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What the hell was I crying over?

Had my LL session Wed night, got back to pick hubby up from his parents and they had been late ordering the chinese. He looked over extremely apologetic.

I sat in the living room on my own when they were all eating and promptly burst into tears. I was so upset and couldn't quite put my finger on why.

Was it because I wanted the food, or because I thought I was missing out, or did I feel that others were rubbing my face in it..................................

Whatever it was, it was unbarable, I have rarely been so upset over anything

Has anyone else ever had this issue of "tears over nothing"?:cry:
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Yep, when I did CD I remember crying my eyes out one night over nothing in particular...it was to do with food though....It wasnt that I couldnt have wat I wanted, it was that I had allowed myself to get to the point that I needed to abstain from what I wanted for so long...does that make sense?!
Kazz, that makes total sense, the reality in what you HAD to do to get what you really want is a hell of a shock to the system if you sit down and think about it long enough. :hug99:


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Glad it makes sens to ye hun, losing weight is an emotional experience, but the speed at which you lose on LL & CD is so dramatic that I think it takes us a while to get used to it!


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I've not had the tears up to now but can fully understand them. It's a mixture of all the things I think and to be honest it's only to be expected that it hits you like this at some time - I'm sure that it's a one off and you'll feel better in the morning.



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