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What was the straw that broke the camels back????

Apologies if this has been posted before,I was just wondering what made each of you embark on a healthy eating journey?(I won't say the dreaded 'D' word!

For me,it was undoubtedly when I saw in the mirror a roll of back fat!!!I thought OMG,I have to do something about this!!!That and the pictures of me at my works xmas do.............revolting!:(
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realising that i'd put on 3 stone since i met my hubby, and that i wasn't the slim girlfriend that he once had, now his fat wife lol


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For me there wasn't a particular moment or incident! I've been meaning to do something about 'this' for ages, having lost quite a bit with WW about 5 years ago and putting it all and more back on since! A good friend of a good friend of mine (I'd only met her once) had lost 5 stone on SW and had become a consultant so I said I'd join her class to support her and as I needed to anyway!! And here I am totally hooked!!!X


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It was a party a friend had at the summer where I saw a picture of myself (sideways one, probably the worst position) which made me think I definately need to do something about my body. Also felt quite tired and had no energy to keep up with the kids.
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I think my 'straw' was when i went out on new year's eve. I had been overeating for a few months and was really bloated and uncomfortable. I was sitting down so my jeans were cutting into my stomach and i felt tired and moody instead of in the party spirit! It took me a few weeks to get back into sw again and even though i've only lost 4.5lbs so far i feel far less bloated.
Another reason is that for once i want to feel slim for the summer rather than having a last minute crash diet when the sun finally comes out! Good luck x


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I think it was when my size 22 jeans were getting a bit tight! :cry:and my husband said he would like to go back to the Dominican Republic next year for my Birthday.....a lovely thought but i couldnt go looking like this! :sad0071:
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mine is my baggy tackie bottoms no longer fitting!! I get married in four weeks and really need to get to fingers out the choccy wrappers!!! I start my slimming tommorow



I want to be fitter again
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Being told the surgeon did not want to operate on my oesophagus unless I was within normal BMI as there is too much risk associated with the surgery with too much fat around !!!!
I WAS GETting bigger and bigger and was getting depressed wanted to change my life
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I Have always been overweight and depressed because of it, and have always been dieting as far back as I can remember. But I peaked in 2008 at 14 stone, and it was then that I booked a holiday with a load of friends....who of course were on the slim side and the holiday contained mostly swimming.....so that scared me into it lol.....But then after I started losing the weight, it gave me some much needed confidence boosts and I wanted to continue...plus seeing lots of horrible pictures of me helped!



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I saw some pictures of myself and was absolutely disgusted with the way I look. I vowed then that I would never ever let myself get any bigger and that I'd do something about it at last as I've spent far too long being embarrassed about the way I look.
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Going to the doctors with a really bad touch of IBS! and after being weighed i was told i was 19 stone and 1lb which was a major shock, so i left and joined the gym and lost 2 stone 11lb, then joined SW for a huge boost in weight loss and self-confidence, and less than a year later i weigh 16 stone 3 1/2 ponds to date...:D
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For me it was last november.

I had previously been to Florida in the September and thrilled that i had only gained 2lbs in 2 weeks. Considering what i ate out there but did do alot of walking around the parks. Anyway looked at the photos os me and wasnt feeling great about them but just left it. In November then i stepped on the scales and i had gained another half a stone. So i decided to do something about it and joined slimming world
Weel on my 22nd birthday i was a size 22 and i thought i cant go up a dress sizes every 2 years and my photo my profile is what made me do it! and the fact that I'm highly at risk from "overweight diseases" such as chronic coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer and loads of others that run in my family!


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Ive always been big so ive been a serial yoyo dieter for years - by yoyo i mean losing 3-4 lbs and putting 7-8 back on each time!!

It was the final straw when i kept getting offered a seat on the train and tube to london and back everyday as people thought i was pregnant, in their defence i am in proportion everywhere but my stomach! It was mortifying everytime and the whole train would look at me and snigger or pitty me going bright red! I went into work and broke down into tears on my manager and she just do happened to be a member! She took me along on our lunch break and that was it! :)


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Nothing fitting me in my wardrobe, losing confidence in myself pole dancing, seeing pictures made it worse. I'm not on the fast track, by any menas, at this rate I'll be 1lb a month, but I am making changes.

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