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    slimming world
    hi guys, i made my mind up to lose weight (for the last time) in january this year.although i did not start till 26th of feb, the day i got back off my annual butlins holiday with my 10 year old granddaughter.on the saturday morning i was more than ready to start my freedom life.the week was hell for me and my dgd at butlins has i could not walk without my walking/frame seat and even then i got out of breath quickly.i tried to make it a good break for my dgd but it was very hard to keep up with her.i was taking 9 diff pills a month,4 just for high blood pressure,then cholesterol,thyroid,arthritis in feet,2 for depression.i have since with my gps permission have dropped 2 pills for high blood pressure and 1 of the anti depression pills.in a month time ive got my annual (body MOT) so i hope i can cut down or cut out another pill.when i go away again with my dgd in feb 2012 WE are going to have a brillant time.my 60th birthday is in july next year so my hubby has booked a cruise holiday for 12 days.by then i will be a "normal" size.hope everyone is having a good day so far.
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    I lost 140 pounds in total. I began with eat less, exercise more. I could not stand being so heavily overweight one day longer. I was at my top weight of 20st 7lbs (possibly more, but that was my last recorded weight) for only a few months but it felt like years and at 5' 4" I was literally exhausted all the time and wheezing just walking to and from the bathroom. Climbing my stairs made my heart pound so hard it sometimes felt like it would jump out of my chest. So - I finally made up my mind to take action.

    I lost five stones comparatively fast, once I had really got into my stride. Then I stalled. For ages. Since I had used 'the cambridge diet' - as it was then called - back in the 1980s, I decided to give it another go. I lost a further three stones on Cambridge pretty fast which was amazing. I then switched to vegetarian Atkins to lose the rest.

    Cambridge is a truly fantastic diet, it definitely works and if dieters stick to the rules at least most of the time they will lose weight and be well-nourished while they do. I managed four weeks SS then struggled so much I realised I needed at least a bit of food so I moved up to 790 (now, 810?).

    It's a very simple diet plan but certainly not easy! It takes grit and determination but once the weight starts falling off the motivation is fab. Good luck!
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    I tried weightwatchers and was hopeless, slimming world it took me a year to lose a stone. (All my own fault for not sticking to it) I was reading about Pauline Quirke and lighter life another low calorie diet. I looked up on line and That's how I came across this forum. Lighter life was quite a bit more expensive. I thought Cambridge sounded quite good and there seemed a lot of choice of flavours. Well I've lasted six days so far which is a miracle for me. I am hungry some days but no more than on other diets. But the strange thing I've found that my cravings for things like crisps and sweet things has gone. I'm not saying I couldn't eat a meal I could but not those cravings. I'd say give it a go.
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    I had already researched cambridge as I work for an accountants that specialise in network marketing!! I recently went to turkey and had a day trip to the water park there were loads of ride and despite being over weight and feeling like a bloater in my tankini I was enjoying my self until we qued up for one of them. About an hour in the que we got to the top and the guy asked how much I weighed! It was a double dingy and we had to be under 200kg between us! After googling what that was in pounds I realised we could have juust about gone on but I was mortified! I just walked off ! 22 years old and having that happen while your on holiday with a gorgeous 6packed bf! ... Never thought anything like that would happen to me as I didn't think I was "that" big ..... So here I am on day 8 and 10lbs down! Woo hoo.. Can't wait until I can post my goal weight! Xx
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    Great stories! Sometimes the most embarassing moments turn out to be blessings in disguise because they force us to tackle the problem at long last.
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    Spottitchsam, Wishing you all the very best on your diet. What great replies you've had.
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