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What to expect

no i was at the pub all day friday and for a while on sat and had pizza too haha

i was a bit jittery yesterday but not today, don't think i'd be in ketosis already


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My worse day was on day 3 not impossible but it does seem to be make or break day for many .
Get yourself a big list of things to do keep busy buy some pamper stuff for you bath and get an early night its only 12 hours you sleep the rest lol.
I also seem to remember suffering with a headache around the same time but tablets sorted it .
This is totaly do able just keep yourself busy when u get to a week moment just like smoking the craving only lasts a short time so distracting yourself works .
Good luck on your journey hun xxx


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maybe you have PMA (if that's not too much of a cliche), I felt pretty OK from the start but it got better (much) after about 2 weeks, but never actually had really really hard time, keep sipping the water and thinking of your long term goal and hopefully you'll be fine.
hiya chick im on my 5 day and tbf have felt fine all the way through i did wot becky did and kept sippin water i swaer neva drunk so much lol xx gud luck nikki xx


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Hi there - I had a ropey day 2 and rotten day 3 - headache, feeling a bit out of sorts. Day 4 - felt great, a bit elated and hunger gone. Stick with it ..... it's worth getting through the first week.


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evening tattyboo, andy (my dh) is coping fine its day 3 for him today and he said he hasnt had any probs yet not even a slight headache. i myself just had a headache for the first few days and now fine. cause i missed my porridge for breakfast and lunch i was hungry but thats the first time
Just keep coming on this site for extra motivation whenever you can and you will sail through days 3 and 4. Look at the inspiration slides, they stopped my pudgy fingers from reaching out for the office biscuit tin. Good Luck -we shall be seeking your Ist week weigh-in success story!

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