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what to do re holidays.

I posted this in my diary thread and wondered if any of you peeps have any advice

I'm thinking a little far in advance i suppose but i really don't know what to do about my holiday in september. I'm pretty sure i will be close to goal, perhaps just a few pounds short. Now i've always been really determined to follow the diet to the book, and done things properly.
It will be our first holiday as a family together and we are off to Lanzarote, i don't know whether to still follow the diet to the letter or just relax it a little and opt for healthy options.
There are flip sides to both, if i go for the former i feel i will be faffing around with sachets and having to take them on day trips with us which is just a bit inconvenient but at least i will still stuck to the plan.
If i go for the latter i'm really scared i will get complacent and not resume the diet properly when i get home, thus never reaching goal and always feeling like i stopped short.

To be honest i think most days we will be staying at the villa or going to the beach with the little'uns. The evenings i think we will put the children to bed and enjoy some dinner on the veranda and a nice glass of wine....i don't want to miss that. Me and DH barely get quality time to spend together as it is.

What to do??
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Happy to be slim at last
HI DM, I can only tell you if it were me in that situation I would take the packs and use them when it was convenient and on the days it wasn't opt for healthy choices. You will probably near to being on the healthy solution by that time, so you can follow that. And if on a few days you don't have packs, well so long as you don't go mad, you will be fine.

I would aim to stay the same for your holiday and if you need to resume when you return, you can do it!
Thanks Sarah,

Yes, that thought had crossed my mind, hopefully i will be working up the plans and following HS, so it gives me a bit more flexibility with food.
How far from goal did you start HS? if you don't mind me asking and what have your losses been like?


Happy to be slim at last
Glad it helped DM. I started simple / healthy when i had 11 lbs left, but I did it by when I was happy in my clothes more than weight. I am losing 1 - 2 lbs per week now.


Just keep swimming
I'm with Sarah..........combine HS and shakes, bars as needed. At least somewhere like Lanzarote means you can have lovely salads and plenty of grilled fish........mmmmm
Yeah, this is what i will definately do. I'm hoping to move up the plans in a few more weeks so will follow HS....more food Woohoo!!

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