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Working Solutions What should the max amount of carbs be for working solutions?

I know it says 400 calories for WS, and I have a good list of 'safe', 'cautionary' and 'evil don't touch' foods that I can have, but I want to try and work out my meals as exactly as I can, so whats the maximum amount of carbs I should be having per day to stay in ketosis on this amount of calories?
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It's hard to say exactly LynnieP as everyone is different. Some people can tolerate up to 100g carbs per day and stay in K, whereas some don't ever get there just on the packs (about 60g per day).

I'd say you'd be better off sticking to carb free/carb negligable proteins (unprocessed meats, fish, etc) and greens to start with and then gradully increase to see what you can tolerate. I would think though that as a rule of thumb you wouldn't want your WS meal to have anymore than 20g carbs as this would be the equivalent to having a 4th pack and people can and do stay in K if they do this.

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on!

Would also be interested in a nosey at your list of foods if you have time/wouldn't mind sharing :)

many thanks for that. I stuck to under 20g last night as I'm pretty sure I have a low tolerance. The list is on here on a sticky somewhere. I will see if I can find it again.
if i can say I am on week three and enjoying every day but also getting myself ready for the day I am ready to come off the diet. I have found two books that will help all of us count the carbs and in one of them some very interesting food ideas
I am a veggie so went for the rose elliot vegetarian low carb diet cook book, think you can get one if your a meat eater lol
also a little book collins gem Carb Counter , fantastic listings of whats high and low good and bad

hope they help
atomic1960 - is the rose elliot cook book any good? i too am a vege and i've looked at this book in the past but the reviews for it are terrible on amazon.
wicked, thanks for the share. I'l put it on my xmas wish list!
Thanks for the tip about the veg cookery book. I'm only on day 5 and worrying about what to cook! I don't eat fish so that makes it tricky! I'm sooooo desperate for something savoury as I've only had shakes so far. I'm wondering if it will be ok to have some cauliflower tonight? My husband is cooking it!

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