What lead to your weight gain???


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Hi everyone

I'm just curious what lead some of yous to gain the weight that we are now all trying hard to shift.
For me, I struggled to shift the baby weight after my second child (now 2). That combined with being a stay at home mummy whilst my husband is self-employed and works long hours I think also contributed. Mainly through boredom at times and finishing the kids left overs doesn't help either :rolleyes:

What about yous??

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Two years ago was a very stressful time for me, and to got through it I ate and ate, I wish I was one of those people who cant eat with stress, I'm a type of person that eats when there stressed, bored, happy, and eat anytime,i didnt realise how big I had gotten.

I was really getting depressed about the weight so last August I decided to do something about it, I have a lot to lose but hopefully this year ill lose a lot of weight


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bad habits inherited from my parents (still live at home) indulging in take out food every weekend, snacking constantly and eating not stop when at home from school/college/uni. but i have always been slightly heavy for my height it crept up about 2 years ago to 12 stone and stayed there, not im back down to 11 and feeling better but still got 2 stone to go.


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Same as urself since having my little boy ive struggled to shift the baby weight. I also developed bad eating habits in my pregnancy and became a lover of junk food :D I guess im not the most active person just now either (on mat leave).
Before falling pregnant I worked 12 hour shifts and was used to being on my feet all day long so I think this is what kept my weight off x


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mine was college, i went to a masssssiiiivvvvveee college where they had no space for people to eat packed lunches etc etc and the food they sold was really disgusting, it just so happened my college was in a city so i had access to mcdonalds and things and went from a size 8 to 14 in two years :(


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I was pretty much the same like a few of the girls. I was only 18 when i fell pregnant with my first. I had no idea of healthy eating and the weight just crept on after i had him. Apple sponge and custard after i gave him a 4am feed was probably my downfall too. I got my act together tho and lost 2 stone. Then after feeling really comfertable with myself decided to try for a second. Felt fab even after i had my second but the pressure of having 2 got to me and it was too easy to order takeaways than cooking.

I got to the stage where i was sick of takeaways tho and i felt ugly and overweight so gave myself a good kick up the bum.
Its the best thing i have done and seeing as im happy with just 2 kiddies i wont be putting the weight back on.



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Well for me it started when i moved away from my family near yorkshire to be with my fiance in fife, scotland. Before that i was always curvy but never drastically overweight. Moving into our own place kinda set us down that bad road and also not having mum there to say no to the junk food. I love just under 4 stone on WW about 3 years ago. Fell pregnant late 2006. By late 2007 i had gained half back. Now here today its all back and then some. Eek! So for me its up and down.


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Hi, love this thread.. really interesting.
I lost weight for my wedding and got into a size 14 wedding dress... relaxed and ate what I wanted after that. I fell pregnant at my heaviest and its a year and a half after my son was born I not even down to my pre pregnancy 'Heaviest' weight ! A few contributing factors I think :
1) a husband who enjoys junk food and sweet things
2) a hectic lifestyle and easier to get take aways rather than cook
3) gone back to working full time at home and snack rather than full meals
Last year I lost a total of 8lb but have put it all back on again.
This year is the year I've GOT to lose this weight - I would like another baby but shifting the weight has got to come first !

Mumma K

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I've always been on the large size and in my younger years in the 80's spent most of the time on some sort of fad diet or another
after having my son my weight ballooned to 15st and i then joined the old Slimming Magazine's club and calorie counted my way to 8st in 7 months..
My first marriage was very rocky and under a lot of stress withing a few months i was back up to about 12st after my divorce i managed to slim down to a much more managable weight of 10st met my second husband and have slowly piled back on the weight finally admitting I had a problem when it reached 17st 10lbs yikes !!!!
At the moment i'm following WW on my own at home


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I was a slim child but somewhere between puberty and adulthood I became overweight, I think the fact I was not very happy at the time didn't help. Subsequently I have been on and off a diet since I was approx 18. I finally managed to get down to a size 12 in 2007 using Lighter Life. Then I got married in 2008, got pregnant shortly afterwards

I really mustn't blame the baby entirely, I had terrible morning sickness and the only thing that alleviated it was carbs and shed loads of them. I think I just let myself go in the end, despite vowing to never allow myself to get big again, I didn't weigh myself at all during pregnancy, I only just weighed myself last week and my little girl is 6 months old!!!!

Also, my husband is 6ft tall and matching him in his eating habits didn't help, he can sit there and eat take outs all the time and not put on weight, when I got married I just ate what he ate especially when pregnant (didn't feel like cooking).


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My weight gain - I would say a combination of the following:
- Lack of confidence to say "no" when I was full
- Lack of knowledge how to cook and prepare food, therefore relying on takeaways and convenience food.
- Lack of motivation to learn to cook and look after myself.
- Lack of support from a [now well n truly EX] other half who was scared I would find my confidence again and leave him for someone better.
- Lack of wanting to sort it out myself.

Looking back, I can't believe I let myself get that big, but I did, and now there is no point running from it. Well, hiding from it lol. At my biggest, I was a size 28, and I'm not particularly tall either...

Now, I have support, I have learnt to cook, I have realised that it is my life and no-one else is going to do it for me.
Rock on :D x


I had always been a size 6-8 even after my first son, then alone came child number 2 and well shook my body up LOL I managed to loose the weight with WW and went from a size 14 back down to a 6 but now im at my worst again, most of this started when i had my apendix removed and got lazy..Ive learnt a very hard lesson now and after i shift it again it wont be back xx


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Pregnancy :( i had my daughter ava 9 months ago and still have shifted the 5 stone i gained! ( me thinking i could eat what i wanted hahah) :(