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what was your turning point to join LL?

I was thinking today about the reason i decided to begin LL and about how far i'd come since that day... My personal story is a little amusing. I was at a boxing match with my boyfriend watching a heavy weight fight. Before the fight begins you hear all about the fighters including their weights. I was so shocked to find out out of the three fights and 6 Boxers I was heavier then all of them.! I couldn't concentrate on the fights i was just consumed by the thought about how Fat I had allowed myself to come. That night I vowed to change my life. The next day I walked into WHSmiths and picked up a magazine called Lighter life, before this day I hadn't heard of the plan. Within Two weeks I was sat at my first meeting preparing to alter my life.. 6 weeks later i'm two stone lighter and feeling great. My journey has a way to go yet but i've never been more sure of anything then the fact that i will reach my goal. I would love to hear peoples stories of why and how they chose LL and if there was one defining moment in which you decided to change your life?:p
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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
It was a combination of hitting morbid obesity and my mother writing to me about how worried she was about me.

I also did a lot of work on myself last year which culminated in quite a traumatic event which I don't want to talk about right now but I think I had to hit the rock bottom before I would have considered LL in the slightest.

Also I knew it wouldn't be long before I was too big for Dorothy Perkins and my inner thighs had begun to get such bad stretch marks that I was in agony with scratching them.

Great idea for a thread - I would be interested to see what everybody says.
My Mum had a nasty turn in February and actually died when they brought her back and got her stable the doctors did their rounds and one of them looked at me over his glasses and said " this could be you lady" and walked off - Never in my life had so few words have such a profoud effect on my life I joined lighter life on Mothers day which was very appropriate given the circumstances.......... Mum is doing ok and I am 3 stone 6 down in 12 weeks..............
My turning point came when I was getting out of breath and then feeling dizzy and went to doctors and told him how i feel and then checked my blood pressure and he said it was up a little bit and ive also found that im self concious of myself when overweight and cant get nice clothes so i have tried to lose weight on my own but dont get very far so i decided to join ww and i like going to the meetings but i have missed 2 so will go back again.
Really interesting thread.
For me, it was all about the worst break up ever. Way too many awful details to go into here. But regardless, the pain of it all is absolutely being replaced by the success of where I am now, and the knowledge that I will never ever be back where I was - both physically and mentally.


has started again!!
I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. I even remember, as a fairly young person, spending my money on family bags of crisps and other "goodies", then hiding them in my wardrobe and eating in secret. To this day I have no idea why. I remember being very lonely as a school child, convinced no-one liked me because I was fat. At my primary school they even made up songs about me, size related. I can hear them word for word to this day.

I have struggled with this for years, despite having huge support from my Mum. who was a Type 1 diabetic, slender and lovely! She worried about me terribly, as I got bigger and bigger. My Dad, on theother hand, much as I love him, was always a bit chunky, and if he fancied "seconds" at the dinner table, he would always say "Go on Sarah, lets have another bit then..."

Life happened in between, and on a low-ish weight time I met my gorgeous husband of almost 17 years. We have been together for over 20 years, good and bad! In 2003 my Father in law died within 6 weeks of his cancer diagnosis, then 3 months later my Mum died, very suddenly of heart problems. She had been Christmas shopping the day before and despite her many health problems had had a great time. That was the start of my catalyst towards weight loss.

I played with dieting, did Slimming World for a while, lost about 3 stone, left and gained it all back & more besides. Things at home were getting worse. I still loved my hubby but no physical contact as I was too ashamed of myself. We had so many heated discussions over this one. It was really sad.

In August of last year the family went to Alton Towers. I was totally shocked and sickened when I realised I was so gross I could not fit in the rides I so wanted to go on. That thought kind of festered with me for ages; my rebellious child shouted loud and long (I know that now) that it wasnt fair and not my fault etc etc. I consoled myself with food.

