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What is your "routine"?


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I'm finding myself getting into a little routine and it seems to be working for me.

What time do you have your shakes etc?

I get into work to start at 9.30pm, I have a pint of water (with flavouring) and a cup of tea with two splenda (afraid I just can't give up my milk in tea!).

Have another pint of water around 11am and this keeps me going until around 12.30pm when I have my first shake.

I then drink another two pints of water and a cup of tea between about 1pm and 4pm when I have my second shake.

When I get home I make dinner and have a cup of savoury drink (or marigold bouillion) while I'm making it. Have my last shake at around 9pm and then have my "treat" of a glass of coke zero at around 10pm.

Messed about a bit today though and didn't have my second shake until 7.30pm, just didn't fancy it, so made myself drink my last one there at 11pm.

Going to pick up my bars on Thursday, yay, and have a bar as my second meal of the day about 4pm with a cup of tea. Really looking forward to it!
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Hi... my routine is very different... have porridge at about 7-ish... husband has just left for work and two teens need to be chased to get their school bus. Love the porridge, it sets me up. Then chain-drink herb tea all morning while at my desk - I work from home - and have a CD bar & a coffee made with a little vanilla shake anywhere between 12 & 1.30 depending on how my day has been! More herb tea all afternoon, with an extra coffee & vanilla drink if I am hungry or feeling deprived. Then at 6.30ish a shake, usually butterscotch or walnut & vanilla, made with warm water, & more herb teas. As you can see I don't like cold drinks in this weather!!!
Used to like the soups but have gone off them so just have one occasionally. As I am 5'8" I am technically allowed 4 packs, and that's why I have coffee made with a little bit of vanilla as a treat once or twice in a day... it's just like latte. And the bars get me through - they are the food highlight of my day!


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I am currently waiting to start a new job, or on holiday as I prefer to think of it, but stuck at home with no money so I have no routine. I have my porridge when I am hungry yesterday this was 4pm, but today i am hungry now, so gonna have it in a minute. I had Lunch at 7.30pm and tea at midnight. So as and when hungry. I start work on 26 Jan working 12 till 8 si I guess I will have breakfast about 12.00, lunch at 4 or 5 whenever my break is and tea when I get home, after that my shift is 12.30-10.30 so it will all move again......hope they have a kettle!!!


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I tend to have my first shake for breakfast around 6.45am before I leave for work (always mint choc!).

I then have 2 pints of water during the morning before having my choc tetra brick at about 1.30pm for lunch.

Will then have another 2 pints of water during the afternoon before having another mint choc shake for dinner around 7pm (yes I am still a chocoholic, even on this diet!!).

Will then usually have another pint or so of water during the evening and sometimes a can of 'coke zero' if I get sugar/food cravings.

Weekends it all goes a bit pear shaped and I have to actually remind myself to have all my shakes and water!!


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First CD meal between 7:00 and 10:00 in morning (depending on when I have to get up.)

1l water somewhere here.

2nd between 12:00 and 14:00 as lunch, depending on what's handy etc.

1,5l water somewhere here

3rd between 17:00 and 21:00 ^_^

Usually another 1l water.

And as I'm on 810 now, sorta, dinner also between 17:00 and 21:00.


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Funny how the routine helps. My first Tetra ( always Banana) is supped at 7.30. Get to work for 8.30 and must have two pints of water before 12.00 and one black coffee. Then a Chocolate Tetra at 12.30- 1pm followed by a further two pints of water in the afternoon. I get home and prepare tea for those that can indulge (grrr, husband who never puts a pound on and eats for England Olympic Team). Whilst they are scoffing I take myself off into the living room and down my Strawberry Tetra followed by another 2-3 pints of water.
You are right, the routine helps and keeps me on the straight and narrow.:)


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i have a coffee at 9.30am another one at 10.30am, then i have a shake at 11am, 4.30pm and 9pm, i have coffees and sometimes water in between, and i have a bouillon at about 10pm.


