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What keeps you motivated

I find with Lipotrim that hunger really messes with your brain

I think of food quite often as I lost my job due to downsizing in July.I am only on my second day today but I was on LT Three years ago so I knew what I was getting myself in for .. But I think I forgot how difficult it would be. Im full of thoughts like

Why me?
Why does everyone else get to eat?
Why cant I just diet normally?

I know the usual things you can do to help get through it like have a bath or treat yourself somehow but I am feeling a little down and upset that I am back here again. Let me know how you are all doing so well
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chin up hun x

you gotta remember why you're doing this,to lose weight.
you know it works and what you have to do.you should also know that it gets easier after a few weeks(days for some).
think about how amazing you will feel after your weigh in and you've lost loads more in a week than on any other eating diet.

come on here when you're struggling hun and we will help and support you anyway we can.

best of luck x


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1 of the things that keeps me going is looking at pics of myself when i was happiest with my weight, makes me feel really annoyed at myself for putting on so much weight in such a short space of time.
i love dressing up and going out and always felt really confident till i gained weight. i wana put pretty dresses on again and go out feeling that i look good.

just think how good u will feel when u reach ur goal. LT is tough sometimes but so worth it.

good luck hun

x x


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i love dressing up and going out and always felt really confident till i gained weight. i wana put pretty dresses on again and go out feeling that i look good.
Thats it. I want to feel I look pretty, and know that my Hubby feels proud to have me on his arm (he always tells me I look gorgeous, but I want to feel it! LOL!)
Plus I look at my two girls and feel confident I'll be here when they grow up, and am able to run around with them now!
I know that feeling , I had it when i lost 4st last time on LT , I could walk in to any shop and i knew everything would fit , there is no better feeling than getting that second glance on the street or someone saying how beautiful you are.

I wont lie when i am in here so i will admit i broke today , day two and i already broke. Worst thing was i wasnt even hungry. But i am going to get back on the wagon because it wasnt worth it and i didnt give it a chance to work. I know my first weigh in wont be as much as i had hoped now but it is my own fault and i will fix it. I think its harder for me now because I lost my job in july and i dont have kids or anythiing so im home all day and i have to much time on my hands to think and over think everything.

I hope i can see this through.

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oh hun im so sorry about your job. I tink the major thing that has pushed me threw the last 8 weeks has been not wanting to give up! lose you know? Im seeing lipotrim as a way to beat all the negative tings i thought about myself and really change my life. I do tink all the time wats a few weeks i will be eating for the REST of my life! And i guess as time has went on ive just thought why give up now and waste all the hardships you have went threw to get here!

you will get there and fair play for admitting you lapsed a bit i just put my finger in my mouth after i made stew for my family an i was like crap ran to the sink to wash my mouth out and i feel guilty! I keep bloody doin it, its a habit i guess!

You will in a few weeks feel super guilty if you were to fall off the wagon coz you will look at wat you have achieved. Its really hard to put cheating into perspective in the first week even if you have done this diet before coz i guess it wont be as clear in your head.

Good luck for your new start and maybe get out an take a stroll everytime you feel like eating. I know its gets boring wen your not working i was unemployed for 4 months and it drove me bonkers. Do anything at all to keep urself away from food in the first week coz it will get easier to avoid it or not even want food after you've seen your weigh in result.

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