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What made you guys...

..Choose LT over CD & W8?? Just wondering;)

For me I couldn't contemplate LL, too expensive, had never heard of W8 til joining Mini, & thought about CD, but just went for LT as the pharmacy is so convenient.
I do contemplate CD for the 'selection' but am fine with LT for now.. What about you guys?:eek:
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rainbow brite

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Hiya, interesting question :) I found out about LT after discovering that it was how a friend of mine had lost almost half of her body weight. I'd heard of LL but never looked into it - when I did (after starting LT and purely out of curiosity) I nearly died at the price!

W8 was one that I'd never heard of until stumbling across it on Minimins and as for CD - to be honest it was the counselling part about that which bothered me. If I want counselling I talk to my boyfriend, my mum, my mates or most importantly my fellow LTers. Also the choice in CD isn't for me as well as the fact that they offer bars... I think I need Lipotrim's strict regime to battle my demons and conquer my food issues. With the diets that incorporate actual food I wouldn't get the disassociation that we need to realise why we rely on food in the first place. :) xx
I had read on another forum I visit of a lady who had lost 10.5lbs on LT in 10 days, straight away I looked for the main site and had a read through.
What appealed to me was knowing I didn't have to calorie count, it was all done for me and at £30 a week it was cheaper than my usual lifestyle.
I had never heard about W8 and CD until I started visiting this forum but I would never switch, I am happy on LT, I feel like I am detoxing, I am much happier and brighter since I started.
Convienience (is that spelt correctly)? Also I didnt want a councillor to get me through, not when I had this site to help me....................WELL DONE MINIMINS!!!!
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The beauty of LT is that there are no frills to it, chuck down the shakes and shut your mouth up and you're guaranteed to shed tons of weight. In theory its OK to instruct us what to eat and what not, but in practice, once you're in the kitchen mesing with food its much harder not to nibble and lose track.
The beauty of LT is that there are no frills to it, chuck down the shakes and shut your mouth up and you're guaranteed to shed tons of weight

LOL thats my thinking! In some way its good not to enjoy them too much. I'm was quite allured by W8's meals but it could lead me to wanting more iykwim.
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Mmmm, well my doc recommended LT to me last year but I didn't think I could do it, then a friend lost over 5 stone on it at the start of the year. Another friend did it for a few weeks so after my holiday (when I found my BP was higher than usual) I walked to the pharmacist in my village to sign up! I didn't really consider LL coz the cost was prohibitive for me and I didn't realise CD and W8 were the same type of diet till reading it on here. LT is just too convenient and I don't need counselloring so I'm sticking with LT. The CD flavours do sound tempting but I know I would be tempted too much by the choccie bars.



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I agree with all that's been said above.
There were a few people at work who had done LT, which is how I heard about it.
I knew about LL, coz I did it 10yrs ago and lost 6 stone, but fell very ill with the dreaded gallstones, so had to stop before reaching target and never got to the bit where you re -learn how to eat sensibly, so it all went back on!
I thought about CD, but prefer to go to the chemist than someones home.
W8 was only revealed to me on here, but I'm happier keeping right off food for now.
I have to say though, that Minimins and all you lovely people have kept me on track, I know I could not have done it without you all, so a big :thankyou: to all of you :sign0168: Cathy xxxx
S: 18st0lb C: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 2st10lb(15.08%)
hiya a friend at work is doing LL but at £66 pw I couldnt afford it so this good friend told me about LT I really like the idea of no foods CD and W8 would tempt me into eating extra food which at the moment is my problem however LT is giving me the results nice and steady and once i have tackled me eating habits things will be good

personally I hated LT, I did it for 3 weeks and hated every single sip of water and shake, I was miserable all the time it was like self torture, I thought all VLCD would be the same and I know that a lot of people say that it is the blandness that makes them stick to it, but I was the opposite. I have been on W8 for 2 weeks now and can honestly say I am completely happy on my VLCD now. I have a shake for breakfast, a lovely soup for lunch and a double spag bol in the evening. It makes up to an entire plate of food and totally fills me so I would not even consider wanting anything else to eat. Plus I add lemon flavouring to my sparkling water making a lovely lemonade. I feel normal again, I sit down to meals with my family every evening and dont sit feeling isolated with a horrid drink.

Taste wise there is no comparrison, they are absolutely lovely and so much choice I never get bored, they have mouse mix so sometime i have a spag bol and for pudding a toffee mouse. I would never ever go back to LT now, and it doesnt make me want to cheat as I am still in ketosis so not hungry and my WL has stayed the same.

I now feel like it is a way of life and not a horrid diet and can honestly say am happy doing it

I think LT is made for people who want to punish themselves for being overweight and feel like they need to suffer :D :D (that is a joke, I know some of you are very sensitive :D)
It is more expensive because it is £49 a week but it has made all the difference to me, LL is much more expensive so I guess it is an inbetween. It does have counsellors and meetings but there are none in my area but I have been assigned an on-line counsellor (not that I have made contact) Just eating my toffee mouse with lemonade now

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