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What made you start????????????????

Was just wondering................what was it that made you start your weight loss journey? What finally made you think."I must do it this time"

For me it was - breaking a chair, not a very substantial chair I may add, a fold up one - but it did break after I had been sitting on it for a while. :eek::eek::eek::eek: it was sooooooooooooo embarrassing although everyone else thought it was very funny. :):):):)That made me think OMG I must get some of this weight off and of course the usual horror of photos!

So what was your moment........?
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Realising that there was no "slack" left on the seatbelt in my car..:eek::eek:
Being worried about sitting on chairs.. ditto seat belt and i did once get in someones car and the seatbelt DIDNT FIT...

being too heavy to ride horses, being too heavy to walk comfortably (hurt my back, at this weight it will never get better), feeling ungainly and large and clumsy in less familiar places (ie other peoples houses)...

Million and one reasons really, and most i am sick of being spherical!


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Mine was for pure health reasons, i was pre diabetic and unwell, felt lousy and old, couldnt be bothered to do anything ( well actually i still have those days!) Funnily enough I wasnt particularly that upset at being big, I thought (in my stupidity) I looked stones lighter than I was lol.
So yeh, health scare for me, one which I'm glad I had or I wouldnt have decided to stick with this, if at all.
mine was health reason, from a eye check up, to referral to hospital. It was a scary time in my life, my blood pressure was too high. \i would not have known if it wasn't for the optician who referred me to the eye hospital for an investigation. The nerves behind my eyes were swelling. After being in the hospital for a week going through different tests to discover I had cranial ........hypertension. I was given medication which i didn't like, my body didn't feel like my own. the doctors said the only way to stop medication was to loose weight, so thats my reason. A bit long winded.
Hiya guys, what a great thread, I love hearing personal stories and its interesting how we all vary.

Me... I have been over weight all my adult life. I have been on every diet imaginable and lost some and gained more! We booked our wedding about 1.5 years ago and thought I'd deffo slim in time for my wedding but time was marching on and on and I was never getting out the bit. I tried so many times to start Lipotrim, but would last a week then go off the rails. Then on Boxing night (dec 07) I went to my bed feeling sick with the amount of food I had eaten, as I lay there in bed I thought to myself, something has got to give. Either I do it now, or I accept that I'll be fat for ever! This is something I am not willing to accept. So I started my joureny the very next day, knowing if I could get over New Years without cheating, I would be able to do it! I am into my 7th week now - weigh in tomorrow (although I do think its been slower this week for me...) I want to be bale to walking into any shop and pick up a size 12 and know it'll fit! Vanity comes first in my reasons but somewhere along the lines if I had continued the way I was going, am sure I would have had major health problems!
I have always been overwieght as I am a naturally greedy person, at one point I controlled my weight as I was exercising 7 times a week and was burning off the calories. Then I met my wife cut down on the exercise and increased the eating. When I hit 21st last year and was to tired to play with my daughter I thought enough is enough. I looked in the mirror and saw that I was obese and then the final straw was when I overheard somone call me a disgusting as I was so fat. I thought if I keep going I am going to die and at that point I thought enough is enough.


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a couple of things really...one that i had just turned forty and id basically had enough of turning down invitations to go out cause i felt so fat and self concious about what i looked like so therefore making my OH life a misery cause we always stayed in doors and the other was a purely medical one..i turned vegan over 3 years ago due to stomach problems and couldnt eat a lot of things but i still ate chocolate which couldnt eat, which in turn would give me severe stomach cramps and i thought ive just had enough, for god sake pull your finger out, lose the weight and take control of your life once and for all!!

h xx
Hey, Well what made me start was going on holiday and when i sat in the seat for the plane it just about fit and was sooo uncomfoortable and cutting in! I worried all through the hol that if I put any weight on then I would have to ask for one of those extensions.

Hope xx

THURSDAY weigh ins ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:wavey:Morning Guy's

I decided to lose weight after I went for a bra fitting, after being measured at a 44 and seeing myself in a full length mirror I knew that I need to lose a few stones. Im also getting married in June this year and my dress is beautiful and I want to look beautiful aswell. My consultant at the hospital adviced me to lose weight aswel in the hope that my illness would get easier without the extra weight.

Also I was finding it hard to get any clothes to fit me, was a size 20/22 up top and 18/20 waist which was depressing me. So after taking a long look at myself in that full length mirror I decided that I had to do something about my weight and got the cd info from a friend of mine who has lost weight successfully. xxx


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I have been overweight since my teens, always on a diet, and always putting on weight!! I just about managed to maintain size 14 until i met my partner, then i just let myself go!!

I think what made me want to lose weight for real was in the run up to christmas, and i knew i would be seeing my whole family and my partners whole family and i just couldnt face seeing them and not being any slimmer than when i last saw them the year before. Also, i see my mum about once a week and everytime she sees me she would tell me that i have put on weight or not lost any weight, and it was grinding me down. It would be a constant mother nag that was a nightmare!!!

