what is your cut off point when you know its time to be careful?


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My mistake last time at goal was not setting myself boundaries. My mum weighs 8 stone 6 but if she creeps up to 9 stone (shes only 5ft 2) she immediately takes measures and cuts down until shes back at 8.6....

I allowed myself to gain 4 stone, which is ridiculous. If only I had gained the first one and then took action I wouldnt ever have got myself into this state again.

I am going down again and happy with the way its coming off but I really have to put some proper guidelines in place to stop this becoming a regular occurence every 9 months.

Once a week weigh ins are essential in fat gain limitation.

A plan of what to do if boundary is reached...eg my mum has just fruit and veg for a couple of days...

I have to be more in charge of my health and weight, I cant just leave it until my weight gain is apparent to the whole world...its too late then and a massive struggle to get it off again.

The trouble is when gaining only a small bit you look ok some even say better and then you convince yourself you look fine, chuck the scales away and eat everything in site!

anyone else have boundarys?
I think it's very wise to have a boundry which you refuse to pass. I've never done that before ... that's how I became 12st overweight!!

Taking the best part of a year to get to goal is the price I have to pay for letting it get to that situation before taking action. I never want to have to spend nine months plus on an abstinance diet again.

To avoid that, I'll have to set myself a boundry and never allow myself to take my eye off the ball. That means regular weigh-ins and keeping a relaxed but watchful eye on what I eat.

I think I'll probably set my boundry at 7lb max above my 'happy weight'.
Mine is 7lbs above and 3lbs below my current weight.

I think it's really important to have these boundaries if you have had a weight problem in the past.

Dreading to think what I'm going to way after my 2 weeks holiday :eek: