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What made you...........

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by missclare85, 25 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    Decided to start to loose weight in the first place?

    Was in a picture?

    You jumped on the scales on day an thought OMG?

    A comment by someone?

    So on...............

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  3. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    My mum made me go:eek: lol.
    I'd decided to give it a couple of weeks to make it look like i'd given it ago, then i'd claim it wasnt for me or wasn't working and she wouldn't complain..
    then it worked.. :rolleyes: and i never looked back.. lol
  4. scouzer

    scouzer Want to do it this time!!

    For me it is pictures and memories.They keep me going and going. I recently went on holiday to Zante and my sis and almost all of our mates were wearing bikinis and skimpy outfits on our nights out and I was trying to cover up. :cry:In 47 degree heat as well :eek:. But I want it to never happen again so here I go....

    Scouzer. X
  5. missclare85

    missclare85 Silver Member

    I honestly cant remember what mine was I think it was photos, and having NOTHING at all to wear!
    I used to kid myself saying i didnt look that BIG! God i was soooo wrong!!!! :(
  6. pinktiger

    pinktiger Full Member

    A number of things really, wanting a baby so much, hating the way I look, comments from others, my 30th next year, not having an excuse not to any more but most of all because a light switched on in my head after a recent op on my knee to make me want to do it for me and no one else.
  7. StarvinMarvin

    StarvinMarvin Member

    Life Changing Scares

    At the end of October i found a lump in my right breast.... scared the life out of me.. i am 33 and felt that i had hardly lived (lots of breast cancer in our family), so decided that i had abused my body enough.. time to sort myself out... had the all clear from the hospital 3 days ago.. its a non-cancerous lump.. but it really gave me the kick up the backside that i have needed! :cry:
  8. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    So glad your lump was nothing sinster StarvinMarvin and you got the all clear, well done. X
  9. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    I started dieting for health reason's and because of poor mobility, hopefully I shall be able to ditch my mobile scooter when I have lost some of the 'blubber' that I have accumulated over the years, LOL....
    Last edited: 26 October 2009
  10. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    I refused to weigh myself for years trying to convine myself I was happy with who I was and didn't want to fight it- one day I was feeling down and weighed myself to see how far it had gone and saw I was just under 19 stone and the heaviest I had ever been.

    It realy shocked me how big I had become while kidding myself I was fine- I cried for about 6 hours straight then joined bodyOptimse the same day. I haven't looked back since and am now completely convinced that I have slowly but surely put my weight problems behind me and will be at target one day and stay there forever
  11. raquel

    raquel pink lady

    reaching 40 did it for me, and the two tumours i had removed ...scared the hell out of me, two operations later, im well on track ...
  12. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    For me, it was all my clothes either too small, or too tight.
    Also my tum touching my lap when sitting and seeing a fat bum and tum whenever I walked passed a mirror or shop window.
    Basically, I was not happy with my body and started lacking the self confidence I have when I am much slimmer.
  13. Hamsterjam

    Hamsterjam Out to lunch

    What a fab, thought provoking question :)

    Nearly 4 years ago I had a very life changing illness that took me close to death, and as a result I more or less stopped eating and thus lost weight. I dropped a couple of dress sizes in just a few weeks cos I was so worried and shocked by what had happened to me. Then I went into reverse and 'looked after myself' with food. But having a young child I realised that if I'd carried on that way then I was heading back for another health scare. So, here I am, slowly and surely nurturing me and my sons 'mum' back to peak fitness and health.
  14. rachy1986

    rachy1986 Full Member

    I work as a hairdresser and am surrounded by mirrors and vanity all day....I just kept wanting to literally vomit each time I saw myself and realised how big I got .My clothes started getting tight and constantly feeling unomfortable and not worthy.
  15. Brightonrosie

    Brightonrosie I want to be fitter again

    I've been single for over 10 years and have begun to think that I am on the shelf now. I decided to loose weight to see if I can boost my confidence and be happy with my single self instead xx
  16. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    All of the abouve.
  17. JestersTear

    JestersTear Cute, but psycho!

    I joined because I'd finally got sick of being worried about whether I could attend social events because of the arms on chairs (trips to the cinema, theatre, restaurants, you name it). I was getting myself worked up about it and would constantly have to do a 'test run' first to see if I could fit, which was embarrassing as I'd have to tell the people at the place why i wanted to visit.
    Also, I've always had low self esteem but now it was getting to the point where I'd be jealous of women on the TV when my OH was watching (eurovision springs to mind) and i realised that I felt so bad because of my size. I wanted my Oh to feel proud of me when we were out but surely he wouldn't do as I was just a sack of potatoes (he said I wasn't) - so I joined SW at a weight of 22 stones 7lbs (my heaviest ever) and have now lost 4 stones (so far)
  18. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Wow. *hugs* xx
  19. Snugglepuss

    Snugglepuss Silver Member

    For me i'm just never happy with myself when i look in the mirror or see myself on pictures, I've always wanted to be a small size 12 and last year did get in to a size 12 but have since put weight back on.....DOH!

    I lost weight when a relationship ended, i hit the gym and i felt loads better, i now have moved in with my new boyfriend away from the gym and going out and generally being happy in my relationship has made me put the weight back on as i've eaten out lots and really not cared.......BUT now is time for change!!
  20. I don't have full lenght mirror at home and I was in ASDA one day and caught a glimpse of myself and was disgusted. I then bought some scales and was disgusted even more. That day I decided a new start and went online for some help and found minimins yayyyy :D
    The rest is history!!
  21. Ceeps

    Ceeps Full Member

    Good question...

    For me it was after gaining over 2 stone when my 22 year old son got cancer. It was pretty tough going for 9 months but in that time I also gave up smoking and waved my daughter off to uni so I think the gain was not to bad. (Son is now in remission and all is well)

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