My partners mother was on lipotrim from summer last year, i knew she was losing weight, but part of me didnt want to do the same diet as her cos i was "doing it the right way" and cooking healthy and i would lose weight gradually (bulls***t!!!) So my mother in law was on it, and my partner would always let me know how much she was losing each week or so, so early december something just clicked and i decided to try it! So i did some research online and got really excited about lipotrim and started the next day :) havent looked back since. Pleased to report that i have lost more that my mother in law so far :) He He!!
In a way I think I have always been 'dieting', but also there have been longs spells when i have thought 'blow it' and eaten whatever. The truth is though I am ONLY happy with myself when I am a bit lighter. I have only ever been slim very briefly.
The difference now is that i have Minimins! I have always felt consious of how 'boring' I am when banging on about my diet/my need to diet/my weight...... On here I can tell it like it is and get support and encouragement and understanding. So, although I am slow coach, I keep coming on here and I'm getting there.
I have huge motivation at the moment too and that really helps. I have my 50th birthday in November and our 30th anniversary cruise to Alaska in September. I don't want to be this size for either of those things, so, I WON'T BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My story is that I want a baby and the not-so-lovely consultant said that my BMI was too high for them to even consider any course of NHS treatment and told me to come back once I lost at least 3 stones. So here I am.
I have always been overweight but I always thought I looked ok despite my weight (hahaha!) I had enough energy to do the normal things, but since i quit smoking 8 months back the weight has piled on and I feel tired and unfit and unhappy.
This year i vowed to make a difference no matter what. Its the year I'm going to be slim, go to my sisters wedding slim & hopefully be pregnant


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After reading your posts I feel so shallow. I basically didn't like the way I looked. I hated my body so thought I'd do something about it. Plus, I was getting little comments by family members (not my hubby) hinting how I'd put weight on!! For e.g looking at pictures and comments like...look how slim you looked there.
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No Shazpaz!!! don't think you are shallow!! everyone is different, but we all have a common goal to lose weight and look fabulous!!
So don't think that your reasons are any less important than ours hun!!


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ive tried every diet going cabbage soup slimfast south beach thelot and ive even tried slimming pills(the ones that turn you into a psycho and run round like a nutter)id lose a bit be really pleased with myself and have a week of takeaway to celebrate and be back to square one!A women from my daughters dancing class seemed to shrink overnight so cheeky me asked her how she did it she told me about lipotrim.Although i was scared how hard it would be(i hate shakes)i knew it was either this or save up for gastricbypass id had enough of being fat .When some kind family member got me on a photo this christmas(i usually hide when the camera comes out)i couldnt believe that huge lump was me and that was the final straw.I started week5 yesterday and ive gone from 17stone9 to 15stone8 in 4 weeks so ive got a long way to go would ideally like to be about 11stone good luck everyone
I am 26 and have been single now since I was 21 with the exception of a few interruptions not even worthy of being called relationships. I have always claimed I didn't care but this time thought enough is enough, I can pretend but really I don't want to be single forever and I'm never going to find a man sat at home with no confidence or out on the town so unbelievably drunk just to make me less nervous.

Plus I can't remember the last time I wasn't stressed about my health due to my weight. Every time I get a health scare I worry it's something much more serious and kinda figured it was do it now or eat/drink myself into an early grave. I opted for the first as the latter didn't seem very appealing.

1 stone 7 3/4 lbs down 2 weeks later and i'm hoping this is it.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Shaz, I'm the same and no way are we shallow. I didnt have trouple with Health issues(yet) but I dare say if we carried on we would eventually have them. At the end of the day its not all about health as I dont believe anyone could like the way they look when they are over weight. I basically did not like what I seen in the mirror, I didnt like not being to walk into any shop and wear what i wanted, I always had to buy things that looked ok with my figure etc. We are differnt with the reasons to start but we are all aiming for the same goal - health and beauty!!
I've been overweight since puberty and my mother used to get me slimming pills from the dr - the ones that are banned now for causing heart problems - I was 14/15. She was always putting me on stupid faddy diets but when I recently saw a photo of me taken at 15, I cried because I wasn't that much overweight. If she hadn't messed me up so much then, maybe I would have eaten more healthily in the intervening years.

Anyway, throughout my life I had half-heartedly tried dieting. Unfortunately, just before I was 40, I had severe disc problems and spent three weeks in hospital having surgery and learning to walk again. Two years later and another disc had gone. Because of the surgery I now have severe arthritis in my spine and occasionally it flares up so badly that I have to take time off work and be confined to bed on morphine or valium.

My GP sent me to the pain relief clinic and the consultant was the rudest man I have ever had the misfortune to meet. I ended up screaming at him during a delicate procedure to inject steroids into my spine because he was nagging me about my weight.

Last October, my beloved chair I bought from Ikea collapsed. I don't know if it was due to my weight, as they are guaranteed to hold 25st. Luckily the chair has a 25 year guarantee and I replaced it. But it was so embarrassing taking it back. I even went so far as to ask one of my older daughters (size 6) to take it back for me.

Anyway, after another abortive attempt to persuade my doctor I was serious about losing weight, I spoke to my friend and she told me about the pharmacy programme and that was it.

So far I have had no back pain and I feel great. And I've lost almost two stone. Oh - and I'm 50 in November and I'm thinking of going back to New York and the last time I went I was so uncomfortable on the flight

Sorry for the long post. Just thought I'd share.


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
I've been overweight since puberty and my mother used to get me slimming pills from the dr - the ones that are banned now for causing heart problems - I was 14/15. She was always putting me on stupid faddy diets but when I recently saw a photo of me taken at 15, I cried because I wasn't that much overweight. If she hadn't messed me up so much then, maybe I would have eaten more healthily in the intervening years.
*****Hugs hen pom******

Your story made me sad. Some times when parents think they are helping they are making it much worse. I got the same when i was younger, i know my mum didnt mean any harm and only wanted me to look beautiful, but i think too much intervention makes you worse. She didnt put me on diet pills, but she would always go on about my weight and stop me from eating certain things. I am sure this made me worse as i would try and eat when she wasnt there so i could get away with it!! When i was in my early teens i was about a size 12, but she always said i needed to lose a bit of weight! Looking back on the pics i can see now that i looked fine! My mum hasnt stopped going on about my weight, she even does it to my sister who is completely normal! I am just glad that i found lipotrim now. I cant wait to be normal so i wont get anymore grief from my mum! Shes deff a lot better now though :)

Good luck with lipotrim, you'll be great xxx

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