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:D Hi what are your favourite things that you can`t help but sniff.....!

Mine are, cadbury`s chocolate, oranges, crisps and roast dinner, mmmmmm
Hope I havn`t made anyone hungry ....sorry if I have.

ready salted crisps ...
sad aren't we? :)
I dont think we are sad if it satisfy`s your need for food ...........I say SNIFF away.

Though Im not quite as bad as before I only have the occasional sniff now....lol

ye are only torturing yourselves.Nothing tastes as good as being lighter feels !!! But ............if pushed I would have to say CHIPS !!!xBettyboo
I love smelling fresh bread that has a bit of butter on, but i guess i will have to love the smell of my strawberry
well im not sniffing quite as much now as iv gone off the smell of some things....like crisps......so maybe thats a good thing...im hoping to go off all the fattening things for when I come of lt
Well I`m pleased to say my sniffing has reduced significantly now, probably because my sense of smell is so sharp now..... I dont need to put my nose in a bag or packet or sandwich I can smell it from a mile off......lol. In fact I have actually come to hate the smells of things I used to like...!
This diet is so cleansing to the system right? Better watch the Gillian McKeith programme tonight for more reasons not to go back. You may even fancy the seaweed and algae dish now. LOL

So glad you are reaping the rewards now Sonya you are nearing 1/3 of the way now.

Dizzy x