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What is your daily routine?

Do you find it ok to go that long til 6 without one? I am trying to stick to times I would normally be having meals, 8.30ish, 1ish and 6ish, and guzzling down the water in between...on the subject of water how many pints do you have a day? I am having between 6-8, is that ok?? I think that works out around 4 litres??



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I get 4 shakes a day (woo!) so on a weekday I have one when I'm getting ready for work, around 7.30ish, one at 11.30-12ish, one around 3-3.30 and the last around 6.30-7pm, after I've been on the cross trainer. before I was on CD I'd managed to train myself to not eat after 7.30pm, and that helped me shift half a stone in january, and curb my snacking, and I want that to carry on after CD, so after that last one it's water all the way..

weekends the only difference is I have the morning one a bit later cos I get up and use the cross trainer first thing instead of in the evening... and I'd probably be a bit sick after a milkshake!! hehe. I try and stick to the other times though, it's all about routine for me..
I have my first shake after nine in morning after the school run another one about 3-6 (depends if am busy) the last one about 10pm and drink about 6-7 pints of water .

may x
I try to have my 1st shake between 12-1pm, them my second about 6pm and my 3rd at about 10.30pm. I drink the water when I can manage it. It makes me feel so sick!


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I split my first shake into 2 and that lasts me til about 6pm, I have 2 x vanilla shakes hot with coffee so they're like latte's....
I just drink water before, during and after. I have soup about 6pm, with bouillion and extra water so its like 500ml bowlful and then a bar anytime after 8pm with pint of black T - and I do the same thing every bloody day without fail!!!!!!!!!!

I have found that since embarking on this whole change of life thingy that I have to have routing in my life, certainly around my eating habits as it gives me so much more control?????

well i have my first shake at 10.30 am coffee break at work, then 1.00 lunch then normally 7.30 pm for dinner some times if i can go with out at lunch while everys eating i will have this about 3.00
i really couldn't cope on 3 i can just about survive 4!! lol I have one about 9 after a workout, on about 12, one around 3 and one about 6 and get an early night. i going to try spliiting them this week and have one every hour and a half.


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im really rubbish at the routine.. lol.. should try to space them out.. but i just cant.. lol..

I normally have my first one.. about 5ish.. like now im having a tetra in a coffee..

and about 8 i have soup and a mousse after..

x x x


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I'm on SS+ (4 shakes + milk) and split all my packs. have them at 9, 11, 1, 3 then have a bar and my final whole pack in the evening;). my little routine keeps my brain feeling full and it's only ever 2 hours before mny next 'meal'!!!

Plus I can't stand my shakes too strong, make each half pack up to 400ml:D


MUST get a grip
Oh Clare, thats a good idea of addoing buillion and water to the soups! Thankyou for that
I dont drink it anymore - I now add it to my soup with extra water plus 1tspn husks so its bulked out a bit - perfect and really really filling as well xxxxxxxxxxxx

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