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What is motivating you all this week?


I've woken up early for a Sunday and I ca't get back to sleep. My WI is at 11am today and whilst pondering my weightloss (i estimate 1-2lbs) I started to thinking about what inspires me to keep going and not cheat. I wonder what is inspiring you to keep going and stick 100%?

Here is my list this morning of things I have learned and things that inspire:

1 - Having read your diaries and posts it seems that it really is true that the whole week counts and just slipping up a little can have a big effect on the scales

2 - Pride that I have now done this diet for four weeks straight and achieved 15lb loss in three weeks

3 - Seeing that others peoples journeys seem longer than mine yet they don't moan as much if at all

4 - How unhappy I was a month ago

5 - Putting on my PJ's and them not being skin tight on my bottom and boobs

6 - My 6 week old size 16 jeans now loose enough to pull down if i so wished

7 - My husband calling me skinny :p (not that he ever called me fat)

8 - That falling off the wagon for a small moment does not have to mean the end

9 - By doing this extreme diet, I'm proving to myself I can take control of what I eat

10 - I have 'met' so many wonderful people on this forum who are like minded in the same goal and never judge

11 - My skin is so much clearer with all the water I am drinking

12 - seeing my collar bone

13 - I want to be blessed with a child and that will involve weight gain. If I start off healthy first, it won't be such a battle later.

Today is my sisters birthday party with all our family and some friends so this is more challenging than the family meal out tomorrow. I will be nagged, digged at and maybe questioned to death. But I still know that whatever is said, no matter how low I might begin to feel, I am in control of how I react and I am doing this for me and not anybody else.

I used to buy my husband food treats to show him I love him, a box of chocolates for my parents. But I realise now I am re-inforcing my false beliefs. Food does not equal happiness and eating food becuase someone gives it to you will not make you happy. I can show people I love them in other ways.

Surely people should be happier that you are happy becuase you are losing weight, than offended becuase you say no to a meal out or to having a cake.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble but sometimes it is good to reflect on ourselves xxxxx
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I've been up early too, although could have slept for hours more, but my 3 young children had other plans:rolleyes:

This diet is the hardest one I've done, but it's the only one that has given good results:)

What motivated me the first ever time I did cd, was the desire to have another and final baby. we had been trying a few years on and off, but nothing happened, and I knew my weight wasn't helping (8 stone overweight:()

After a few months on cd i fell pregnant with a little girl, but she wasn't meant for this earth:cry: I started cd again a few months after the loss and started to lose more weight, then to my joy and surprise I fell pregnant again with another little girl. she's 2 yrs old now:)

I'm now back on ss to shift all the weight again and what motivates me now are things like wanting to take my children swimming or fitting onto a fairground round and to have a better sex life with dh:p and to just feel like a normal, happy, confident and healthy women.:)

ofm x


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What motivated me to do this diet was that I am going to see a consultant about surgary, and I wanted to lose as much weight as possible (I had planned on being at least 12 stone before I saw him, but the appointments come through alot sooner then I thought it would) and that breast cancer is probably genetic in my family, and being overweight is a risk factor so I want rid of the extra weight :)

but I'm now in a size 18 (16 in maxi dresses but they are loose lol) and I have gone down from origionally a size 22. (20-18 when i started CD)

and long term - I want to be 11 stone (maybe 10 stone will see how I feel) when I start university in march.
Humm i have a few things that have motivated me to do CD.

1. I really want to go see my mother in Cyprus next April and be lovely and slim and for her to be so shocked haha.

2. I want Andreas family to see me nice and slim when i go see them at Christmas so i feel alot better about myself and more confident because i feel like they dont like to because of my weight and i feel they think i aint good enough for him. I really want to become a part of his family and for them to accept me more.

3. I want to fit into nice clothes and look amazing and for andreas to not be able to take his eyes off me :p.

4. One day i want to get married and have children, i dont want to be a fat bride and i very much doubt i would be balt to get pregs at this weight.

5. Things i cant do and i want to do
- swimming
-horse riding
-go on rides at fun fair
- wear sexy knickers and bras for OH (haha sorry if tmi)
-fit in a plane seat
-wear a bkini on holiday

I also am training to become a driving instructor and i dont want to be a fat lass in the passenger seat trying to move my leg over so they can change gear so thats a big motivation too.

Humm this list i think is really gonna help me get through today thank you :D xxx


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great thread even if you were up early this morning - teehee

my motivation

1. wear bikinis on my holidays and not hide under a sarong
2. go swimming in the local pool and not worry about who might be in the pool and know me .... I would just die from embarrasment
3. pretty clothes ..... I really want to wear all thos lovely tops that are in fashion just now. I am almost 40 I so need to look good and not frumpy.
4. my kids ... I want to enjoy them and not be fat and restricted.
5. I think I might want another baby ... I think I do and I want to be one of those skinny birds with a cute bump!


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Morning :)

What a great thread!!
hmm lots of things motivating me but my main ones are:

1. My sister's wedding on a cruise - July 2011 with both sisters being very slim - size 8-10 amongst other family members!

2. To feel comfortable and confident enough to try out pole dancing & really impress my fiancé! ;)

3. To finally be happy being 'me'.

4. To be fit and healthy for when we are ready to try for a baby. :)



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Great thread.
I find that although I have lots to motivate me that sometimes the pull of food is stronger than those things - why is that?

At the moment my gorgeous 10month old is motivating me - I dont want him to have a fat Mummy. I want to be healthy for him and for my life expectancy to lengthen.
I want another baby. My pregnancy was horrendous - a lot of it down to my weight and I dont want to experience that again. At 9 months I didn't look pregnant - just fatter. Next time I just want the baby bump.
Skinny Jeans!!! I bought 2 pairs of size 16s (was 20/22) and one pair now fits the other does up but is very tight and my belly has to hang over the top. i try them on every week!!!

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