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What is up with me tonight?

This has been going really well, I am on day 16 but for some reason i could cry today. I have spent the last few hours snapping at the kids and wanting to be left alone, which obviously is not going to happen with my girls around. I have really strong cravings tonight so I am off to bed soon before I really shout at my other half while he is munching next to me.

Sorry guys just needed to get this off my chest.... thanks :sigh:
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I was like this when i was on LL. Its just the cycle you are going through. Just try and have an early night and a nice bath and a hot water bottle or something.
You should feel better in the morning. You will have times like this but it will all be worth it in the end.


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It's really common on low carb diets to have mood swings. Low one minute, euphoria the next. Hope you feel better in the morning.:hug99:
I'm glad you are feeling better, I have been moody as well towards the end of this week - I felt like punching my Tae Kwon Do teacher last night (v. bad idea given that he is 20 years younger than me and a black belt, lol).

I was really pleased to see your weigh in amounts, I have my first one tonight but don't feel as if I have lost much but seeing yours of just under 1 stone in 2 weeks has encouraged me because while your first week was great, it wasn't huge, like some peoples seem to be.

I think I will loose 4 or 5 pounds if I'm lucky which would actually be great but I was feeling like a bit of a failure because most people seem to loose at least 1/2 stone. Seeing your progress has made me realise that it's ok to not have a massive loss on week one so thank you.

Hi Jan

I must admit, I felt the same. Although 4lbs was a good loss, I was disappointed that it wasnt as much as other peoples, but I stuck at it, and it paid off the next week which I was over the moon about.

So hang in there and let me know how you get on at your weigh in x



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Any chance you could be pre menstral? I am dreading when its that time for me because I will want to eat everything that isn't nailed down!!!!
Also, considering you are on day 16 you are probably now getting to the point where you are having to start learning to deal with emotional issues without f**d as the comforter - if you haven't begun that yet, then when you have some emotional things happen (and they don't have to be big ones!) then you will feel them get to you more than before.

Learning to cope with stress/frustration/boredom etc. without f**d is one of, if not THE, hardest part of doing a VLCD. I'm about to get to the end of 5 months, and I've not got it all figured yet either! lol :p
I think you might be right, the novelty has kind of worn off, and I have been stressed at home and work and normally I would be at home with the f**d and w**e. So it is trying to work out what else I can do to wind down really. I just want to be left alone most of the time but obviously cant really do that in the real world lol
So hang in there and let me know how you get on at your weigh in x
I lost 5.5lbs which is lower than a lot but I'm actually quite happy with that, particularly as my CDC set me a goal for 3rd April which is to loose 15lbs - that would be amazing. Thanks for your support Tracey.


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