What music do you listen to at the gym?

Jonny B

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Hey all,

What music do you listen to whilst working out? Are there any tunes in particular that really get you ready to pump iron or do that extra 10mins on the treadmill?

For me personally I love listening to,

Roy Jones Jr - Can't be touched (UFC Fans will probably recognise this song)
ChumbaWumba - I get knocked down
Eminem - Lose yourself
Eric Prydz - Call on me (the video is enough motivation to get slim!)

Then I have some really cheesey but songs which I find help such as,

Survivor - Eye of the tiger
Joe Esposito - You're the best

So what motivates you to work that bit harder?
Im totally into my 'happy punk' type music! It is happy and bouncy and just motivates me to work at a faster pace :)
New Found Glory are my fave band ever so I listen to them alot and bands similar to them.

Claire x
Eye of a Tiger just has to be the best ever workout song!
statue quo rocking all over the world, makes me work a lot harder!
What makes me work hardest are Gatecrasher Classics! But then I am a bit of a house bunny....

Or totally the opposite, some real angry metal ie Rage Against the Machine/Pantera! I am one extreme or the other!
I found that Brittany Murphy's Faster Pussycat is a great song to finish my run, it really gets me sprinting to the end. Very perky song! I have found I have a lot of Timbaland too, I just like dance songs to workout by.
My gym has 7 teles all around the room and you can plug in your ear peices and listen to the teles. So, I sometimes listen to the news or some chat show. I used to watch the MTV and music channels -- but I noticed none of the teles were tuned to those lately -- so someone has probabaly complained about the gratuitous sexual images or what not.

I use my 10 year old daughter's ipod when I walk to dog -- so, Miley Cyrus! Leona Lewis and Sheryl Cole. LOL

Anything Prodigy, Rage Against The Machine, Some of the classics you mentioned, your the best, I get knocked down, eye of the tiger are all good too .. I like ANY type of music, but anything with a good motivating tune/beat will do.
I got a new album called 101 running songs. Its a album made for the gym! Should check it out.

'i get knocked down but i get up again' classic
so many songs

Rocky : Hearts on fire
Eye of the tiger
Linkin park
clubland 2010
Lady Gaga :) right now i Iyaz and replay :)
For weights

Any sort of rock music

For Cardio

Lady Gaga