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What sad person keeps a 'holiday' diary :o( ....


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.....This one!!! Lol

Told you I'd be a saddo on me little notebook on holiday didn't I????

It's lovely here at Ribby Hall I must say. The menus aren't terribly conducive (sp?) to being 'good' though. Lots of things in sauces & curries, lasagnes & stuff. Last night I went for the only thing I could see (apart from half a roast chicken .... HALF!!!) which was an 8oz gammon steak. I asked for it with salad with no dressing. When it came it was dripping with fat ... the salad I mean! Would you believe they'd put this pile of crispy fried 'stuff' on top of the lettuce (iceberg yuck!) tomato & cucumber. I sent it back and when it returned I'm ALMOST certain all they'd done was scrape that off & put a bit more lettuce, tom & cucumber on top. I just ate what I considered was the 'new' tom & cuc - don't like iceberg.
Thinking about it now it's a bit pathetic if that's the best they can do for a salad isn't it?
Ah well ....
My main concern is that I succumbed to the demon alcohol. I had 4 wine & sodas between 6 & 12. Pre LT that would have been nothing. Not now!! I have a vague recollection of eating a 'posh' cream biscuit whilst watching Philadelphia when we got back to the cottage and I woke up with a HORRIBLE hangover!!!!! I'd like to say never again ....... :eek: .... ???

So yesterday I had...

Breakie - Lizi's granola with blueberries & natural yoghurt.
Lunch - A piece of soya & linseed bread with a slice of turkey, leaves & tomato.
Dinner - as described above.

snacks - nectarine, cream biscuit :(

Drinks - water (not enough), black coffee and the above wine & sodas :eek:

Having good time tho' :) xx
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Oooh glad you have having a nice break Jan!! :)
Shame about your hangover though! :giggle:

Oh i forgot to tell you - i found Burgen soya and linseed bread at sainsburys yesterday!!! It was on the very top shelf - where i never look as im such a short bum!! lol It looks scrummy so i dont know whether to buy that or nimble?!! or just plain wholemeal?! ahhh!!

Jan you shouldve sent the whole dish back again and demanded fresh!!!! They shouldve listened to your request in the first place! :sigh:


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I suspect I will be doing much the same on my hols... Oh and the same with the wine too!!

Have fun!!
Glad to hear you are having fun Jan. A few drinkies here and there wont hurt when you are being carefull with the food . You are probably walking a lot during the day too so it will balance out.:D:D
Have a great time Jan, maybe book up for a colonic irrigation to rid yourself of the yucky fatty salads!!!!! Sorry you had a hangover...been 24 years since I had my last one!!!!


maintaining since June'09
Tues 16th June

Breakie - Lizi's granola (good carb company), blueberries and natural yoghurt.

Lunch - wholemeal wrap with tuna salad

Snack - nectarine

Dinner - Carvery - slice turkey and slice ham, 2 small new pots, carrots, green beans but not many of either as I suspected they had butter on them and couldn't resist the huge chunks of onion in gravy but only had a tiny bit.

Drinks - water (loads) black coffee and 2 (albeit large) wine and sodas. Hoping to avoid the hangover tomorrow! x
Wow you are being soo good hun, a few drinkies is nothin and your food is brill (well apart from the "loverly" salad Im guessing but that wasnt even your fault ;)). So have one (or three:D) for all of us and have a brill time :) xx


maintaining since June'09
Thank yoooo! No hangover today yippeeee! In fact I've been wide awake since 6.25am - not good when you're on holiday! ... Might go for am early swim (well in my case splash - as I'm still learning Lol!)

See ya later! x


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Oooh jan enjoy your swim! I love early morning swimming - so relaxing :)


A little of everything!
Get off the computer and enjoy your break!! I didn't realise you were away until I ventured into the re-feed section! LOL!
I hate when they 'oil' up salads....I hate oily anything!
not sad to keep a diary Jan! It's good reading for those of us beginning to contemplate refeeding and life beyond the 3 shakes a day ;)
Well done on being so good on hols Jan, you are doing great and dont worry about the wine, you ARE on holiday.

Hope your splash went well.


maintaining since June'09
Hiya! Splash went really well ta .... Trouble is I don't seem to be too well co-ordinated in me old age :eek: .... I can EITHER do arms, legs or breathe - I can't even do 2 of them together never mind all 3 LMAO!!!! I can't believe it's taking me so long to master it, I must have had over 30 odd lessons and I go in between to practise! That's what I get for leaving it till my 50s to learn I suppose. Still it gave my daughter a good laugh today - anything to amuse ;)

Sobering when we got back though - despite promising not to, my 83 year old disabled mother had ventured out the back of the cottage to have a bl**dy cigarette. We found her on the ground in the rain. We had the devil's own job to get her up too! :( She's having a nap now - we won't be leaving her again! xx


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Aw shame is your mum ok now? xx


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Still asleep - she'll be stiff when she wakes up but I think she's okay - thanks 4 asking xx Might as well watch biggest loser then :) x


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Good :)

The biggest loser - have you been watching it? I just cant get into it! I only watch it on fridays for the weigh ins! lol


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They're weighing today for places in the final! x

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