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What is your proudest achievement?

I am filling in a questionnaire which is to be published at work, and it asks "What is your proudest achievement?"

I am really drawing a blank...

All I can think is passing my sign language exams... But then I think that's a bit naff, so then I think buying my own home? But then I think thats a bit lame cos most people buy their own home...

Someone inspire me with yours!!
What is YOUR proudest achievement?

A xx
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I qualified in Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage and Aromatherapy in the last 2 years just because it interested me rather than to change my career. I was the only person on the course to be working full time and I got the highest mark on the exam :)
Mine is completing a half marathon 2 years ago and running all the way - despite being an unfit 14 stone fatty! I did a full 6 months of training and worked my ass off to compete the course in 2 hours and 43 mins! It was my first ( and last ) ever attempt at running. I finished in the last 10 of 1000 , but everyone cheered me over the line. I was sobbing and oh it hurt so much. :cry:

I wish I'd kept at it now.....
Maybe I'll restart sometime this year;)
I am currently undertaking what will be my greatest achievement - losing all my weight!!!

im 18lbs in and a load more to go....but i will do it!!! and THAT will be the greatest achievement to me!

Other things such as qualifications, being happy in my life, enjoying my job at last, are other things i class as great achievements.

I also swam 250m in junior school - i got a stitch on badge....that was totally good at the time! ;) xxxx
Mine was getting my degree, at the age of 31. I spent the last year pregnant, DId my final dissertaition with a newborn and took my finals when she was 10 weeks old. With a husband working away from home a the time I would say that is no mean feat at the time!!

Wow - some great achievements there.
I do think when I have kids, then they will replace the naff stuff I have now lol.

I mean, I've done good things with my life, ran the race for life numerous times, passed exams, got a good job, and so on, but, I just felt like I needed more, but it's not like I have anything to 'prove' as such is it....

I worry far too much about what others think of me...

Off for a positive thinking day, and remembering all the good things I've achieved in my life :p

A x


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ummm teaching my son to go "paaaarp!" When I ask him what noise Daddy makes lmao. Its the finale when he shows off all the animal noises he knows lol Xx

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