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What should I do now??

Help please! I'm supposed to be starting week 8 RtM tomorrow i.e. the 1st of the trigger weeks, but I lost any sense of routine when I started a new job at the end of January and because I have a long commute and lots of new information to take in, I keep using tiredness as an excuse to eat. I've also had 2 colds over the last month and again, perfect excuse to overeat...

During the last couple of weeks, I have completely fallen off plan and been intermittently eating carbs and junk food. I was 'getting away with it' for a while but this last week has been particularly bad and now my smallest clothes are feeling tight. I think I've put on around half a stone from when I was at my lightest.:cry:

I am so scared that I'm going to pile a load of weight back on :(
I even tried to just eat foodpacks today, but only lasted until this evening and have just eaten off plan again!

Do you think I should get myself back into ketosis / abstinence and thereby hopefully get my head back into the right place? Or would it be better to try and lose the extra pounds while following RtM?

To add to the confusion, my husband and I are hoping to have fertility treatment in a few months time, which means a) I can't let myself get fat again or they won't help us and b) I need to be eating healthily rather than being on a severe diet if I'm hoping to have a successful pregnancy.

What do you think?

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That is a tough one monkey.
Have you tried your LLC to see what she advises?

Personally, I would take a couple of steps back.
Try and make a sensible meal plan that you can stick to, especially at work. Can you take a packed lunch in like a big mixed salad and have a soup pack and some fruit for snack time? If you don't have time to eat breakfast before you leave home, then you can take something to eat on the train.
I would be tempted not to start week 8 yet and give yourself a couple of weeks to settle back down before you start on the carbs. There is a lot you can do with the basic food list and we will all try and help with menu ideas.
You need to try and get your head back in the right place and not panic.

Once you finish RTM you should be able to stick to a very good healthy diet for having a baby, low GI is pretty much how I went when I had my DD (I had never eaten so healthily, shame I stopped when I stopped feeding her :rolleyes:).

I think you can get back on plan if you put your mind to it. Draw a line under the last few weeks, it is stressful starting a new job.


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Monkey, Don't panic! Take a breath and settle. I discussed going onto packs again during the RtM due to my work, (I work shifts) and she advised against it as my body would get confused. Best to try and get into some routine with food and finish RtM and then if you want to go back to abstinance you can do the refocus module for a month or so and get back to where you want to be. I suspect I may do that in future.
A friend of mine, all be it a bloke, went off plan, ate what he wanted and then went back onto packs, then onto food and is having a bit of a time of it with weight gain and the like. He is in a similar boat to you but he regrets going back onto the packs now.
Speak to your LLC, I am sure they will be fine and at the end of the day they are there to support us and not to criticise.
Don't be so harsh on yourself, we are all human and I am finding that I am picking at things I shouldn't but I am trying to pull myself together and do it properly but it isn't easy with all the temptation round about!!!
Good luck.
Thanks Ali and SWBT

I'm going to talk to my LLC tonight, but have thought about what you both said and I think I should try and get back on track with RtM, rather than going back onto packs, even if I go back a couple of weeks or something.

The problem is that apart from the nasty scales, I really hate my clothes feeling uncomfortable and I've only just bought them, so the thought of getting some more in a bigger size is awful! ...and expensive! So I really hope that a good week back on the basic salad / fruit / protein part of the plan will help loosen my waistband at bit!

It was so much easier for me not to eat any conventional food!! but I always knew I'd have to find a way to eat normally in the end... :(

Thanks again
x x
OK, so following my LL meeting last night, I spoke to my LLC and we decided that I'm going to just have foodpacks until Sunday night, weigh myself on Monday morning and see how I feel. Then I'll either go straight onto week 8 RtM or more likely, re-do week 7 i.e. not trigger week!

Already feeling better now I have a plan - all I have to do now is stick to it!! :)


Happily pro pointing!
S: 16st7lb C: 16st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 39.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
for me planning has always been really key, if i have a plan i usually stick to it.
I have a full week plan of what I am going to eat for each meal and snack and 95% of the time stick to it (really helps with shopping too).
Hi Ali

Yep, you're right and that's partly why I've gone off track a bit - no planning! I let the chaos take over...!
Before I start back on RtM I'm definitely going to make a list showing each day and what I'm going to eat and then make sure I carry the right food with me at work. Then all I've got to do is steer around every starbacks I come across and not get sucked into the world of caramel macchiatos and muffins again!

Hope you're having a good day?


Deb G

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Read Gillian Riley's "Eating Less" - she talks about Times and Plans as a strategy for dealing with food addiction - very helpful!
Thanks Deb - I keep looking at all the diet / health / fitness books on amazon and not buying any of them, but maybe now is the time..! :)

I've not had a chance to come on here for a few days, but hope everyone has had a good week?

I'm feeling much more positive at the moment - loving my exercise and also, weirdly, loving eating fruit! I've convinced myself that grapes are as satisfying as maltesers, but without the guilt! :D

I'm now on leave from work until next Weds, so planning on getting myself back into some proper routines with the food before I go back!

Also just booked myself into 2 classes at the gym tomorrow - body pump and body balance, which I'm looking forward to, except it only sank in once I'd booked them that I'll need to get up at 8am on a Sat morning to get ready and there in time :eek:

I'm still 4 or 5 pounds above my goal weight, but I lost a pound this week, so it's going in the right direction...

Monkey x

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