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What should i do next time ?

Hey guys just a little query i have , yesterday i had my 1st shake about 10:30 am then i had a busy day ahead of me i took a shake out with me however i didnt have my next one till 8pm ..then i got confused as to what to do i didnt know weather to forget the 3rd one and risk waking up in the night or haveit b4 bed , i ended up having it about 10:pm and feel fine.. was just wondering if anyone on here sometimes dosnt make it through all 3 shakes??
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yeah if that happens and you are going to bed, i wouldnt worry about it and have one first thing in the morning...

But remember by not having your 3 shakes you are open to headaches and your likely to get emotional and feel crappy. 3 shakes is minimum amout of calories and your body needs them. Also your metobolism will slow down too much so when you start eating again you will pile on the weight so just becareful that it doesnt happen again. Youl soon suss out what times are best for you to have your shakes
It s funny how prior to LT we never forgot to have breakfast, dinner, tea, snacks, supper and a few pints:D yet when on LT we forget or dont have time for a drink:8855:
There is no set time for eating them, but what is important it that you absolutley must have your 'secret stuff' (LT just what I call it:rolleyes:) as recommended.;)
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I agree with Gaz, it is very important you have 3 packs a day coz they are specially formulated to give you what you need and if you miss one your body can go into starvation mode and hang on to your fat even harder!!! The occasional one won't harm - we've all done it!

Don't worry about timings, I only had my first one today at about 1pm coz I was so busy this morning so will have my second about 5 and my last about 10 before bed. Usually I have them about 11am, 4pm and 9pm, I find I get hungry in the evenings so it really helps whereas I have no appetite first thing. I know I have to sort this coz I don't want to eat after 6/7pm once I am off LT!


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As a one off it wont hurt but as the others have said you really need to have the three shakes.XX


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Last week I had two days of just having 2 shakes, I think mainly this is cos I dont like them and also cos I didn't have one for breakfast. Now i have one at work around 8.30, one at lunch and one tea time or later...just gettem down you!


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I missed my lunchtime one today. Am looking forward to a chocolate treat before bed. i am going to try the peppermint tea with it as suggested in other threads.
A couple of times I have felt I could not stop for a shake so instead decided to look like a mad woman at Waterloo station. I bought a bottle of water, drank a bit, used my hand as a funnel and poured the powder into the bottle and shook it hard. It was okay although my hamds looked a mess!
Did the same at a training event, I must have looked like an idiot! Don't care though!
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I missed one of my shakes the day before yesterday and woke up feeling painfully weak and woozy... grumpy and headachey.. I defo wont be missing anymore.. a few minutes after my first shake i felt way better but wouldnt want to feel like that again xxx

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