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What rewards do you use?

I love everyone's rewards! I only have one tattoo, one I drew myself. It's about the size of a hand and it's on my back (a greenman face). I'm soon getting the Eye of Horus (Ra) also. I've never really been that into clothes before, probably because my weight always fluctuated so much even when I was super skinny, and if I bought something I couldn't wear it 2 months later. Like many others here, I have clothing ranging on a huge scale of different sizes. I am a 20 uk size right now and it's the heaviest I have ever been. The lowest I have been is 94 pounds (eek).

Whenever you guys started talking about losing weight in your hands and feet, I was just nodding my head and agreeing totally... I never gained weight in my hands or feet in a noticeable way, until I got past 160 pounds (which was in 2007). After that, I started noticing I couldn't wear my rings and my fingers reminded me of my grandma's, who was always really heavy. Wearing nice small rings again is one of the huge things I am looking forward to. AND being able to wear socks that go above my ankle without feeling uncomfortable when my ankles swell at the end of a long day. I never knew gaining weight had so many negative side effects until I gained way too much. :( Now I feel like I'm 20 years older than I am.
I have been totally self indulgent since staring Exante..So far i have had my eyebrows and lips tattooed with semi perm make up..(freebies for being the model) Very painful on the cupids bow but worth it.
Botox around my eyes (present from fella in lieu of all the money he has saved not taking me out drinking and for meals etc)
Lots of clothes that i bought in smaller sizes which i have now shrunk into YAY!!
And my fav reward has been new Gucci sunglasses (another gift from fella)
But the biggest reward i have had so far is a comment from my 4yr old niece.."oooh auntie tracey ...your not fat anymore" how honest are kids eh!!! xxxxx
For my first stone I bought myself Ray Ban prescription glasses.
For my second stone I bought a new camera, some dvd's, cd's and a book.

I plan on buying some tickets for comedy shows at the Edinburgh festival for my 3 stone loss.


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I haven't rewarded myself with anything :-(, definitely missing a trick there! X

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Well you obviously have some catching up to do.............something expensive and just for you?:D:D:D
Indeed! Lol I'm thinking nice big handbag, or shoes, or??? Well I'm sure I'll think of something! Ooo, tiffany ring? Lol x

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So, I think I have decided to have a little piercing for getting rid of my first stone, thinking my tregus. Anyone else got it? And more importantly did it really hurt? X

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is that the middle bit of the ear? i had the top of the ear done when i was a younug and that was painful enough lol.. cartlige is very hard and hurts when pierced xx good luck with it though,.. ive got tongue done from years ago too..dont think that was too painful though xx


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So, I think I have decided to have a little piercing for getting rid of my first stone, thinking my tregus. Anyone else got it? And more importantly did it really hurt? X

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Where were you thinking of getting a piercing?
Yeah, I have my Tongue done, and the top of my ear, had my belly done years ago too. The tregus is the little bit at the front middle! I've 7 tatts in various places, and have gone through child birth, but to be fair I am a bit of a wuss! Hehe :-D

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I will do this...
I had my tragus pierced. It took a while to heal but my ear was numbed and I didn't feel a thing. Of all the 15 piercings I've had, it wasn't that bad. No piercings left now which makes me sad.
I have a couple if friends with it done and they've both said it was ok, but the healing took a long time on one pal. I might go tomorrow if I can nip out of work for a bit! I'm feeling brave tonite lol x

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I need chocolate now!!!
I reward myself by putting a fiver in a piggybank for every pound I loose. I have 51lbs to loose so I will be going on a big clothes shopping spree when I get to a size 10! Monsoon here I come!


Amusing Title.
did u find it hurt?
no matter what they tell you, salt water is best for healing ;)
i want some gorgeous cavalier boots that come up over the knee slightly for winter, ive never been able to wear them as too fat... will aim for those when winter hits...!
It was kinda just like getting your ears pierced really, and feels a bit like that now, I'm just using salt water to clean it. I totally missed the fact that I should be treating myself for loosing weight, cos it was my fault I got fat in the first place, but everyone else is treating themselves so that was one band wagon I was well happy to jump on! Your boots sound lush, and I saw that pic of the red dress the other day, and it is stunning! Motivation indeed! X

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It'll be autumn by the time I'm at target. So I'm going to but myself a long coat with a belt. I've avoided belts for so long because they just make my backside look even more huge. But I love the tailored styles.



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I'm going to buy an expensive pair of skinny jeans in a size 8 when I hit target

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