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What should I do about this please?

Sorry I only ever seem to come on here for advice,I just don't get that much time on the internet to reply.
Anyway I will be reaching my 3rd week of CD at the end of the week and will have lost just over 1.5 stone I think.I am going away on Friday for 1 week and although I want to keep on CD I also want to eat whilst on holiday.I am back the following Friday..Once back I intend to go back to SS as soon as I get back as 4 weeks later I will be having my main holiday and Ideally I would like to be 2-2.5 stone lighter by then (so 6 weeks today we fly)

What shall I do about my holiday next week?? Cooking will be limited so do I have 2 shakes and a meal at night (like you would on slim fast) ...or have 1 in the morning and eat my lunch and dinner or somthing else?? I would also like a drink..I tend to drink either rose wine or vodka and diet coke..which would be best??

Thanks for any help

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Hi there...

it sounds like you could do with talking with your CDC... Do you really not feel able to stick with CD for this week?

there are other CD programmes other than SS, but I don't know much about them... I'm fairly sure they don't involve alcohol though.. soz... and I think there is a very clear list of the things that you can have to eat, but I'm not sure what.. CDCs can tell you, or the CD website, and literature that your CD will have given you...

...it doesn't sound like you're current plan is part of CD, so I don't feel able to suggest anything, other than talking with CDCs and having a think about how you want to go about this holiday.... There are several threads on minimins about staying on SS whilst on hols, and people seem to find it manageable...

Good luck! And what ever you decide, have a lovely time :)



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Realistically, how likely is it that you'll be able to stick to shakes during the day and having a meal at night?

I'm not sure I could manage that. If you ate carbs at that evening meal, the evil carb monster would re-emerge - and before you know it, you'd be scoffing toast for breakfast.

There are a couple of ways to go here. One, do something 810-ish. Have your shakes and have a low carb evening meal - chicken salad, that kind of thing.

Alternatively, go up to 1000 calories or even 1200. If you want to drink alcohol, you'll need to start introducing carbs anyway, as it's dangerous to drink in ketosis.

I know you probably want to stay on SS until Friday, but it would be wise to start slowly re-introducing carbs now so that it's not too much of a shock to the system.

If you're careful and do manage to stick to a low-ish number of calories per day during your week away, the scales will still show a gain (maybe up to 8 pounds or so) - but it'll be a temporary glycogen and water gain and will come back off again within a few days of returning to SS.

But therein lies a bit of a problem. It's really hard getting back into SS once you've come off it.

I can understand your dilemma, I really can. But I have to confess that after coming off SS to go on holiday last June it's taken me until now to get my head back into gear.

Talking to your CDC would definitely be a good idea, as Enough says.

Hope you have a fantastic time, whatever you choose to do.


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if possible i would stick to ss+. it is SO difficult to get back onto SS. i went on a two-week holiday last september and instead of being at goal by christmas i am still the same weight i was then and now charging towards my wedding.

if you really really want to lose extra weight for your main holiday then i would try and stick as close to plan as possible while away, which would mean avoiding carbs and alcohol.

abz xx


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A piece of advice, based on my experiences of the past week. If you are on SS do not break it if you want to go back to it. You will regret it as it is VERY hard to go back to SS - believe me.


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I'm going on holiday at the end of june so i understand your dilemma. However, having heard how difficult it is to get back on SS I'm going to try REALLY hard to just do 810 for when I'm away and stay away from the alcohol. Empty calories and all that. Best bet is to chat with your CDC, enjoy your hols though :) x
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Personally I would just stick to SS or SS+ for this week if you plan to have a break for your main holiday.It's very hard to get back into the mindset of SS once you eat something.

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