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I have a cup of coffee and pint of water when I get to work at 9 and then have my porridge at around 11ish and then shake at about 3 and either a porridge, bar or shake at about 8ish.... I normally drink about 6 pints of water if I can....it works for me :)

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It's amazing how different everyone is. I have a pint of water as soon as I get up.
I can't leave the house without eating so I have either porridge or a vanilla shake with coffee about 07.30. Then I drink another pint or so of water at work and have a shake or a bar about 2ish when I get home. Then just keep drinking water all afternoon/eve.
Then depending on what's happening in the evening I have a shake or a mousse or a hot choc any time between 6 and 9!
(Didn't know we were allowed Coke Zero.... is that ok for SS?)


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S: 15st13lb C: 14st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st1lb(6.73%)
My cdc said it was ok to have a pint of coke zero, sprite zero or fanta zero every night but I only really have one if I am going out for the evening or going to a friends house for a get together, it is allowed on ss.


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I haven't really got a routine for my shakes because i work shifts and am all over the place. However, be it 5am im getting up or 5pm, the first thing i will do is get out of bed, have a widdle (on ketostix, natch) and then hop onto the scales! Dont do weighing myself late on in my day, gravity makes me heavier! I want to know how much i weigh at my lightest lol!


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I tend to have my shakes about 4-5 hours apart from when i have my first shake.

I've been waking up really late these past few weeks too (student life, hehe), lol, so i have the first shake in the afternoon after i have done all my chores and had my water, lol.

So i have:

1 litre
1st Shake (1pm/2pm)
1.5 litres
2nd shake (7pm)
1 litre
3rd shake (11:45pm)

I will have to start getting up early soon so i will probably be having my first shake from 8am. But i think i will be well into ketosis by then and not be worried about feeling hungry.

I hope you're all doin great on the diet xx :)


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i have my porridge between 10. & 12
my soup between 4 & 6
& my shake or mousse between 10 & 11
my water 2.25 ltrs over the day and
i have 1 or 2 mugs of green tea, peppermint tea,coffee,when i start to feel hungry over the day.
and 1 bouillon just before bed, it gets me through my day.:)
Good Luck to you all


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I have tried not to have a set routine in terms of what time i have the shakes as I think it is good to keep it varied. If your body is aware it is getting its shake it will wnat it, if you make it wait, you will be working it that bit harder until you have it - i found this has worked before when my losses were slow... but it could be me being strange!


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this is mine roughly.

1st shake and 500ml @9.30
then another litre between then and 1.00

another shake at 2.00 with 500ml.

then 500ml water in the afternoon with another shake about 6ish with another 500ml then any water after that is a bonus. im kinda sticking with 3litres at the min!


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I am on ss+

I wake at 6:45 (darn alarm clock) have a pint of water and hot chocolate shake (always spilt into 2 drinks one at 7ish then 8:30ish to thick otherwise for me!)

Soup around 1pm

Now a bar around 4-5pm

And soup or chocolate shake around 8:30pm-9pm

I just top up my water all day so never empty from a 2lt juice bottle (not juice:8855:) and once I have drank it all I just top up my glass from the tap


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I normally have water when I first get up, go to work and have more water and black coffee, I try to drink at least 2 litres whilst I am in work 8-5.15. I take a tetra which I use in coffee (3) throughout the day, then the evening before i have made jelly, when I get home I make chocolate mousse with another tetra and MAM and top the jelly pop in the fridge. Put George to bed, sit and eat my first trifle then half an hour later another one. Then 9pm veg soup and last trifle (as I make 3 small ones) with water inbetween, try to aim for 4 litres.. and that is me done...

Sorry have a mug of bouillion in work too around lunchtime...hhmm



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My routine:

Get up about 07.30
Have 1 litre water when I get into work at 10.
Have first shake, porridge or tetra once ive finished the water. (if its a sweet sachet I will have 2/3 and save the last bit for later)
13.30 - have another litre of water and then a soup
16.00 - Have the leftover sachet from breakfast
20.00 - Have final sachet

needless to say the few hours before bed im starving! So occasionally i keep some powder from lunch to have a cup of soup at about 10ish!