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What to do on weekends away??

This (slight) panic is actually really far in advance. For my birthday, my brother has booked a night in a hotel for me and my girlfriend in York over the St Nicholas Fair, which is at the end of November. All of this is amazing and fantastic and wonderful and I am very very excited...but what do I do re:food?

I'm totally happy to just take tetras and bars (if I like them, haven't got to try one yet) to eat, though I have a feeling that will be my 13th week, therefore 810 plan shall be followed, but I'd feel completely awkward going into a restaurant and not ordering anything, which I'd have to do at least once so she can have dinner...

I suppose if it is my 810 week (and if it isn't, it might just have to be) I could just order fish with no sauce and some veggies...

I really really do not want to go off plan, since getting into ketosis (or possible coming off diet coke, not sure which) was really painful for me, I never want to do it again...

Sorry for the ramble, what I'm really asking, I suppose, is what do you do when you go away?

Thanks for you help x
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Hi hun dont worry , You know that this weekend has been planned so you could plan in advance what kind of meals would be better for you to eat . Fish , chicken and seafood with salad or veg could be an healthy option and low in carb . Dont stress over it just be prepared and you should be fine !
I agree, don't worry about it- you are supposed to be enjoying yourself! Be sensible and make low carb choices but have a nice time. Let us know how you get on x
Hi guys. Thank you for your replies, I feel much better now. I spoke to my girlfriend and she was more than happy to just buy something to eat in our room, because she's lovely like that. I said we'd see closer to the time and I'm happy with that. It'll be a good night away, whatever we end up doing. :)


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I'm with the others, chicken and veg or fish and veg in a restaurant is a good idea. I had to go on a work lunch to an italian restaurant recently but I ss+ anyway, I have them a list of what I could have (had it prepared) with strict instructions about no oil/garlic etc. They did me a lovely chicken and mushroom dish with an undressed salad that I added balsamic too and I have to say it was way better looking than some of my colleagues food.

PS. Have a great time in York, me and my girlfriend love it there too.

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