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What is the best pressie you had given

I am gonna tell you a story :D

On my 25 wedding anniversay my hubby and I had decided we wouldnt buy each other pressies neither of us liked silver and anything we REALLY wanted we couldnt afford.

However, the next day he came home from work and threw an envelope on the table and said "just a little thing silver for you". I was really annoyed did the usually wifey moan say why did you do this when we had agreed. You know moan moan moan. Anyway curiosity got the better of me and I opened the envelope and in it was car keys and my heart stopped.

Parked outside was a beautiful Silver Metallic FORD KA, not brand new but the newest car I had ever owned. I was so happy and excited I couldnt contain myself. I felt such a twat for complaining. I had my own personal number plate H8ARE as my surname is Hoare, always good for a laugh.

That is the best present I have ever had.

I think the next nice pressie will be from me
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that is soooo cute.. what a fab OH you have.. aaaw.. my partner would never do anything like that for me.. lol.. i think the cutest thing i ever got off him was.. oh yeah.. i loved this film as a kid.. called "the last unicorn".. and i had it on video (yeah.. remember those days..).. but it went missing.. or was thrown out or something..
and i was on my way to work.. but i needed to call into his house when we werent living together to pick up my work gear.. and there was a letter on the bed.. ive still got it somewhere.. cant remember exactly what it said..
but i open this home made package he made me.. and he had searched for the DVD of it for aaaaaages.. cos it isnt something you used to see in many places.. and i though that was the best pressie..
x x x
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I think one of the best one's I received was from my in-laws - they knew I was artistic, but I had never tried painting with oils - I was always afraid of them. So they gave me as et of oils, brushes, canvases - just a good general 'stat up' kit.

They gave it on my birthday, but 2 days later I had surgery on my shoulder. SO while I was home, in a sling I kept staring at them wondering what in the world am I going to do with THOSE!!?? Besides make a mess.

Anyway, daytime tv got very boring, and I decided I would just have a little play with the oils - no easy task in a sling!! I positioned a make-shift easel at hip height so I could leave the sling on, and got stuck in - and I did not stop. FOr hours. Then days. I fell in love with oils, and it opened up a whole new world for me. THat was about 4 years ago, and I have not stopped since.....its my 'happy place' and it brings me so much joy when I am painting, the whole world and all its worries dissappear.

Then the following year, my husband enrolled me in some courses where I qualified to teach....and its just been the best addition to my life ever.

So that has been one of the finest gifts I have ever received. Will be eternally grateful as I would probably have never tried. :)
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Oh Lady how sweet is that - what a pressie ..... and to get you the registration to, that took some planning.

And the holiday and the dvd ---- awww romance :D How cool are these fellas.

I'm torn on this one as to what to choose ----- ok I'm going with when we were first married we didn't have much money at all and our daughter was a few months old - anyway hubby had been called in to work overtime the whole of one weekend and on next payday he came home and told me to close my eyes and proceeded to give me a spice rack.... followed by a wok - sounds daft but he knew I loved Chinese food and had bought them even though he hated anything then that wasn't traditional English (though now he loves allsorts). I was made up but then was told to close my eyes again and he then gave me a gold watch, he'd spent all his extra money getting me these and I just cried. Still got the watch now though the spice rack and wok have long gone as it was almost 20 years ago.

Luckily for me he's not changed and is still a romantic and loving fool :)
sorry, I lowered the tone (nice how everyone was very british and ignored it) lol
Naaaa - I loved it.

What lovely pressies really interesting, so glad I started thread (is called stroking yourself).

Now Now dont get the wrong idea.:eek:


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Well DH isn't the most romantic in the world generally but I do have one story to tell.

It was my 30th birthday, we were on a drive round Europe and were spending a few days in Venice.
He had been trying to get me in a gondola all day, but I wouldn't, LOL.

We were just wandering through St Marks Square on our way back to the hotel, when he popped THE question.
Unfortunately he had left the ring back in London 'in a safe place' and forgot it, but I got it when we got home and it was my best present.
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LOL Dancing - think we were both typing at the same time .... believe me I weren't ignoring your pressie ----- there was a time (not now cos hubby wouldn't like it) when I'd have been very happy with a pressie like that ........ in fact if anyone wants to bring me Mr Clooney or Mr Pitt home I'm sure I will be suitably impressed (and very bloody happy :D)
awww these are all really sweet =]
My best present was from my dad. He generally dosnt believe in christmas and is a bit of a scrooge. Lol.
It was my 18th Birthday in January and I was dead excited and me and my boyfriend had been saving up to go to New York. But we was no where near our target :(
On christmas day I went into my living room and dad had obviously sneaked in when I was out and placed these hugggggeee baulbals on my tree!! EEK! So I opened them up and there was £1000 in cash and a little note saying "looks like your going to New York" We was so happy and it was done in suc a sweet way from someone who is usually so against anything to do with christmas!
So we went to the travel agents right after xmas and booked 10 nights in new york for our 18th Birthdays and had the best 10 days ever!
Happy Times!!
awwwww im sorry BL! Its the way they wont do anything for an age but then one little sweet thing really takes your breath away :)
Well i guess mine would be my electric fly swat from my six year old son!! Hours of fun!! xxx
For our 15th anniversary, we were heading out to dinner and it was a bad snow storm, so I was getting ready and I finished before my hubby. I noticed lights coming up the driveway and I said URGHHH who is here now in a big white station wagon, don't they know it is our anniversary and we are heading out! Hubby hollered look again, I don't think its a station wagon, (it was really snowy and hard to see, so I turned the outdoor house light on and saw a huge stretch limousine that was all white & the driver came to the door all dressed up with his uniform and hat and escorted us to dinner, hubby also had arranged for champagne and strawberries, so we drank & toasted our love to each other while we were chauffered around for 3 hours, he waited for us while we ate. It was truly a memorable night and we still chuckle about our visitor in the white station wagon..... I loved it, oh yeah the limo was filled with flowers too. Amazing man I married.

Ladylite, that is a cool story. My girlfriend got a key in a card, and the key was from her boyfriend who had just bought her a Harley.. pretty sweet idea too!


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My gf though 23 loves Disney and I suprised her by taking her to Euro Disney. She had no clue. I think ehr face for 3 days was as though she won the lottery.
My mum and dad gave me a massive amount of money in order that I could buy a house. It still takes my breath away to think about the sacrifices they made to give it to me. Especially as I'm one of four children and my brother and sisters reacted with such grace and happiness for me. If they were envious in any way, they never showed it.


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my best present came from my OH a few xmas's ago. i jokingly said at halloween that i would love an xmas holiday but knew we couldnt afford it. my OH then told me he had bought me a rowing machine and a few surprises for xmas, and the rowing machine was delivered to my garage on xmas eve but i had strict instructions not to look at it til xmas day, and i didnt cos wasnt too happy bout gettin a rowing machine!! anyway, was opening my other surprises on xmas mornign and one was a brown envelope sayin 'guarantee for rowing machine' on it, which i threw to one side and continued openin other presents. my sister kept saying, 'open the envelope, see what the rowin machines like' etc. so i eventually opened it to shut her up, and of course there was two tickets for a full week in lanzarote in january for me and my OH. cried my eyes out, was so happy!! and apparently everyone knew about it but me!!

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