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What was your last meal before LL?

Have your favorite meal!! But my advice would be to keep carbs to a minimum if u can...

I had a chicken kebab... with loads of salad.... mmmm the thought of it now makes my mouth water lol!

Good luck for ur start... ull do great...


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Have your favorite meal!! But my advice would be to keep carbs to a minimum if u can...

I had a chicken kebab... with loads of salad.... mmmm the thought of it now makes my mouth water lol!

Good luck for ur start... ull do great...

I had the funniest week before LL, I was out everynight eating and drinking asif there was no tomorrow, when I weighed in the first week I had actually lost 2lbs. I thought it was hilarious and almost impossible cause I really did overdo it.
Enjoy your last meal and remember it will still be there in 100 days.


longs to be average!
I had the two things I loved the most - 4 cheese topped baps and 2 Belgium buns - unfortunately me that was the last time I will ever have them - if I eat another one of either, that'll be it, i'll be addicted again!!! Carbs and me just are not the best of friends - shame cos I really like them!!


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My last meal was Sainburys hot tikka masala with a bottle of cider which was lovely but don't miss that type of food now (well maybe sometimes) I crave healthy food now, really want some cottage cheese


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I had a massive bowl of cheesey pasta and half a huge bar of wholenut! I dreamed about them during my first few week of LL. However, not had either since!
I spent the last 2 weeks before starting LL eating like I was on death row.
I had all of my favourite meals including curry, chinese, baked camembert, chilli, spicy chicken and sausages with one eye on D day. :D

The night before I started LL, I went to a dinner party and stuffed my face with gorgeous food and drank loads so I had to start day 1 with a hangover.

I don't think about any of the foods that I thought I'd miss but I do crave foods that I thought I wouldn't be bothered about.


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I had a huge blowout - I mean really huge:

Channa Massala on Puree starter then Meat Tikka Massala Vindaloo with Onion bahjee, sag paneer, bamboo shoot bhajee and a Gallic Keema Naan.

Followed by ... Ben and Jerrys - a complete tub!

It was the biggest meal I had eaten for years!
mmmm kind of wish I'd gone to Mikes for tea that night :)
roast lamb, roast potatoes, mash, roasted carrots and parsnips washed down by 2 bottles of champagne..........gone lightheaded just remembering it!!!!
I went on holiday the week before i started ll to turkey, i ate and drank like i was never going to eat again. the only good thing about the holiday was we had to walk half way up a mountain to go back to the hotel. the night before i had a pizza wine, everything i could find in the cupboard. i do regreat it now but i start rtm today. chicken on the side ready to cook. im excited and scared. but see this as the start of my new life style
well i was disappointed with my last meal - i opted for a green chicken curry last night and it was the worst ever!!! My flatmate reckons it's a good thing because then i won't be thinking hmmmmmmmmmm green chicken curry.
Good logic i guess.
As i am starting back at the group tonight - i still have to have lunch today but am planning on having the shakes for dinner, so pret sandwich i think and a bag of crisps and choc - last one!
Just so looking forward to getting started and losing weight.
I was a right little old goody two shoes, having smoked trout with salad and wholemeal soda bread! God, I'd love that again right now (get thee behind me ....)


Happily pro pointing!
I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could start. I did consider cutting down the carbs etc to make life a little easier to start off with but I soon snapped out of that LOL. I ate out several times, cooked all my favourite foods, then on the last night I went to my first meeting then went to the chippy for pie and chips then had some choc and that was it, started next day.
I have to say that the first few days weren't that bad.
I finish RTM on Friday. I am planning a little celebration, home-made fajitas and a glass of wine, and all totally guilt free!


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hehe sounds fab ali.
I had a homemade curry with all the trimmings- and certainly paid for it with the headaches!! xxx
Ali's just reminded me, I stopped at the supermarket on my way home from my first meeting and bought a bottle of wine, cheese and olives and scoffed them all. :D

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