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What to wear?


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I've just started to find my clothes becoming looser :D now what do I do when nowt fits? I can't afford a new wardrobe for each size I shrink. Leisure stuff is ok as trackies will be the norm but work stuff is going to be a bit of a problem. Would everything belted just make you look like a sack of spuds tied in the middle or what have you found that's the best ?

Annie x
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Definitely ebay - buy a few key basics which you can mix and match. When they are too big, you can re-sell them and buy in the next size you need !


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Ebay or charity shops. You can get some fantastic stuff very cheaply and its for a good cause!


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oh ebay is brill for clothes and charity shops even better, and you can sell on or give your clothes away too,,,


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Yep as others have said Ebay.

Also trousers with half elsticated waist a size too small so they will fit you for approx 3 sizes if your lucky. That might help make them last a bit longer.

I work from home so can get away with wearing trackies and jeans too big with belts at the mo but i am going to have to buy some smaller bits soon!

But at least you can then stick them back on EBay to earn cash for the next sizes down!
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It's important to get rid of the bigger stuff cos psychologically it get's bigger and you start to think you look okay. I've got myself some really decent jeans and tops and stuff from asda. Only a couple of pairs because i'm only in them for a few weeks at a time. Also my friend is on the plan and she started it befoe me and we've exchanged some stuff, i had some stuff from before i had my son and was smaller so i've given it to her and she's given me some stuff as i've gone down sizes.


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I kept on wearing my big stuff, and felt really motivated by how much better it looked! I also had been guilty of buying stuff to 'slim into' and hoarding lovely things I'd long grown out of, & fitting into those things has given me a real kick. Great to have all those new looks for free, too!

I have given lots away, to both friends and charity shops, though, as I know I won't & can't go back to that size. Another thing I've done is chop the waistband (and then some) off a couple of long 'hideaway' skirts I used to mope about in, turning them into knee-length ones with a gathered waist... after all now I have a waist & legs again, who wants to hide in long cover-up stuff? They look great. I have only bought one dress since I started Cd in November, and though it is a 16 it is so pretty & cleverly cut I know I can go on wearing it even when I finally get to goal...



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have a splurge!!! primark & ebay;)

ive sold loads and loads of clothes on ebay, even primark stuff sells brilliantly :)



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Yep- I'm ebaying as we speak: a coat, some tops (some unworn!) and a couple of dresses. Instead of taking the money out of paypal, I have used it to buy a couple of new things, and in effect haven't spent a penny!


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My mum works in a charity shop so she's been picking me up a few bits and pieces (I can fit in Wallis and Principles now, she's saved me a fortune!!) and I've bought a few bits off Ebay too.


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see if there are any dress agencys near you. There is a really good dress agency near me, quite cheap, and I sell my bigger clothes there.
i was totally oppisite i kept on shopping in new look and dps and spent a fortune on clothes just cos they were an18,16,14,then realised i never really liked the style so be careful im still paying for those size 18s that i sold for 50p at a car boot!!! am more careful noe lol x


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I'm only on my third week, so I'm not throwing anything out yet (there's a lot of stuff I've kept that I still need to be able to get into!). When I do have to make changes, I will be relying largely on charity shops (both to take my old stuff and to buy new stuff) which have improved SO much over recent years. They always have masses of jeans, which I wear a lot, so that should be OK.

Secondly, my fave cheapie shops - Stead & Simpson, QS, Peacocks, New Look, Primark, and the supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury) - if you do it right, you can put some great looks together from these shops.

And lastly - I'll be blowing the dust off my sewing machine! I've got some really nice pieces in my current size, which I don't want to let go (e.g. a new winter coat), so I shall be doing quite a lot of 'make do and mend' and remaking. I haven't used it for so long, because I didn't want to be making huge things, but my weight loss will really give me the impetus to haul it out and get sewing. :)

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