My marriage became more and more rocky, sex had become utterly non-existent and OH was so unhappy, not just with my lack of libido but with us in general. I suppose I had really hit rock bottom in January of this year, when I poured it all out to a very close friend. She immediately told me to contact another pal of hers, who I had met briefly once or twice before. Within an hour of this call, this mutual acquaintance was at my dining table, telling me everything she could about LL. She is, to date, almost at her BMI 25, and has been on LL since November 2006. I rang my LLC and here I am today.

I know I mutter and moan about my struggles with LL, but honestly I am a different person now. I feel so much better, more healthy, and I am not the freak I felt myself to be. My sex life is still very limited, but my confidence is growing, and my lovely, patient husband is so pleased that I am doing something to both help myself and us.

Thanks LL and thanks Minimins too!

(sorry if I have rambled! Theres so much more I could say, but thats the smallest nutshell I could fit it in!!)
Thanks for sharing so much Sez. I am sorry that you had to endure so much hurt when you were a little girl - life can be **** sometimes. :hug99:

Keep up the good work - its a black lace basque and suspenders on the horizon for you - and your lovely husband!! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
For me it was my 41 year old sister being diagnosed with breast cancer in January (so far everything is going as well as can be expected, thank goodness) I had known about LL for a while but didn't think I could do it, willpower wise. Both parents have type 2 diabetes, I have had PCOS for years and my health was getting worse as I kept gaining more weight, and was nearly at morbidly obese. Always overweight, I had got to a slimmish weight when I was 21 but lost my brother in an accident and gained 3 stones plus, very quickly with comfort eating. I suppose I didn't want to turn to food for comfort again and wanted to help my health because I'm now at risk for breast cancer too as well as the diabetes. Plus being single and fat at 31 is no fun and my eating/drinking habits had deteriorated so much since living on my own. Hopefully I'm going into the 'overweight' bracket very soon. I feel so fab and in control at the moment. I wish I'd found LL years ago.
In my view, people don't take fat people seriously. No matter how well you dress or how clever you are or how good your job, a fat person is always seen as a fat person before they are recognised as anything else.

In my view being fat also suggestes a lack of self control and that doesn't sit well with me either. I like to be in control!

So my decision to get rid of my 3 excess stones was motivated by a strong desire to be in control and look to be in control.
Ohh great thread. Sorry mines a long one......

Three and a half years ago when I met my now husband I was a size 16 who loved my curves. I went to the gym 3 times a week and was fairly active. This was despite having cerebral palsy and walking with a limp. We had a great few years, he taught me to mountain bike and I tought him to horse ride. During this time an old injury to my ankle started to re-occur more and more frequently until I could no longer walk without a stick and was in constant pain. The first operation was a failure and left me house bound and depressed. DH tried everything to cheer me up but the only thing that worked was wine and meals out. Needless to say I rocketed up to a size 18/20, making me more miserable.

Last year we decided to get married. During the year of planning the wedding my rebelious child absolutely refused to diet. "why should I, my fiance loved me the way I was". I had another operation (which was more sucessful this time) but managed to maintain my heavier weight this time.

New year brought a new house and finally time to relax. But, I was thoroughly miserable with the way I looked I couldn't even look at my wedding photos (we still haven't printed any off). I also had a nagging suspicion that my weight was making walking more difficult - although no one actual dared to tell me so.

Now I knew I had to do something but didn't know what. My sister had been on WW for a year and lost 2 stone. But I knew she was excercising like a banshee, which wasn't an option for me. Then I read Pixie's LL diary on a wedding forum. I was hooked I read everything I could about LL and when a well meaning friend sent me the fattest photo I have ever seen on myself - that was it - I was on the phone to the LLC.

Yehhh......2.5 stone down and positively sprinting around the house with my stick....BIG THANKS to Pixie and to DH.

Sorry to ramble, Lx
Some very interesting thoughts.

For me there were 2 main things:

I knew that statistically, if I continued to live with a BMI of 30+, I was likely to develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years or so. I knew that if I did, I would get it under control and lose weight. So it was blindingly obvious that it would be better to take that sort of action before the damage was done to my heart/kidneys etc in the years leading up to the onset of diabetes as that's when most of the harm happens.

