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What time is your last?


Hi all,

I have a habit of snacking during work as most my shifts finish at Midnight/1am.

So my question is... What time is your last Shake/Soup/Bar or Meal when on CD?

I've always been told since I was a child, never to eat past 7pm. Should I enforce this rule when on CD?

Will it effect my weight loss if I wait a little longer to have during working hours?

I'm quite good at ignoring hunger pangs from when I was 16/17 and slimmed down the wrong way.
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I personally don't have my shake later than 6pm but that is actually due to the fact that I take a medication that can't be taken within 4 hours of calcium :)


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I save my bar til 9pm, and really look forward to it!
when I started my CDC said theres such a small amount of cals in each pack it wouldnt matter if you had one just before going to bed! I mentioned it to her as my friend who did it regularly forgot to have her last pack as she wasnt hungry in keto, she said its a must and even if you forget have it before bed.. so i guess it doesnt matter about the old 6pm rule on this!


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i have my last bar between 9 -10pm with lovely coffee, keeps me going all day with that to look forward to. I also split my bars in half and have 2 types at the same time.


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I normaly have my last one around 10/11 but i go to sleep late. I also try and not drink that much water an hour before sleep or im up all night needing to pee!


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it really doesnt matter when you have it as long as you have the allocated amount in a 24hour period!
People work shifts and their food has to be based around their work rather than the other way round, so if you needed to have one at 2am, then so be it!
I usually have my first at 1pm, 2nd at 6.30pm and my last one about 10ish and my losses have never suffered from it!



Yeah I totally agree with no water too late. I wet the bed till I was 12 :ashamed0005:. Doctors said the signal from my bladder wasn't getting to my brain. My mum felt all the buzzers and pills would effect me emotionally. And no nappies existed back then big enough! So I learnt not to drink past a time and I still stick to it now after all these years, habit I guess as I've not had a wet sheet through 2 pregnancies!


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it really doesnt matter when you have it as long as you have the allocated amount in a 24hour period!

Yep. Same goes for regular food too. It's how much we eat that's the problem, not when we eat. Of course, when it comes to regular food, if evening is a problem for snacking then you can eat too much and it's probably best to have a cut off time, but it's not the actual time that's the problem as far as the body is concerned. That's a myth


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i always have my hot choc mint about 10-10.30 every night, during the week im in bed by 11.30 and i always take bottle of water up to bed with me, i can end up going to the loo 2-3 times in the 1st hr of going to bed while im watching tv but once im asleep im fine now, i only got up to pee in the night the first week or 2


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I am more or less a creature of habit on cd.

soup at 12.30pm

porridge or soup at 6pm

hot shake at 8pm

hot shake or porridge at 10.30pm

Its interesting how we all develop our own regimes x


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I save one for about an hour before I go to bed -- so, that I sleep better.