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What tiem do u weigh??

What time do you guys weigh yourself? On sunday i weighed my start weight at about 1pm (was out all morning). It said 19st7. Later on that day i did a quick check and they said 19st 10. I wasnt worried cos i know my weight goes up and down like a yoyo throughout the day. Im tempted to change my start weight to the 19st 10...but think id just be tricking my mind lol. Also weighed this morning and was 18st 13 and a half....weighed ten mins ago and am back up to 19st 2.....i really wish i wasnt a scaleaholic lol!
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Cheated a bit and decided to make my start weight the heaviest weight i was on my start day....even if it is all in my head a good loss this week will keep me going lol. Plus i never weigh at the same time of a day on weigh days so wouldnt want to cheat myself out of a couple of pounds lol. haha!


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I weigh myself 1st thing in the morning, it's really the only time i can do it at the same time each week, except from when i am on nights! x


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I'd have used the highest weight, I am using the wii to track my weight as our scales are the dial clock type ones and I can't see them accurately enough ha ha. I did my first weigh at quarter to ten in the evening (when hubby and oldest were in bed) then did a cheeky weigh the other morning, the wii told me off and I was heavier that morning than the evening so I'm going to stick with evening weighing.
On Cambridge I went to my councellor about ten in the morning and wouldn't have any shakes and water before so thought I'd be more in the evening but not the case this week
Thanks! I need to address my obsession with the scales and weigh only once and at the same time of day lol. I like a daily weigh for motivation.....but will start making it first thing in the morning so less confusion about start weights, losses, etc etc!
Thanks Sarah...yeah im gonna go with the highest weight ha! My scales are pretty good too, the weight watchers ones where you can programme yourself into them and it tracks your bmi, weightloss, fluid levels etc. I always used to go to my CDC at different times cos of work. Sometiems morning, mainly afternoon and occasionally evening....so its jst lately that ive noticed what a yoyo my weight is throughout the day, since weighing myself! Mad aint it!x
Always, always, always way yourself completely naked and at the same time of the morning. Never do it during other times of the day. Ever. Ever. Even if the scales suddenly spring to life one evening and offer you a crisp £10 note to climb on board.

The end.


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I always weigh in the morning straight after my morning pee lol I strip too so my weight should be pretty exact. I'm always heavier at night than in the morning so it's mornings for me :)
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Lol legend.....not even for a tenner? Damn. Point taken tho.....very good point too! From now on, first thing in the morning then the scales are out of bounds x
I may not take your naked advice legend, I'm using the wii and we have a 3 story house living room on the middle floor with french doors so don't want to scare anyone from down the road who might care to peep in, there'll be people screaming holding their eyes ha ha ha


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First thing in the morning for me too, generally around 6am or earlier. I am a serial weigher but only weigh in the mornings coz I know I really would get disappointed later in the day after drinking 10 gallons of water.
Yeah i wish i had the willpower to leave it a whole week. After snday i might make that my next weeks challenge, to put the scales away and only bring them out on a snday morning for my weigh in x
Yeah i probably should! Altho the hassle of getting them back on asunday morning.....i should probably be ok keeping them here. Just have to keep reminding myself that seeing a small difference daily is nothing to seeing a bigger diference weekly!! xx
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i weigh all the time but i go by the weight i am first thing in the morning after my pee! can gain up to 4lbs by bed time! ;)


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I used to weigh daily but it seemed to either make me really down (so I'd eat) or ridiculously happy (so I'd eat). Hmm, pattern emerging, so now I trust that I'm sticking 100% to the spacefood therefore definitely losing. A weekly weigh is always a good weigh! Buck nekkid first thing in the morning, on the exact same bathroom tile every time. And that's brave coz my bathroom is sub-zero :rolleyes:. Looking forward to Sunday!


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Used to weigh in the morning as I was getting dressed, well before clothes were on. I was so obsessed I'd even stretch a few times before to limber up. Anyways i found that weighing all the time was getting me down some days had bigger losses than others. Now i don't weigh very often, I feel happier not punishing or rewarding myself. When I do weigh I'm always pleasantly surprised too. I'm due a weigh in soon :).


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I have stayed away from the scales for the exact same reasons Lucy has mentioned.I know I'll be losing as I'm not cheating :) and as I'm still finding this tough I'd be tempted to blow it if the results weren't to my liking!.....
I am weighing every day before my shower, struggling though, day 3 not in ketosis yet, had tin if tuna yesterday and 6 meatballs today, just to keep my tummy from rumbling! I am losing weight but to be honest I had such a busy Christmas, for four weeks my hours was filled with people, I had work do's galore, I went up a trouser size in four weeks so weight loss is immediate reaction to severe cut back compared to last four weeks and not ketosis yet :-(

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