The second thing was that last autumn we adopted an oldish dog whose owner had died. Keeping a dog at a healthy weight is very important so I weigh out his rations and check his weight at the vet's regularly (and adjust his rations accordingly). The thought occurred to me that I actually was taking more care of a dog who was in his twilight years than I was of myself, who had 2 kids who needed me.

I then spoke to an old friend who told me about LL. Knowing her as I do, I knew it would work for me too!
A great thread and also really important to remember how bad things really were. I have lost four stone with LL and sometimes it is difficult to remember how unhappy I actually was.

I too have been overweight for a long time (since I was 18 - I am 35 next week) I was okay though looked alright in most clothes but then my dad died and I got married six months later and I stopped looking after myself - I managed to lose two stone before each of my children but after my little boy - I didn't lose weight I kept eating for England - my marriage felt like a sham I was very very unhappy.

One new year my godson made a comment about how fat I was and it hurt more than anything anyone could have said - I carried it for ages. Again I lost a stone but couldn't find it in me to carry on. I didn't want to go out I lost respect for myself and I think my husband lost respect for me as well and it was then that I knew tht I had to do something.

I am going to print this off to remind me of how I felt and look at every now and again to remind me that I DO NOT want to ever be there again.


Taking it Day by Day
Very interesting thread, here is my motivation for doing LL (might be a bit long, sorry)

Like someone else posted above, I was always big, and had to battle with both my weight and the bullying that comes with it (especially a boy in middle school who drove me to tears virtually every day for a year). Thinking back I probably used food as the "only friend" I could trust and that wouldn't hurt or judge me (what foolish thinking). My mother was always very concerned for my weight and tried to help me to lose it but thinking back (thanks to LL Counselling) there was also a lot of wrongly nurturing parent in there, in terms of using food as treats and comfort.

Anyhow, many years and diets later, I managed to slim down to about 14.8 stone after the birth of my first child with the help of Rosemary Conley. I put most of it on again after the birth of child no 2 and never managed to lose any of it after that. I was getting so frustrated with myself, and even slowly started to feel the impact of my weight to my health. Last summer I really suffered a lot in the heat, to the point where I couldn't sleep anymore. And last xmas I suddenly felt really funny during a performance with the choir I sing with, and I had to just go home. I found out that my bloodpressure was raised and my health was really affecting the way I could look after my three young children.

I saw an advert for LL in my local paper at the start of the year, and read up on it immediately on the internet. I was very suspicious to begin with of the whole idea of VLCD, but was getting desparate, so finally in March I phonep up the Counsellor "just" for a chat. I went along for an information evening and a light just went on in my head. This sounded like the one thing that actually might work for me, because I just needed to change my whole approach to food. her classes were full until the end of April, but this gave me time to really get hyped up for it. 5 weeks down, and 25 lbs lighter the difference this has already made to my life/health/fitness is amazing. It is not always easy but I am positive that I will have the willpower to finish it.

I better stop now, too long already :eek:


is happy being Yorkiegirl
Mine is more straightforward.
Again I have been big for a lot of years, 2 kids, contented with life etc etc.
Then in August my DH died very suddenly. After that I knew I had to lose weight and become healthier so that I was there for my girls. I decided to hold off starting until January as Christmas would be difficult emotionally for all of us. So I munched myself to 18 stone 5. January 11th was a big day, LL started and since then I have lost 6 stone 5. Starting management this week and I feel so much better about so many things.


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I'm glad this thread was started - very therapeutic.

I've been overweight for so long, it's been such a waste of the years of my life as it was the only thing that would make me sadder than anything. I'd lie in bed each night and pray that tomorrow would be the day that I would lose weight. I then found out that my son was going into the RAF and I didn't want to go to yet another ceremony/event for one of my children and spend the days/weeks before wishing that I didn't have to go. I then started researching diets and happened across info on LL and then read some posts on it in a forum and arranged to see the counsellor --- the night I joined I came home and read blogs and they put it into my head that I could do this.

