What Tea's are OK on CD?

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Anybody know what tea's are OK on CD SS?

I know it says to avoid herbal teas but as a non tea drinker I was hoping another CDC would be able to help before I contact CD directly....

The teas I have been asked about are:
Nettle & Dandylion
Twinings Camomile
Twinings Vanilla
Green Tea

I have said I will try to find out as soon as poss - hence the posting here first!


CDC Swindon
Hi i know that green tea and peppermint are fine, i think camomile is as well but not too sure about that o the others sorry i can't be of more help but i am sure someone will be along soon who can give you the answers for the rest.

love busy XX
Actually do you know what i think that they are all ok, because its only the fruit ones you can't have think leaf teas are fine.
Nettle & Dandylion - Nope
Twinings Camomile - Nope
Twinings Vanilla - Nope
Pepermint - Yes
Green Tea - Yes


I can highly recommend peppermint tea, its gorgeous.

I got a tub of Tetley's Peppermint Punch, which is 20 tea bags for 60p from Tescos. It said the only ingredient is peppermint leaves and nothing else, it tastes lovely with or without a tablet sweetner and leaves your mouth with a lovely fresh mint feeling. I found this also helped when I had the dreaded dragon breath when i first started the diet.