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What was the final straw??

I know this has probably been done before but I was thinking this morning about what finally made me snap and start CD!

About a week before I started CD I was at home and in the space of 1 day I lent on the toilet seat to do my make up and it cracked perfectly in half! Then I was putting my little man to bed, lent on his bed to kiss him and snap went one of the slats!! That very next day I contacted my CDC and started on the diet 4 days later!

Never again will that happen! xx
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LOL, yes - I did both of those things too!

Not sure quite what was the last straw. I've been slimmer than I was at my heaviest for three years now so it's hard to remember. But I think it might've been the idea of having to get through another hot summer weighing nearly eighteen stones.

I was damn near crippled by my size that year and everything was difficult, from going for a walk, to putting on my socks, to cutting my own toe nails.

But actually, now I come to think of it, what really did it was watching a larger colleague suddenly lose shedloads of weight on LighterLife... :eek: ... and thinking, "Bl**dy hell, if she can do it, so can I!"


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I spent the summer looking into surgery - knowing I couldn't afford it and then lost my 5 year old on the beach -(someone found her and took her to the lifeguards) but I was so fat i couldn't run between the sea and the top of the beach to look for her - and it was a good 5-6 mins walk each way. She was fine but.... I will never be in that situation again.
My best friend was pregnant (just had a little girl 3 weeks ago) and her other little girl rubbed her mum's belly and said "Mammy is having a pink baby" then she came over and rubbed my belly and said "are you having blue baby so they can be boyfriend and girlfriend". I was in the middle of Debemhams and just wanted the ground to swallow me. Luckily my friend didn't hear cos she would have been mortified and the little girl is 4 she didn't understand she just assumed I was pregnant too. The cruel irony is that I wish I was and that is why I am here :(
Couple of things really, someone about the same age as me got up from the chair in the pharmacy so I could have a seat - I am assuming she thought I was pregnant. I started to have pains in my chest and decided enough was enough and lastly something my husband said, we were talking about me changing my diet and how and when I was going to do it. He then said " It's like your waiting for something to happen(as in heart attack) before you will do it (eat healthy)" This shocked me,No.1 because he was right lol (doesn't happen often) and No. 2 he had described exactly what I was doing - Waiting until something awful happened with my health until it gave me the kick up the backside to do something about it.


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I had a friend that I wanted to help stop drinking. In fact I had said something to her about wanting to help her, and we did not speak for some months. So I vowed to never bring it up again, no matter how much I cared.

Then, one day someone shared a LL advert with a ladies group we attended (everyone had a look at it -- even the skinny minnies). After the meeting was over she asked me if I wanted to do LL with her -- that we could support each other. (She knew I had lost, regained, lost, regained the same couple of stones of the 3 plus stones I was overweight for years.) I took a deep breath and said, "You know you'll have to stop drinking." And, she said, "That is part of the reason I want to so this." So, we did LL together -- and she got sober, we both lost all of our weight to goal, and I stayed there for some time -- but I stopped exercising.

So now I have been dieting since January 2nd and it has been slow going. I am about 9 pounds from my goal weight. But it took regaining over 1/2 of what I lost -- to spur me to go to a CDC and get started on relosing.

This time I am using Beck's book and hope to be more successful at maintaining my losses. It was so easy to ignore the slipperly slide back up -- and I am just grateful that I did not gain it all back and that I am starting to see the lower numbers on the scale.

I'm back in the 10 stone range (after nearly 3 months), and so it may be May before I see 9 st 12 (the most I ever want to weigh) and June before I reach 9.5 stone (what I think should be maintainable), but I have done it once, so I know I can do it again.

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One photo from August 2008 was the turning point for me.
Saw someone else in the mirror, not me, but the photo gave me such a shock and made me follow CD to the letter.
Trouble is, some of the weight has crept on again and I am back. But already feeling so much better, following the loss over my first two weeks and looking forward to next week's weigh in.
I can see a difference, but want to get back to below BMI 25.
And back into all those tight clothes.
Hello everyone. I am restarting tomorrow after playing at this for the last few months. I just got back from a skiing trip and felt so ashamed of myself I wanted to weep. I was exhausted walking around with the ski boots on and exhausted after the smallest exertion.....as if that wasn’t bad enough, some of the facebook pictures have just gone up.....oh my god....it doesn’t even look like me! I think I have the opposite of body dis-morphia lol – I look in the mirror and think I don’t actually look that bad but then my “fat” jeans no longer go past my knees.....urgh! I will not go in to summer looking and feeling like this!


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it doesn’t even look like me! I think I have the opposite of body dis-morphia lol – I look in the mirror and think I don’t actually look that bad but then my “fat” jeans no longer go past my knees.....urgh! I will not go in to summer looking and feeling like this!
I know exactly how you feel. I would catch my reflection in a shop window and be shocked when I realised it was me!

Good Luck.



Why Be Normal?
Minniemel - I have just ordered Beck - how are you finding it?
Extremely helpful -- I really feel that this will make the difference in my not only getting goal (despite my very slow losses), but in staying there.

There is a Beck Thread on CD maintenance which you might want to read through. Also, JanelleKay is using Beck and has a lot of good input in her diary. I have a little, but she seems to be "tuned in".

