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What made you choose Slimming world?

Just curious really!

In view today of Pauline Quirke loosing 6 stones in a matter of months on the Lighter Light diet, I have been thinking about the types of diets/healthy eating plans out there.

I have tried them all over the years (apart from LL,) and haven't kept the weight off with any. I did have the best results with the Cambridge diet 4 years ago losing 3 stones in 4 months but them gained it all in a matter of weeks!!

So what made you choose SW, say opposed to something like LL? Would be interested in your pro's and con's!

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I think you have answered your own question above. Some of the other diets do not suit everyone.

I think the VLCD like LL and CD are fab for speedy losses, but ultimately unless you are able to adapt your previous eating habits to a brand new eating plan when you stop having shakes, you are likely to regain all the weight you lost.

I chose SW as i had tried WW and RC before and lost weight, but not really learnt anything. Well - i tell a lie -i learnt how to have chocolate and crisps on WW and eat tomatoes and mushrooms for tea. That was just my stupidity at spending my points on rubbish! On RC i learnt that without Diet coke i was a mess, and lots of foods i like are higher than 5% fat content. Felt deprived and gave up.

Slimming World - i love the simple and easy rules (although at first i was like....seriously - Syns, HExtras, Free food, super free, Extra easy, original, green, fast forward, flexi days - BRAIN BLUR!!!!!!) and how i can lose weight, have a life, get healthy etc.

Five stone off - no looking back.

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I chose slimming world because I tried lipitrim (not for me love my food) and WW same as Ellebear I used to eat crap and though it was ok because I stayed within my points!! But by chance saw a poster for SW which is new to Ireland and went along.. My head nearly exploded with all the food you can eat I still remember the excitement of the first week when I ate soo much and lost 7.5 lbs!! 3 stone down, 2stone to go, feels like natural eating to me and never even a teeny bit hungry I love it!!!


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I remember standing in R S MCColl looking at the various slimming magazines. My sister had just announced she was getting married and I thought I would be a bridesmaid (I wasn't but that's another story). I was flicking through the SW magazine and looking at the seven day menu. One of the breakfasts was a full english and I remember thinking "wow, if I can have that for breakfast then that would be a great plan". Also the type of food in the recipes was what I was eating anyway so I wasn't going to have to completely change what i was eating.

I didn't consider any other plans - I don't think the VLCD existed then or if they did I wasn't aware of them at all. Not that they would have been a reasonable option because I enjoy the process of planning, cooking and eating meals to much to give them up.


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i chose sw because of all the food i can eat, and still lose weight! i love to food shop, cook , talk about food (oh says im a bit obsessed! ) haha i did lipotrim for a month at the beg of the year and hated every moment...i was cold and angry all the time....not nice. I was always tired and so bored!! cooking and planning takes up alot of time and its one of my hobbies so sw caters to that and i get to cook lovely syn free food and lose weight!


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i chose sw because i can eat,eat,eat!!! lol!!
and basically because its sustainable in the long term and my family can eat healthily with me.


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I'd done it before and lost weight successfully although I didn't get to target back then.

The group time was convenient so I went along and have been ever since. I fall on and off the wagon, but for me, SW is it for life. It's just so easy and when I follow it correctly it really does work.
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I initially went to SW after talking to my team leader in my old job. She was doing SW and had lost a few stone on it. All she did was talk about food. One of her favourite things was to go to Morrisons on the way home from work, get a cut price ready cooked chicken, and eat the whole thing with a salad. I thought a diet where you can eat like that and loose weight can't be bad!!
I didn't do any of the other diets because I love to eat too much. Living on shakes and bars would drive me crazy plus I knew I'd just put the weight right back on. I didn't choose WW even though it was 5 mins drive away instead of 20mins (my nearest SW group) because I didn't like the face they had all the ready meals and the like. I don't really understand WW but I don't feel it would teach me to eat well enough like SW does.


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I chose SW because I can eat real food in REAL portions and follow it for the rest of my life.


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Cost was a biggie for me.

