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What to do?????

How nice is this.....

I have been thinking about having my hair done, right now it's almost black but I was going to have a colour correction, lighter golden brown with lots of blonde high lights....wanted a re vamp for summer and a new me...I booked it and everything and then cancelled it as I was umming and ahhing and couldn't afford to have it done unless I was sure and wouldn't go dark again in a couple of weeks....Was going to cost well over £100....

My work colleagues were expecting a new head of hair today as I was going to have it done yesterday....obviously it's not done and I explained why.....one of my work friends (my work mum!) has just approached me on the quiet and said she wants to treat me to getting it done because she is proud of me and thinks I deserve a treat....was amazed and almost moved to tears and am so touched but really don't feel that I can take the money from her how can I say no without looking ungrateful?

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How close are you outside of work ? If you are really close then i'm sure she'd understand if you just said you are really grateful and touched but would feel badly about taking it. Its a tricky one, money is never an easy subject !!

Sounds like it would look really good though ... :D
Well we aren't really outside of work... I am going to a suprise party for her in a couple of weeks but it's just that sort of thing....She is just always there for me and knows thing's that I have been through lately...It's just too generous though.


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... its probably not very ethical or PC of me, but I have to admit that if she totally insisted on even paying for a bit of it then I might be tempted ! Problem is that if you fall out then it may get brought up .... money is a tricky customer !!


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ooooh thats alot of money for her to give isnt it, no wonder you feel awkward!!
just tell her you cant possibly accept that much from her but that you really appreciate the offer
hope you get it sorted
nat x
lol.....I know it's a difficult subject....

She just took me to one side said don't tell anyone but I want to pay for you to have your hair done you deserve a treat.....
I can't do it...besides if someone were to give me that kind of money I have more pressing thing's that it could be used for.... I am the only one working at the moment and thing's are tight....


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Yes but there will always be things that money can be 'better spent' on. My birthday money always used to end up paying bills :(

You have done really well and you do deserve a treat, we all do once in a while .... but it is a lot of money to be given.

How lovely of her though ... restores your faith in human nature doesn't it !! :)
Oh that's such a nice thing for her to do! I'd feel awkward too though but perhaps there's a compromise? If she wants to treat you then is there something you could do together that isn't so expensive but still a treat? How about lunchtime manicures? You could go together and get a minimanicure? that way she still feels good about wanting to do something nice for you and it might also build your friendship?

I wouldn't suggest something specific like a manicure - might seem like you are asking but maybe just suggest that instead of her treating you, you do something fun together?

I think I'm rambling now, but hopefull you get what i mean!!

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