There was no straw for me, just enduring that 'fat life' is bad enough for me.
I am going to break that chair?
Will i fit in that chair?
Will this seatbelt do up?
Can i squeeze through that gap?
Are people looking at me?
etc etc. Everyone i expect who reads this will probably think 'Yeah i've thought that'
And i think it every single day of my life.
I just want to have a normal day. Wake up worry free..


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I should add that one morning I got out of bed and said to my DH that my feet really hurt and that it must be a sign of age. And he (who just speaks the truth and never considers things like "feelings") said, "No. It is more likely that they hurt because you are putting at least 50 pounds too much on them." lol I was speechless (and if you know me that is saying something. But, then when I recovered from the shock, I just realised that unfortunately he was probably right. After I lost the first stone -- my feet stopped hurting. *sigh*



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i had 2 things that led me to this. the first was when i went to the doctors and as i was sitting in his room talking to him a teenage scally lad stuck his head in the open window, laughed and shouted to his mates outside ' hey look , there is a right fat beef in here' .
the doctor immediately closed the window but the damage was done. i didnt leave the house for a few weeks after that . i was mortified and felt like some hideous creature.
the second occasion was a few months later when we went to alton towers with my sister. we were queueing to go on nemesis when my sister said she needed the toilet. now i wasnt bothered about going on the ride anyway so i offered to go back with her and leave the others to go on the ride.so we headed back through the huge queue we had waited in for about an hour, saying 'excuse me, excuse me' as we politely walked back through the crowd when some man (whose face i will never forget) shouted at the top of his voice ' hey look, she was too fat to fit in the seat, they sent her back'. now i know a lot of people there were very offended by what he said but there were a fair few that laughed and to me it was like some kind of echoed, magnified laughter . i honestly wanted to die that day. i felt as bad for my sister as i did for myself and i havent been anywhere near a family theme park since. i have major issues now when it comes to paranoia in public. i swear everyone sniggers as i pass them. im hoping this will ease as i shrink.
on top of this i am 38 years old and have chronic osteo arthritus in my knees, ankles,hips, one shoulder, wrists and fingers and have coccydynia (bent tailbone which swells periodically) which often leaves me in agony for weeks on end.
basically i have had enough of 'surviving' . its time i 'lived'


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MinnieMel said:
There is a Beck Thread on CD maintenance which you might want to read through. Also, JanelleKay is using Beck and has a lot of good input in her diary. I have a little, but she seems to be "tuned in".

Thanks MM.

The link to my diary is in my signature if you would like a read. I also really rate Beck, and think this will be what helps me make the necessary changes to never being obese ever again.

Trying to think what my trigger was. I have also seen my reflection in a mirror, or cctv camera and been shocked to work out it was me. I hate all photos, and try and avoid the camera at all costs.
I had the same feeling of "I cannot continue to live this way" about a year ago. I went to my cdc, but she wouldn't let me start cd as my bmi was over 40. I had no idea it would be so high. I burst into tears, and sat and cried at my cdc's house for half an hour. So embarrassing!
I then ate and ate and ate until I was a stone and half heavier again.
Finally, 8 months later, U had Christmas parties to go to, and I couldn't find anything to wear, and didn't want to socialise with anyone. So I book a doctors appointment, and got all signed off before Christmas.

I enjoyed Christmas, and started in January.

No going back now!


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Lovely to read the stories and so many of them ring true :) My final straw was at a friends house and her BF was a big boy and he offered me a chair which he had been sitting on and yet when I sat down it broke. I still try and convince myself I didn't break that chair, he was heavier than me and he was sitting on it before me. However it changed my thought process. Why would it matter if I broke the chair if I was a healthy weight. That was my final straw. :) xx


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The last straw...

Well, it was a lot of things leading up to it really, I suppose the main thing that I need to state is that my sister, Mikki, was always a 'big girl' at her heaviest she reached 30 stone when she then had a gastric bypass, as she got smaller I got bigger. We had some pictures done of us and our brother for my Mum and Dad and I looked awful, she was tiny and I was clearly the biggest one in those pictures...I cried for three hours solid and have to see it on the living room wall every time I go and visit my parents. After this I then went and ate myself into an oblivion! That was August last year, in January this year I lost my Nan after a 7 month battle with lung cancer, the lady was my rock, a true inspiration and constantly on at me about my weight and health and after that it just clicked, something in my head changed, I read at her funeral on the 2nd February 2011 and hd my first meeting with my CDC on 16th February and there has been no looking back.

Tomorrow I'm interring my Nan's ashes in the local cemetary and I will be 2.1 stone lighter than I was when she died, every time I lose a stone I am planning on going back to visit her plot and show her my progress, my Nan was a no nonsense woman, she would have been proud of me for taking a no nonsense approach to my own body.

I miss her.

x x x


Why Be Normal?

What an amazing way to honour your nan. She would be so proud of you.

I know exactly how you feel. I would catch my reflection in a shop window and be shocked when I realised it was me!

Good Luck.

Oh MM, that happened to me a few years ago, I caught my reflection in a shop window and was annoyed that "some old bird" was staring at me.......then I realised it was ME :eek: What a shock. In my head I was still a fairly attractive late 30s early 40s and I was being confronted by some middle-aged, frumpy, over-weight woman. Such a shock!!!!!

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