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What motivates you to be slim?


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Hey ladies and gents, I'm not sure this thread will be particularly helpful but will sure be interesting.
I've been doing SW for 9 weeks now, I've lost 12lbs ... So far.
I joined with a friend because we were both really upset with our weight and weve both done fab!
My friend is having a holiday in September and that's her motivation to get slim, she's been sooo good and lost 1st 6lbs so far.
I on the other hand have no motivation, I won't be having a holiday untill my debts are paid ( 12 months ) but don't wana take 12 months to loose 34 lbs! I've booked us a makeover and photoshoot with groupon for October! So I want to be thin for that! :) also looking at old photos of myself in my thin days motivates me.
I really think since gaining the weight I've lost all my social skills! Havnt been out since my birthday (march) because I'm uncomfortable in my skin and the pictures were awful!! I really wana go out and have a good night :)

So after this long message, what motivates you all and how long do u have to loose it?

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I don't want my daughter to look at me and see her growing in to a fat person. She is slim and fit and fabulous and yet we look very alike, so I want to be slim and fit and fabulous so that she knows it's sustainable. She's 9 now, so I have to get a wriggle on before she hits puberty and starts thinking about these things :)


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My Missus and I are expecting our first kid in around 4 weeks time. I would like to be fitting fit to look after him and keep up with the running around once he get up a bit.

And of course also for me... like to be around for a good few decades yet.


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I have 3 weddings next year 2 of which are with people i don't see that often and i would love to be at my goal for them, also to feel happier with myself!


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Firstly - congrats on your's and your friends amazing weight losses already! You must feel amazing that you're doing so well :) Secondly, a great thread idea!!

Well, my motivation is five-fold lol.
1) I want to lose the weight because I've been big for so long I would like to know what it's like to feel thin. I haven't consciously been thin since I was about 8 years old. I've not always been "fat" but I look at thin, well proportioned girls my age and how comfortable they look in their own skin and envy that so much. I have no pictures to look back over and say "oh remember when I was thin?!" lol i have some on my profile of when i was thinnER but even they are still off by about a stone!!

2) I have a graduation coming up in November. Not to go into it too much, but I fell out with alot of people from University by making "enemies' with a certain clique and it went from there. Many of them used to be close friends and would therefore know how much I struggled with my weight. I would love to celebrate graduating with a good degree by also lookin drop dead gorgeous in front of people who have no motivation to look better - I want to show these horrible people that I was the better person and that by being away from them, my life has gone from strength to strength!

3) I am starting a PGCE in September, and I don't want to be a chubby teacher lol. I'm doing Primary so I am going to need alot of energy, determination and strength and I know by eating healthier, being fitter and not having my weight to worry about like I do now will make things 10 times easier both during my course and for the many years of teaching I have ahead of me!!

4) I have never ever EVER worn a bikini. I have one hiding in my cupboard and hope that one day I will eventually be able to wear it (though maybe not gonna rely on british weather..!) I have met an amazing man who loves me for whatever size I am. But i would love to be able to take photos of us without picking apart every flaw i see in myself!! He is a flight attendant so we will end up going on many holidays together (starting with Vegas next week!) and I want to be able to feel comfortable on holiday - especially beach holidays which ive never been on before!

5) My family motivate me. My older sister also does slimming world but sometimes she is very lax about it. Gaining and losing the same 1lb for an entire month! I think if she sees me losing then she will either be competitive and try harder... or will just know that it can be done. My other sister is alot heavier and says she wants to lose weight but cant be bothered with Slimming World - I'd like to be proof that it works (along with hard work and determination!) and help her get to an ideal weight too!

Okay... I have alot of things that motivate me! I have 19lbs to lose by November (my graduation!) and then I hope to continue losing another 7lb-14lbs by xmas so that i can actually eat over xmas without panicking that i've put on weight!! xxx


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WOW I could relate to bugsbunny post.
Currently, I'm a mum in my early twenties and I currently weigh what I weighed when I was 11 years old! Since about 3 years old, I've never been thin and even as a child I always knew I was bigger..MUCH bigger.

My motivation is that I want to be more confident and be a fit and happy mother to my daughter. I don't want her to grow up hearing me moan about my weight or see me binge and then go on a couple of days of mad dieting..
I don't want to be the fat mum at the schools gate...
I also want to look good for my wedding sometime next year, but to be honest my aim is for life and not just that one day..


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With such good reasons to motivate you I am sure you will all have a lot of success.
My motivations are:

To be able to walk as fast as my husband and not be out of breath.

To attend a reunion of college friends - we haven't met since 1973! I will only go if I am nearly at my target weight.

To look a lot slimmer in this year's Christmas photos.
S: 13st8lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st8lb(11.58%)
My reasons.............Mmm are mainly based on my appearance. I'm fed up of the 'fat' jibes when I visit my family.

At the moment I love clothes but hate shopping. I read magazines and come up with outfits in my head to wear if I was slim. When I do venture out shopping I come back with belts and scarves, it'd be so nice to come home with a lovely frock.

Next summer I want to get my legs out. I live in leggings during the summer even when its scorching.

It'd be great to go to a festival without developing 'chub rub' or getting completely knackered carrying my stuff from the car.

I want people to stop asking me when's my baby due. I'm NOT pregnant. Even strangers have asked me this and I even got a scoulding at my local shop for buying cigarettes.

I want to get a wolf whistle or a compliment. I also want to stop feeling invisible at a party or a night club.

I want to be healthy too.

I need to stop avoiding cameras at special occasions.

I want to look in a full length mirror naked and not be disgusted with my body (after all its the only body I'll ever get and it needs a bit of respect and a lot of TLC)
S: 16st3lb C: 14st11.5lb BMI: 34.5 Loss: 1st5.5lb(8.59%)
I dont have anything to look forward to, maybe thats why i'm struggling lol.... Good luck to you on your journey though xx


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My motivation is....hating how fat and disgusting I look every time I look in the mirror. Lol! I have a holiday in 11 days. Would be nice to lose 7 stone by then...but I will accept a couple of pound :)

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