? Have enough healthy and sw friendly food in until Friday.
Have a lovely day everyone whatever you are doing.
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emma b

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oooh - u sound very positive! Im going to have a great day too - I've just decided. thanks for the positive thinking! xx


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S: 11st5lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st11lb(6.92%)
Your welcome:) - I have not felt like this for a while.:p
On Saturday there is a SW float leaving our local trading estate and doing a tour of the local area - it is in aid of the NSPCC - chosen charity.
Got the new SW mag last night so thats a read for tonight for new ideas. Did notice one thing that caught my eye vegetarian ravioli will be great for lunches at work.
Have a great SW day.
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I'm taking my kids for a professional photo sitting. We've been practising "cheese" since we woke up....but I know that it will be a nightmare!!! An hour of misery for that elusive, magical photo!!!!

Have a good day all.xxx


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Have fun at the photographers.:) What age are your children?
Just had some good news about my car which I 'pranged' recently - the insurance company have authorised the repairs. (It is an old car but with very low mileage and great for work - thought the repairs would cost more than the value).:eek:


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I am feeling positive too today! Hit my half stone last night and was over the moon. If only I wasn't at work today...I'd go for a lovely long walk along the coast where I live. Oh well, might manage a stroll around Newcastle city centre at lunchtime! Glad you're feeling positive, have a lovely day
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Ooh Irene that sounds lovely. I love Chester. I am taking my daughter bowling and then to Pizza Hut - going to be a big test for me but I managed to resist last time! I have my weigh in this morning so I will be all motivated after class. Have a great day x x

Mrs V

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Im stuck in the office! :(
Daughter is in a private Day Nursery that only closes one week in the year apart from Christmas, so I am in the office.


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I am feeling really positive today, have put on my new jeans(and they fit)wee bit of muffin top going on but still feel fab,going for a hour and half facial will feel like a million dollars, yes today is a good day lets all be very positive about ourself and what we have achieved so far.
Half term for me, so a week off.. with some marking to catch up on!!... off to the hairdressers this afternoon to get my grey bits sorted :D Ahh the miracle of highlights!

Have a great day everyone!


soon to be skinny minnie
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Well i'm about to get my son ready to go off to his grans, then will get the baby ready. I need to get house in order then catch up on my studies, i am about 4 chapters behind :cry:.

On the positive side i have done a rosmary dvd and had a healthy breakfast.

Hope you have a good day everyone, and irene your day sounds as if it is going to be fab. Actually i would love to see chester.
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I'm going to start packing for my hen doo (off to Barcelona on Fri am) I also need to finish off my costume and i'm going to nip to the shops for a spot of 'last moment retail therapy!!' hoping to find some nice outfits for through the day as I already have my evening ones planned!

Half term for me too as little one is off nursery.. sure he will love the shops this aft (not!)

oh just o/t for a moment jojojo I also live near the coast in Newcastle! small world !!

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im not having a good time today with a weee infection :( seriously its really getting me down now!!


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Today is going to be a good one for me too- its WI tonight tho so im a little anxious as i spoilt myself over Vals weekend. However, i do normally go off plan for the night after WI but not tonight. It's half term for me too so im preparing an indian cuisine (all from SW books) to took into and its going to be totally FREE!!

Had beans on toast for breakfast with and aplen light bar- seeing as i didnt eat until 12.30pm haha i'm just going to snack on fruit until weigh in.

May even take a walk inbetween lesson planning! xx
Have a good one everyone! xx
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Well photo session not too bad...now just have to battle my skin0flint hubby to buy some of them!!!!

I'm off for a Chinese tonight. Half of my group of friends at work are skiing in Canada this week. Those who are left behind are going out to commiserate with ourselves about being in rainy ole Notts...not quite the same as skiing, but I am looking forward to a bit of sweet and sour!! (check my positive dieting attitude! One night off won't kill me!).


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S: 11st5lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st11lb(6.92%)
Hi everyone
All had a good day I hope?:)
Tracie - thanks for the recipe it looks delicious.:) Will give it a try on Frday night (am planning menus for the next couple of weeks, doing a 'big' Asda shop so want to make sure have all the ingredients in) - imo planing is the way to go for success.;)
Had a lovely day in Chester, walked most of the city walls and a lovely lunch as close to SW friendly as I could.
Had a look around for a wedding outfit - BIL get married in May, saw a couple of linen suits? As I was with hubbie and son there was only a bit of retail therapy.:eek:
Hope you get some lovely photos.
Well off to prepare EM - mine is Lentil chilli and rice - my SWC's recipe and I may have a nice glass of white wine as my treat tonight - well I am on half term.:8855:
Lovely to 'chat' to you all today - thanks.


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Hello everyone.

I've had a very lazy morning. Now I'm going to make the kids some food and then we're going for a walk.

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