Now it's my sons passing out parade in 5 weeks and I cannot wait to go and see him - there hasn't been one moment where I've thought that I don't want to go and that's a first for me and I'm made up!

Thank you LL :)

Have a great day Cath - you will be sooooooo proud of him and no doubt he will be just as proud of you!

My eldest is getting married in August and like you I am really looking forward to getting 'all glammed up' for that - quite apart from looking forward to shopping for the outfit and the day itself, it will be lovely not to be dreading the photos afterwards!!!

You may have experienced (like I have!) seeing the after photos of some event or other and thinking "Oh Gawd - I look massive"!! while everyone tells you "Oh that's such a good one of you"!!! Yeah, right!!

Isn't fat an affliction?!
Yes, good idea for a thread.

My story consisted of the last few failed attempts at going it alone working through my Food Doctor books/low GI (I recommend by the way) and loosing maybe a stone and then putting it back on as the same old story goes.

I had decided that enough was enough and I needed to go back to my GP, however my BP was so so off the scale it frightened me to death. It was a blur when the GP started talking about medication and long term damage. Despite my size I had convinced myself I was still healthy as never had BP problems and did aerobics. My life flashed before my eyes and wondered if I would be around to look after my girls.

I had see a now very slim mum in the school playground and the wisper was she had lost all her weight on a special diet. I found out it was LL, asked my mates if heard of it (they had not) and tracked down a introduction session. The rest is history and so the best hing I have done in my life for a long time just for me.

Getting on this road and progressing is probably one of the last few steps of me feeling complete and for the first time instead of it being a fantasy ......

Imagine a life as a slim me and being in control of food, it is actually a reality.

Well Done fellow LL :grouphugg:

Sam xx


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Cheers Possum, I know I'm going to love it. I've still got loads to lose but I do feel like a new person compared to before starting.

And wow you having a child getting married - now that is a dress up occasion .... you're going to love those photos! :)

Great thread! Thank you all for sharing...so much pain for us all in being fat...Like others I've been overweight for most of my life and with the stresses of work etc just got bigger and bigger..less and less sociable and less and less me. I tried evrything gp (reductil/zenical) slimming centre where I now reaslie they "prescribed amphetamines that I took for less than 12 hours before feeling so ill (wish I had reported the doctor)...tried hypntherapy and evry diet in the book.
Two catalysits...my granny (very special to me) died just over a year ago and I decided (unsure why!) that I'd had enough of being controlled/restricted by my weight; feb up of being treated like s*** because I'm fat & just HAD ENOUGH!! Decided I wanted to take control of my life rather than it controlling me! Tackled my debts (April), gave up alcohol (but not for ever!) (Jan 07) & smoking (Jan 07)and then went to my bros wedding in Sept. Saw photos of me thinking I looked good (ironically standing next to the woman who introduced me to LL!) but just looked VAST! Was chatting to my bro about how miserable I was with my weight which I just couldnt get rid of and he mentioned this woman lost loads with LL so chatted with her and knew it was for me due to the councelling element...Was unable for start immediately due to skiing hol I won so had time to prepare mentally so when I started on 21 March I was ready. Haven't looked back since! Not cheated once and feel so much better than I did, although a long way to go! One thing I do know is that I am NEVER, EVER going back to the fat person that I was! Thanks for reminding me of why I wanted this and how far I have come!
G: 12st0lb
My reason was that my doctor who is an incredibly slim pretty and young woman said you are morbidly obese and unless you lose a lot of weight and fast its going to kill you. I was already suffering from High BP High Choresterol, and high Blood glucose, stomach problems and every ache and pain under the sun. I was 47 and felt 77 untill I realised that I probaly had no chance of ever reaching even 67, and was very pesssimistic about my future health.
I think I read that obese people die on average 9 years before healthy weight people and it depressed the hell out of me. I decided I had reached the end of the line and it was time to tackle biggest challenge of my life and get to a healthy weight.
Heaven can wait another 9 years for me .....

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