I'd enquired about LL and was all for it until the saleswoman told me the cost !! :faint2:

It was also the now weighing measuring.

I'm lazy (!!), and had done WW several times before, but counting all day everyday used to drive me up the wall. I think the most i ever stuck it out for and lost was 17lb.

I walked into SW that first week, paid my money and never looked back.

In fact, i've dragged a friend and a neighbour along with me now :D

I love my C, i love my group, and it's like my little Monday night routine now :D


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I choose it because it looked better than WW, and the food replacement diets & VLCD were never an option.
I couldn't be doing with weighing and measuring everything before I put it in my mouth (I know it's different now - but still it's more restrictive).
On SW I get to eat healthily with a really easy plan to follow - it was a no brainer. Now the plan is my way of life, and i'll be following it for the rest of my life.
I may be losing slower than I would on some plans, but SW allows me to have a life while I lose, which gives me the greatest chance of keeping it off.


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Years ago I tried the Heart Institute diet that was very low calorie and it made me ill with migraine, I was moody and couldn't stay on it for more than a few days.

Someone I know did LL and ended up in hospital with fecal compaction and anal ulcers! noooo thanks

Did weight watchers and didn't lose anything!
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I did SW years ago before I got married & lost around 3 stone in 4 months, mad really as that was all I had to loose. I ended up at what is now my target weight but I never officially got to target. I left home & my home city, ended up being the bread winner & it all went wrong.

I did try it a few months later but I had no motivation to try & I was really depressed.

I did try WW without much success & piled even more on. Eventually weighing in at about 7 stone higher than my pre-wedding weight & lost 3 stone in about as many months & fell pregnant. I ended up putting it all on & more beside due to depression.

When I decided I wanted another child I joined WW & lost almost 4 stone in 4 months, of course I fell pregnant straight away, piled it all on & even more again.

Anyway after yet another bout of depression (which I am now quite out of) something clicked. That & one of my closest friends becoming a consultant. I love SW now, it really suits me & I enjoy the social side of things. In fact I was gutted when I couldn't go last week.


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I have flirted with most diets over the years, never lost more than about half a stone on any of them though. I then lost 3 stone with WW which was great but I HATED counting points and weighing EVERYTHING so I just couldn't sustain it, had another child and all the weight piled back on.

As someone else said, SW is about eating real food and real portions. None of this child sized portion thing that left me hungry 30 mins later, a proper portion that fills me up and leaves me satisfied. It's easy to incorporate into your life and practical too, I prefer to cook from scratch and it allows me to do that and I know that I am going to be able to stick to it long term to maintain. It has also made my IBS a lot more manageable.

Big thumbs up for SW! :D
new to this site

Hi i'm new here and looking forward to getting some really good recipes for when I join slimming world on Thursday, can't wait to get stuck in and start loosing so of this weight :)

You all seem to have done really well and would appreciate any help that you could all throw my way.

Many thanks


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It was the closest one to my house! Also WW seemed to be too much of a franchise, like they were always pushing the products and I wanted to eat the same food as OH. It's expensive too.

I'd never done slimming before but feel it's the best for me. I can work it into my life and can still have the food I love.


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A friend had lent me her SW books in the past and I knew there was no counting measuring etc and I'm bloody lazy and like my food lol. All the others, lighter life etc including WW seemed too restrictive. I tried slim fast for two days and gave up because I enjoy eating lol


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What I love about Slimming World

I am just so in the zone at the moment and love love love Slimming World!

I have a huge veg chilli sitting on the cooker, just ready to be reheated - it looks fab, so colourful with red & green peppers, kidney beans, sweetcorn and string beans. Plus a pot of steaming rice. I will serve it with a HEXA serving of cheese and as much ff fromage frais as I like. It will have be accompanied by a nice glass of Côtes du Rhône. I may even have a syn free "ice cream soda" for dessert (frozen yoghurt in a glass of diet pop).

Then I'll polish my halo and wait for the lbs to drop off :D

What do you love about this plan?
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