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What keeps you on the dieting wagon?


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I was just wondering what people do to stop themselves falling off the wagon? I've written in a book, all the reasons I want to be slim, and everyday, if I have an incident, like today, 2 skinny women blatently disscussing me in town, I write it in. I'm hoping that will help when I start, I can look at it when I feel like reaching for the choccys! I'm worried about how hard it's going to be, because there are so many threads on here that say it's so much harder the 2nd time round, (I did LL previously)
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I look at all the weight I have lost.

Then realise how far I have come.

Then I look at how short a journey I have to go to get to the finishing line

That keeps me on the straight and narrow

Like you I have done LL before and this time I just dont want to waste either the effort or the money. I plan to do it properly and take time out to examine some of the driving forces behind much of what I do when I am eating for comfort. I do not set out long range goals, I am for stepping stones and it gives me great pleasure when I reach them. Apart from that I have had a alot of back pain and know that losing weight can only help to take the strain of it. My greatest inspiration is my CDC who has lost and kept off in excess of 13 stone; and who'se heading to New York in November to run her first marathon. I shall never be able to compete with her at that level, but I have a strong desire to follow in her footsteps and put weighty days behind me. A couple of links to her success are here. JustGiving - Jemma Smart's Fundraising Page and in success stories. Jem before and after. That is what keeps me focussed.

Mrs B

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I've been keeping a diary of sorts. Mostly it just has my weight loss and I will put in my measurements occasionally. I also write in it every week two more reasons for dieting. That's good for making me think about why I'm doing it. I also write in it any dieting achievements such as getting into a smaller pair of jeans.

I also love my tickers, charts and graphs. Just updating them all makes me feel good - how sad is that?
I did LT before, first time doing CD... I am much more determined this time as said before, I dont want to waste either my money or my efforts and feel like s**t after giving in. The diary seems like a good idea. Maybe I will print off a list of why I am doing this in large print and stick it on the wall!
A few things keep most of me on the wagon (occasionally a foot slips off, like at the weekend with a bag of crisps when i hadnt managed to have any of my packs before 5pm!). I have a gorgeous pair of lacy french knickers with a ribbon bow at the back, and they're a size 14. occasionally i hold them up to my hips and see that the excess is slowly being trimmed back :p

I also think about how much better my relationship with my fiance is now. I never want to go back to being fat and insecure, never want to go back to hearing other women talk about "why on earth he would want to be with a fattie like her".


I've got the power
:O Colleen, it shocks me the disgusting things people say about the overweight! How dare they?

I never want to feel like I'm trapped in the wrong body again, or to spend an hour trying to find clothes that hide my figure because everything makes me look as fat as I am, or be ignored and overlooked because of my weight.
I know exactly how you feel SW! have you noticed people looking at you more? I know I have!

I used to feel really odd being with my boyfriend, he's slim, muscly and rather fit (also gorgeous if I do say so myself!) and when I was 17 stone I used to undermine our relationship. Now I'm 14 stone I don't feel the need to be so defensive, it's great, we're so relaxed together now :)

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