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    everyday i wake up and say i will not eat a single morsel, i have been on this diet for 3 and half weeks and if i had done it properly i could of been halfway on my journey, but instead i have mucked about with it. I went for a very long walk today and i just kept crying, im so tearful and really unhappy with my willingness to succeed,can anyone help me to stick to this, i will do anything........hypnotherapy? whatever!

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    Hi Yuppet
    I cheat all the time (with chicken & mushrooms and in small amounts) and I am still losing. Have you lost any weight? If you have, the diet is succeeding. The weight loss may be slower than it would be if you stuck to it rigidly, but if you are losing, its better than not doing the diet at all.

    I have tried hypnotherapy on a number of times. My first go was hugely successful but nothing but failure after that. I guess it depends on the practitioner. But anyway, I think there is a right time and a wrong time for each of us to diet. If there are other issues crowding in, it isn't likely to be a good time to diet. Someone once told me that if losing weight was really important to me, I would lose it. At the time, I thought it was the most important thing but, looking back, there were other issues and once I had sorted those out, it became my right time to diet. This is top of my priorities now, so I can stick to it - well pretty much stick to it.

    Hope you are feeling better now, anyway,

  4. SteveM

    SteveM Silver Member

    This diet is tough - no arguing there. You do not say what level you are trying to do when you fail. If it is SS, then why not try one of the levels that incluse food such as 790 or 1000. The weight losses will be slightly slower, but you will be able to eat without thinking you had failed. Maybe if you start at one of these levels and stick at it for a few weeks you can then work down the levels to SS if you need to?

    All that is happening is that your blood sugars are unstable and your body is crying out for carbs. You just need to break the hi-lo blood sugar loop. Maybe your approach should be to ease your way in instead of leaping straight in at the deep-end.
  5. Fuzzys Angel

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    Awwww bless ya hun!.... SSing can be really difficult at times & some people find it more difficult than others. Have you spoke to your CDC maybe you'd be better off starting on one of the higher plans & working yourself down to ssing. Speak to you CDC that'll be my advise, good luck hun don't forget we are all here for you to help spur you on.....xxx
  6. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Ooooo we posted the same time, both steve & myself had the same thoughts...lol xxx
  7. SteveM

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    Great minds think alike ...... :)

    I think it best to find a level at which you and your body are comfortable so that you can start/progress on your weight-loss journey and have a chance of succeeding. There is nothing worse than the feeling that you have failed to completely de-rail yourself.

    SSing is not easy, and it takes a very strong willed person with very strong driving factors to stick to it 100%.
  8. clairelesley

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    ***Big Hugs***
    Positive thinking and mantras can make a big difference. By waking up every morning saying 'I'm not eating anything today' you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself!
    Why not try 'I'm going to do my best and be good to myself' or 'I will achieve my goals'; something more general, but still positive. Best thing is to say it to yourself 10 times looking right at your reflection in a mirror, and again any time you're feeling a bit weak/down.
    You'll probably feel really stupid at first but it does make a a big difference psychologically (proven & promised) so it's worth a try along with the other good advice about trying some different plans.
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